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Kanan Jarrus (born Caleb Dume) is a Jedi Knight and the leader of the Ghost crew. He is also the deuteragonist of the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels.


Kanan Jarrus, then-known as Caleb Dume, spent his early life on the planet Coruscant, where he trained to one day become a Jedi Knight, later becoming the apprentice of Jedi Master Depa Billaba. He was only fourteen when the Galactic Empire was formed following the execution of Order 66. Because he had yet to complete his Jedi training at the time, and his mentor was killed during the massacre, Kanan was left with little knowledge of the Force. Kanan then followed the instructions sent out by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who instructed all Jedi to go into hiding.

Kanan became romantically involved with Hera Syndulla, the owner of the Ghost.

Unlike traditional Jedi, Kanan did not just use a lightsaber but also a blaster pistol in combat.


As a teenager, Kanan was reckless, impatient, and aggressive. He was also curious, as he had a habit to ask many questions, hoping to better understand things.

As an adult, Kanan became patient, calm, level-headed, brave, cautious, cynical, selfless, kind, caring, and developed a sense of justice, honor, and good morals. He is sometimes secretive as he rarely talks about his past. Despite his cynicism, he is relaxed, protective of his comrades and has a sense of humor. Initially, Kanan did not fully understand his master, Depa Billaba's belief that the Jedi have to be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others until he allowed himself to be captured by the Empire on Lothal so the other rebels could escape.

Initially, Kanan had little confidence in his skills as a Jedi and teacher. Furthermore, Depa's death as well as her last words, haunted and scarred him with grief and guilt, because he escaped from the clones and she didn't. This insecurity is noted by the Inquisitor who once commented that the Jedi was afraid of his own power, afraid to wear his full lightsaber out in the open. However, he later overcame these obstacles.

Kanan's experiences from the Clone Wars, left him wary of being involved with military affairs, making dislike military protocols and the broader consequences of fighting in a war.

Kanan is also initially wary and distrustful of the Clone Troopers for the role they had played in killing Depa and hunting him down. Thus, he harbors animosity towards troopers like Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe, despite learning that they removed their inhibitor chips before Order 66 was initiated as well as the fact that they had no part in the Jedi Purge. He sometimes bickered with Rex about how to do things. However, Kanan later realized he viewed Rex as a friend and went back to save him from the stormtroopers.

Six months after the events of "Twilight of the Apprentice", Kanan had distanced himself from the other members of the Ghost crew, including his apprentice Ezra, as he was distraught over the loss of his sight. However, after his encounter with the Bendu, an ancient and immensely powerful Force-user, he learns to see through the Force, finally accepts his blindness, and regains his confidence.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • The Force: Kanan has a very strong connection to the Force.
    • Telekinesis: Kanan can telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them, and he utilizes it for offensive or defensive purposes. At the time of Kanan's death, he had gained access to enough power to immobilize, and suspend Hera Syndulla in the air with ease and then rapidly move a large ship across several feet, pushing it far from the exploding station he was in.
      • Force Push: Kanan can telekinetically send his opponents flying through the air, causing serious injury or temporarily incapacitating/knocking them unconscious, depending on how much power is unleashed.
      • Force Pull: Kanan can telekinetically pull his opponents or objects towards him.
      • Force Grip: Kanan can telekinetically lift his opponents off the ground and into the air to immobilize them.
      • Force Throw: Kanan can telekinetically cause objects and other individuals to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity.
      • Force Barrier: Kanan can create a barrier or wall of Force energy in front of or surrounding himself or his allies. While other Force-users could shield themselves telekinetically in this manner, when Kanan unlocked and displayed this power, it manifested as a shield of blue energy due to his momentarily stronger connection with the Force at the time of his death. This allowed him to defend against the full force of a giant explosion for a time.
      • Saber Throw: Kanan can telekinetically guide his lightsaber towards his opponents and return the weapon back to his hand, similar to a boomerang or shuriken.
    • Telepathy: Kanan can telepathically communicate with other individuals over small or vast distances.
      • Mind Trick: Kanan can control the minds of other sentient beings, except for individuals with indomitable wills.
      • Taming Beasts: Kanan can control the minds of animals.
    • Force Vision: Kanan can see visions of the past, present, the future. However, like all Force-users, his visions are not always clear or sometimes they happen visions without warning.
    • Force Sense: Kanan can sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger, and the presence of other light or dark side Force-users. After he was permanently blinded by Maul, Kanan was forced to rely on this power to sense his surroundings until the very end of his life, though his eyes were restored by the Force shortly before his death.
    • Power Boost: Kanan can temporarily push past physical limitations and renew his morale, stamina, accuracy and overall battle prowess through sheer concentration and willpower. After seeing Ezra apparently fall to his death during the duo's final confrontation with the Grand Inquisitor, Kanan managed to overcome his anguish and achieve a level of focus and resolve that allowed him to overwhelm and defeat his technically superior opponent. Similarly, he achieved such a state immediately after being blinded by Maul, whom he managed to overpower and throw off a building's edge.
    • Force Jump: Kanan can jump or leap at great distances.
    • Force Dash: Kanan can move at amazing speeds.


  • Expert Lightsaber Duelist: Kanan is a highly skilled lightsaber duelist. However, during the Jedi Purge, Kanan was forced to keep his Jedi identity hidden and he had to conceal his lightsaber in a draw where it remained for many years. By the time of the events of Star Wars Rebels, having gone approximately fourteen years without dueling or practicing, Kanan's lightsaber combat skills had diminished. This is seen in his first confrontation against the Grand Inquisitor, who bested him relatively easily. His lightsaber combat skills greatly improve throughout season one and by the end of the first season, Kanan's lightsaber combat skills are improved to the point that he was able to best the Inquisitor in their final confrontation. In this particular fight, Kanan wielded two lightsabers simultaneously and displayed enough mastery of dual-blade combat to drive back his opponent and destroy his double-bladed spinning lightsaber. However, despite his impressively improved lightsaber combat skills, Kanan was still no match for Darth Vader when the Sith Lord confronted him on Lothal, and was ultimately unable to best the Seventh Sister due to her superior agility and unpredictable tactics. He also managed to defeat Maul on Malachor after loosing his sight. As seen in "Trials of the Darksaber", despite being permanently blinded by Maul, Kanan is still a very capable lightsaber duelist, as he bested Sabine Wren relatively easily. He also adopted a one-handed fighting method similar to that of the Grand Inquisitor.
    • Form I: Kanan is skilled in Shii-Cho.
    • Form II: Kanan is skilled in Makashi.
    • Form III: Kanan is highly skilled in Soresu.
    • Form V: Kanan is highly skilled in Shien/Djem So.
    • Jar'Kai: Kanan is highly skilled in Jar'Kai.
  • Expert Marksman: Kanan is extremely skilled in utilizing blaster pistols.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Kanan is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Expert Swimmer: Kanan is an extremely skilled swimmer.
  • Expert Pilot: Kanan is highly skilled in piloting most speeders and most types of flying crafts. Despite being permanently blinded by Maul, Kanan was still a very capable pilot.
  • High-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader: Kanan is highly intelligent and wise. As the leader of the Ghost crew, Kanan is a highly skilled tactician and a very capable leader.
  • Meditation: Kanan can further amplify his connection to the Force with a clear mind by meditating.
  • Multilingual: Kanan is capable of fluently speaking Basic, Binary, and Ithorese.

Weapons and Equipment[]

As a valued member of the Rebel Alliance, Kanan possesses an array of weapons and equipment to assist him along the way.


Kanan's valued weapon and possession is his blue-bladed lightsaber.

  • Lightsaber: Kanan built his blue-bladed lightsaber during his apprenticeship under Depa Billaba. Unlike traditional lightsabers, it is able to split into two pieces and reattach. It would remain in Kanan's possession until his death, but it is unknown what happened to it after Kanan's death.


  • DL-18 blaster pistol: Kanan occasionally utilized a DL-18 blaster pistol as his second weapon of choice.


  • Protective Mask: Following his blindness at the hands of Maul, Kanan wore a protective mask to hide his blind eyes. This mask came from an old Jedi Temple Guard helmet he found on Malachor, which Sabine had modified.


Tales of the Jedi[]

A younger Kanan can be seen in "Practice Makes Perfect" but doesn't have any dialogue.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars[]

A younger Kanan makes a cameo appearance beside his master, Depa Billaba, during the opening of season seven's ninth episode.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch[]

A young Kanan appears in the first episode "Aftermath". He participated in the battle of Kaller where he witnessed his master being executed by clone troopers after Order 66 was initiated. Kanan fled from the clone troopers where a member of Clone Force 99 aka "The Bad Batch" Hunter who resisted the activation of his inhibitor chip, helped Kanan escape.

Star Wars Rebels[]

Season One[]

After raiding an Imperial supply depot, Kanan, Hera, and Chopper's lives were in jeopardy, with four TIE fighters attacking their ship. After taking a hit, the ship's comms and shields were fried. Hera then sent Chopper to fix the shields until moments later, the comm between Hera and Kanan went out. Hera then sent Chopper to fix the connection, leaving the shields still down.

When Chopper arrived below Kanan's turret, he was sent back to Hera to finish fix the shields, as well as to tell Hera to "fly better".

Back in the cockpit, Hera took Kanan's remark to heart, and proceeded to carry out some difficult maneuvers. After evading the fighters, Hera used the ship's nose turret to take out a TIE fighter, reducing Kanan's targets buy half. After finishing off the last Fighter, the three of them met in the ship's cockpit, where they praised each other's shooting.

On Lothal, Kanan led his fellow Rebels Zeb and Sabine on routine operation to steal Imperial crates. Sabine set off a planted explosive which caused the Imperial's to flee with their cargo until they were ambushed and shot down by Kanan. However an orphan named Ezra Bridger hijacked one of the speeders pulling some of their stolen goods. Kanan and Zeb went after him on two other speeders, racing through the streets and out of the city. Kanan ordered Zeb to hold back and get the crates back to the ship while he continued to pursue Ezra. He was able to catch up with him until a TIE fighter destroyed his speeder, luckily he was able to jump clear.

Star Wars Rebels 2

Kanan beside his fellow Rebels.

He regrouped with his fellow Rebels aboard the Ghost and helped Ezra escape from four more fighters. When Kanan told Hera about what happened and about Ezra, she was impressed and suspected that he could be force sensitive since he was able to evade Stormtroopers and make it aboard the ship with a crate of blasters. Kanan however denied that possibility because he was there to save him and considered Ezra a "street rat", wild, reckless, and dangerous.

After losing the TIEs, The Rebels returned to Lothal and landed near Tarkintown where Kanan and Hera delivered the blasters to criminal boss Cikatro Vizago, who gave them some Intel on an Imperial Transport carrying Wookiee Prisoners to an unknown slave labor camp. The Rebels arrived at the Imperial Transport and came aboard posing as bounty hunters delivering an additional Wookiee Prisoner. Kanan and Zeb find their way to the brig with no idea that they have fallen into a trap and just before they could blow the cell door open with a squadron of troops waiting for them on the other side, Ezra shows up and warns them. The Rebels make a run for it and all except Ezra make it back to the ship and escape.

When Zeb tells the crew he ditched Ezra and out of three votes including Kanan's they decided to return to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer to rescue him. Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb found Ezra and escaped again leaving behind another one of Sabine's explosive surprises.

Kanan reveals his Jedi Identity

Revealing his Jedi identity to the Imperials.

After hearing what Ezra had learnt about the Wookiee's actual location, the Rebels set course for Kassel to rescue them. However they were ambushed by the Imperials and took cover. It was here that Kanan stepped out and deployed his lightsaber, revealing his Jedi identity to Ezra, the Wookiees, and the Imperials. Kanan was able to hold of the Imperials by deflecting their blaster fire with his lightsaber as everyone hurried into a container. After being picked up by the Ghost, the Rebels went after Ezra and the Wookiee known as Kitwarr who were being held at gunpoint by Agent Kallus. When Kanan appeared, Kallus tried to shoot him but he deflected his attack back to him giving Ezra and Kitwarr the chance to jump aboard and escape.

After setting the Wookiees on their way, the Rebels returned Ezra to Lothal. Kanan visited him in his tower and offered him a choice to become his Jedi apprentice and learn the ways of the force. Meanwhile Kanan's Jedi identity would soon spread out across the Empire, especially to the Grand Inquisitor.

Ezra training to become a Jedi

Kanan training Ezra.

Kanan found it difficult to train Ezra, since the falling of the Jedi Order; his training was never completed and knows very little about the ways of the Jedi. In "Rise of the Old Masters", he began to feel he was not the right person to teach Ezra and needed someone who was fully trained, someone with more discipline and more understanding of the force.

When the Rebels heard word that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was alive and imprisoned at the Empire's high security prison known as The Spire on Stygeon Prime. Knowing she would make a great teacher for Ezra, the Rebels set course for Stygeon Prime to rescue Luminara. However upon arrival, Kanan and Ezra found Luminara dead and her remains encased inside a sarcophagus. They soon found out the whole thing was a trap set up by the Inquisitor, who caught them off guard.

Kanan engaged the Inquisitor in a lightsaber duel. The Inquisitor recognized his fighting skills from his teachings with Jedi Master Depa Billaba and began to mock him about how such a poor student he was when he was still a Padawan. Kanan and Ezra managed to escape from the Inquisitor and regroup with the others. When they came across a sealed door, Kanan and Ezra together used the force to open it where Stormtroopers were waiting for them on the other side. Hera showed up with the "Fleet" in time to pick them up and escape. Despite the disappointment of not being able to find Luminara alive, Kanan chose to continue training Ezra, even though he is not a fully trained Jedi, he "will" train Ezra as there is no try.

Empire Day 4

Teaching Ezra to connect with another being.

As time went on, Kanan began to do better and become more strict in Ezra's training. In "Empire Day" he tried to teach Ezra how to connect with another being, but unfortunately because it was the Empire's fifteenth anniversary as well as Ezra's birthday, he was not in a very good move that he wouldn't cooperate. After committing an attack on the Empire Day celebrations in Captial City, Kanan, Sabine, and Ezra came across a Rodian named Tseebo, a member of the Imperial Information Office who was on the run from the Empire because his cybernetic implants had accidentally downloaded half of the Empire's secrets while looking for information on what happened to Ezra's parents. Kanan and the Rebels managed to get him off Lothal and escape to hyperspace, but because the Inquisitor was on their trail as well had a tracker on them, Kanan and Ezra took the Phantom to the abandoned Republic Base that was inhabited nasty creatures called Fyrnocks.

Connecting with the Fyrnocks, Kanan and Ezra commanded them to attack the Inquisitor and the Stormtrooper squadron. Kanan then engaged the Inquisitor in a second lightsaber duel and was quickly overpowered and rendered unconscious. His Padawan tried to protect him and as he regained consciousness, he saw much to his horror, Ezra embracing the the power of dark side, summoning a more larger Fyrnocks to attack the Inquisitor. The two of them managed to escape but after returning to the Ghost, Kanan became concerned for his Padawan, especially that dangerous connection he made with the force.

Kanan brought Ezra to a hidden Jedi Temple on Lothal, where Ezra had many visions of the Inquisitor killing Kanan. Ezra received a kyber crystal to make his own lightsaber and the two left. After a broadcast from Senator Gall Trayvis, who spoke against the Empire, Kanan led the group to meet with him on a tower on Lothal. After the Empire attacked the meeting, the group fled to the sewers where Kanan along with Zeb and Sabine held off the stormtroopers, whilst Hera and Ezra brought Trayvis to another exit. They regrouped and Hera told them that Trayvis was an agent for the Empire so she knocked him out. After they escaped, they decided to broadcast a message of their own. It went wrong though as Kanan was captured as the Empire knew they were coming. He was interrogated by the Inquisitor, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Agent Kallus, although he didn't talk.

Fire Across the Galaxy 30

Kanan against the Grand Inquisitor.

In "Fire Across the Galaxy" Kanan was later taken to Mustafar for further interrogation. Kanan told the Inquisitor he knew nothing of a larger Rebellion. Unable to achieve results through physical pain, The Inquisitor turned to psychological by tormenting Kanan with his last moments with his master, saying he was a coward for abandoning her and the Jedi order to save himself. Kanan was soon rescued by his apprentice and just as they were on their way to regroup with the others, they ran into the Inquisitor. Master and Padawan engaged him in a lightsaber duel, using each others lightsabers. When the Inquisitor knocked Ezra off the platform. Enraged by the belief that Ezra was dead, Kanan picked up both lightsabers and began to fight with twice the effort, saying The Inquisitor made a mistake, because he now had nothing left to fear.

Kanan managed to drive the Inquisitor back to the edge of the platform. He admitted that he was a coward, but now knew that there was something stronger than fear; the Force. He broke the Inquisitor's lightsaber and had him hanging from the edge of the platform. Before letting himself fall to his death, the Inquisitor told Kanan there were some things more frightening than death. When Ezra came up behind Kanan, he was overjoyed that he didn't lose his apprentice. However, they were forced to make a quick exit, because the ship was starting to blow up. Kanan and Ezra boarded the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced v1. and escaped with other Rebels, led by Ahsoka Tano.

Season Two[]


Kanan against Darth Vader.

Following Kanan's rescue on Mustafar, the Ghost crew became part of a larger Rebellion. After a mission, Chopper came in with a message for Minister Tua, who offered to defect from the Empire. At Ezra's urging, they agreed to help her. Afterwards, Hera confronted Kanan for his breech of protocol, who admitted he wanted the Ghost crew to go back on their own because he didn't want to be part of the Rebellion's small army, mainly because of what happened to him and the Jedi during the Clone Wars. Upon returning to Lothal, Kanan stole a Stormtrooper's armor and put it on. However, they failed to rescue Minister Tua when she was killed in a staged explosion set up by Agent Kallus, as part of a trap. In order to escape from Lothal, Kanan and his fellow Rebels broke into the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. On the way, Kanan sensed the same cold feeling Ezra sensed earlier and, unlike Ezra, recognized it as the dark side of the Force just before Darth Vader appeared. Kanan and Ezra tried to defeat him but Vader was too powerful and the Rebels were forced to retreat. Afterwards, Kanan told Ezra that Vader was a Sith Lord. Ezra recognized the need to defeat him but Kanan told him Vader was too strong both in the Force and in physical strength and that the only reason they were still alive was because Vader was playing with them during the entire fight. Lando Calrissian later helped them get past the blockade, unaware that the shuttle had a tracking device on it.

When the Rebels arrived back at the fleet, Chopper revealed that the tracking device had just activated. Kanan realized with horror that this was why Vader let them go and that they led the Empire right back to the fleet. Vader arrived and did a lot of damage to the fleet. To buy the rest of the Rebel's time to escape, the Ghost crew kept Vader busy before escaping as well. Afterwards, Kanan told the rest of the Ghost crew that they needed to find the strength to fight for now because the Empire had struck back in a way that revealed they were more powerful than they thought, which they agreed with.


Kanan against the Seventh Sister.

Weeks later, Ezra decided they needed to find a base where they could regroup and resupply. Kanan agreed but pointed out how they had no knowledge of where to set up a suitable base. Ahsoka proposed a solution: An old friend of hers. Ahsoka gave Kanan the head of an old tactical droid. and told Kanan to trust her friend when he found him. They find Ahsoka's friend Captain Rex, a former Clone Trooper, on Seelos. Kanan was distrustful to the point of being hostile due to the events of Order 66. However, these feelings evaporated during the Battle of Seelos, and Rex joined the Rebellion. Later, he learned from Ezra about two Inquisitors, to his horror since he did not know the Grand Inquisitor was not the only one. He would later run into the two Inquisitors: the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, while rescuing Force-sensitive babies from them. The pair overpowered him but he was saved by Ahsoka. Later, they learned about a breakout involving Ezra's parents and, after escaping an Imperial assault on Garel, Ezra and Kanan traveled to Lothal where they met Governor Ryder Azadi, who informed them that Ezra's parents died during the breakout. It was later revealed on Concord Dawn that Kanan and his master Depa Billba fought with the Protectors during the Clone Wars.

The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister continue to hound Kanan and Ezra everywhere. To find a way to defeat the Inquisitors and Vader, the pair and Ahsoka travel to the Jedi Temple on Lothal. Inside, Kanan met a Jedi Sentinal, who told him Ezra had the seeds of the dark side in him and vows to kill him. After a duel, the Sentinal took off his mask, revealing him to have been the Grand Inquisitor, and knighted him a true Jedi Knight. After escaping from the Inquisitors, Ezra revealed he spoke with Yoda who told him to find Malachor. After helping the Network set up Chopper Base, the three Jedi set out for Malachor. There they find a Sith Temple and get attacked by an Inquisitor known as the Eighth Brother. During the Duel, Ezra was separated from the group. Kanan and Ahsoka capture the Eighth Brother, who revealed he was after someone he called "The Shadow". Suddenly, a light comes from the Temple and they head there. When they get there, they were attacked by the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, who free the Eighth Brother. Ezra came out of the Temple with Maul, who the Eighth Brother identified as "The Shadow", who drives them off. Ezra revealed the Sith Holocron they took from the Temple. The three Inquisitors attacked them in order to get it. Maul set Ezra to activate the Temple with the Holocron while he, Kanan, and Ahsoka fought the Inquisitors. After Maul killed the Inquisitors, he turned on the Jedi and blinded Kanan. After recovering his bearings, Kanan drove Maul off. When Kanan found Ezra they retrieved the Holocron. They were attacked by Vader, who wanted the Holocron. Vader's Force Grip was broken by Ahsoka when she damaged Vader's mask. The damage to the Sith Lord's mask revealed to Ahsoka that Vader was Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka held Vader off while Kanan and Ezra escaped. The pair were saddened by Ahsoka's possible death and returned to Chopper Base with heavy hearts.

Season Three[]

Star Wars Rebels Season Three 01

Kanan wearing an eye mask to hide his blinded eyes.

Six months after the duel on Malachor, Kanan has distanced himself from the other members of the Ghost crew, including his apprentice Ezra, as he is distraught over the loss of his sight, as he believes his blindness makes him useless on the battlefield, Kanan also does not blame Ezra for what happened to him and Ahsoka. It was during this time he grew a beard.

When Kanan discovers that Ezra has been using the Sith Holocron, Kanan is horrified. Overtime, Kanan becomes increasingly concerned by Ezra's growing aggressive streak and his obsession with learning how to destroy the Sith and willingness to work Maul to the point where he was prepared to risk exposing Chopper Base to the Empire to prevent Ezra working with the former Sith Assassin. During the said time, Sabine recovers the Darksaber and, after Fenn Rau explains what it is, he teaches her how to use it. Around this time, he also befriends a mysterious force entity named the Bendu. When Thrawn attacks Chopper Base, Kanan appeals to the Bendu for help which he does after Kanan angers it to the point where it attacks the Rebels and Imperials alike.

Season Four[]

Thanks to the support of Sabine, her mother Ursa, and Clan Wren with allowing the surviving Rebel ships and fighters of Phoenix Squadron and General Dodonna's fleets to escape back to Yavin 4, Kanan is part of the team sent to aid Sabine with saving her father from Imperial custody, aided by Clan Kryze led by the late Duchess Satine's sister, Bo-Katan, and then dealing with the Duchess, a device Sabine had originally developed that the Empire managed to rebuild to use against the Mandalorians, going with Ezra and Chopper to delete all knowledge and blueprints of the device from Imperial databanks so they could not build it again.

The Spectres then returned to Lothal to deal with taking out the Imperial Armory Complex that was building the TIE Defender. After Sabine and Ezra are able to retrieve the flight recorder and hyperdrive from a prototype TIE Defender Elite, Hera uses the hyperdrive to repair a U-wing for her to take back to Yavin 4 while Kanan and the others remain on Lothal to plan their attack on the factory. However, some time later, a surviving member of the Rebel strike team led by Hera to take out the factory arrives to report that the squadron was wiped out by the Imperial blockade and TIE forces, and Hera has been captured by Imperial Governor Pryce, being interrogated in the capital.

Jedi Night 19

Kanan in his last moments.

Kanan, refusing to let Hera suffer, joins a team consisting of himself, Ezra, and Sabine, to infiltrate the capital and rescue Hera. Though he succeeds in saving her, they are pursued by Pryce to the capital's fuel depot where, under Pryce's orders, her armor attacks the fuel containers, despite knowing it would set off the fuel and cause a catastrophic explosion. When it does, Kanan heroically sacrifices himself to hold the explosion back with the Force. When Hera tries to stop him, he holds her back and forces her back into the transport Ezra and Sabine are on. In his final moments, his eyesight returns in full, allowing him to look at Hera one last time before he is engulfed in the blast.

Pryce later learns of Kanan's death, and presents his lightsaber to Thrawn as proof of Kanan's demise. However, Kanan's sacrifice was not in vain. The destruction of the fuel depot put the Imperial Armory Complex out of commission, halting production on the TIE Defender, enraging Thrawn, who warns Pryce that she will face severe punishment when he returns to Lothal from his meeting with the Emperor on Coruscant. Following his death, he became a huge Loth-wolf named Dume tell Ezra to stop the Empire finding secrets of the Lothal Jedi Temple. Hera overcame her grief at losing Kanan by adding him to the Kalikori he retrieved while rescuing her, honoring him as a part of her family.

At the end of season four's epilogue, taking place after the Battle of Endor, it is revealed that Kanan and Hera had conceived a son, Jacen Syndulla.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker[]

In the film, Kanan's voice, along with several other Jedi of the past, gives encouragement to Rey in the fight against Emperor Palpatine, telling her that her strength comes from within her heart.

Video games[]

Disney Infinity 3.0[]

Kanan appears in Disney Infinity's third installment as a playable character.

Star Wars: Force Arena[]

Kanan (as he appears in Rebels Season 3) is the assist character for Ezra Bridger, available as a Unique card.


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  • Kanan is one of a few Jedi seen using a blaster, Luke Skywalker commonly used a blaster pistol during his early Jedi training, his padawan Ezra Bridger used a stun blaster built into his first lightsaber and after its destruction he used a blaster pistol, Cal Kestis began to use a blaster pistol, Anakin Skywalker used blasters on several occasions; when fighting off bounty hunters in a senate hostage building, while being on Utapau to recover a giant kyber crystal, and on one of the Separatist ships; Obi-Wan Kenobi used several blasters, despite his distaste for them; to precisely use a sniper rifle during the Clone Wars, kill General Grievous, and when he rescued young Leia Organa; Kylo Ren used a blaster to kill several Sovereign Protectors while running to find Rey on Exegol.
  • He has been nicknamed the "Cowboy Jedi" by executive producer Dave Filoni.
  • Because Darth Vader slashed Kanan's right shoulder armor in The Siege of Lothal, Kanan now has a burn scar on his rebellion symbol.
  • As of "Shroud of Darkness", Kanan has been promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, by the spirit of the Grand Inquisitor; who was revealed to be once a Jedi Temple Guard and a Jedi Knight himself; prior to his fall to the dark side.
  • As of "Twilight of the Apprentice", Kanan becomes permanently blind after Maul turns on him. This makes him in a later season shares a similarity to a character from the popular video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Jedi Master Rahm Kota. For those of you who don't know about this character, Rahm Kota was a Jedi Master who was trained by Yoda and served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. Unlike the vast majority of Jedi who served in the Clone Wars, he felt that Clone soldiers were not fit battle, instead, he was one of the few Jedi who relied on his own private militia. His lack of faith in the Grand Army of the Republic is ultimately what spared him from Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge. After years of hiding, Kota and his militia emerged from exile to preform hit and run missions against the Empire, along with Senator Bail Organa and fellow Jedi Purge survivor, Ylenic It'kla. Eventually, he came into contact with Vader's secret assassin and after a fierce duel in a TIE Fighter Factory, Kota was blinded and defeated. However, out of all the Jedi who encountered Vader's secret assassin, Galen Marek, Rahm Kota was the only known Jedi to survive the duel and eventually helped the young man in rescuing him and the other founding members of the Rebel Alliance (this is all based off of Star Wars Legends): Bail Organa, Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Ibis, and Rahm Kota. Kota would eventually work on finding other Jedi Purge survivors throughout his time working with the Rebellion.
  • In fact, the two characters have some very noticeable similarities despite have very different back stories.
    • Both were Jedi were survived Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge.
    • Both Jedi lived to fight alongside the Rebel Alliance during its early years.
    • Both have a massive distrust for Clone Troopers.
    • Both were blinded from an enemy during combat.
      • In the case of Kanan Jarrus, it was done by Maul. In the case of Rahm Kota, it was done by Galen Marek. Fun fact, both Kanan and Kota were blinded by one of Sam Witwer's characters respectively.
    • On Twitter, Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive for story development at Lucasfilm, stated that Rahm Kota and Kanan Jarrus are not the same person.[1][2] Which would have been impossible unlikely since neither of them live in the same Star Wars universe. Kanan is from the Canon universe and Rahm Kota is from the "Legends" universe.
  • Kanan is the only main protagonist to die in Star Wars Rebels.
  • Along with Anakin Skywalker, Kanan is the only Jedi Knight known in current canon to have had children, as his son, Jacen Syndulla, was born to Hera months after his death.
  • Kanan is the only protagonist of Star Wars: Rebels to not make a live action appearance outside of the series, although his voice can be heard in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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