Katheryn Elizabeth "Katy" Hudson, better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, best known for her role as a cameo of herself in Zoolander 2, and as the voice of Smurfette in the live-action Smurfs films.

For Disney, her song "Firework" is heard in the 2011 teen comedy film, Prom. "Starstrukk" and "If You Can Afford Me" are also heard in the 2010 Touchstone Pictures film, When in Rome. Additionally, "Hot n Cold" is heard in the trailer for the 2009 Touchstone Pictures film, The Proposal and one of the international trailers for the 2015 Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out.[1]

She was originally going to make a cameo in The Muppets, where Miss Piggy pays tribute to her by singing a spoof of "I Kissed a Girl" called "I Kissed a Squirrel" with the squirrels,[2] but her scene was removed due to time restrictions.

She was also mentioned in the episodes "Dancers & Ditzes", "Costumes & Courage", and "Mini Me's & Muffin Baskets" of Austin & Ally, the Shake It Up episode "Vatalihootsit It Up", the K.C. Undercover episode "Photobombed", the Stuck in the Middle episode "Stuck in the Block Party", and the The Muppets episode "Swine Song". She also appeared in the ABC TV show American Housewife.


  • She is parodied as "Catty Perry" in the film Zootopia, while Judy Hopps is scrolling down the list of artists on her music player. This also references Perry's interest of cats, since she has two named Kitty Purry and Monkey, and has used cat costumes during her California Dreams Tour and The Prismatic World Tour.
  • She changed her surname from Hudson to Perry to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson.



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