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Kelly is a character who appears in the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a friend of Star Butterfly and Pony Head, who loves Goblin Dogs. She had an on and off relationship with a short hairy creature named Tad, who usually hung out in her hair.



At first glance, Kelly seemed like a shy individual as she did not speak to anyone in her first appearance. However, she has since become very talkative and is shown to be a very informative person. She is also very emotional and is shown to be very feisty one moment and downtrodden the next. This mostly stems from her cultural background and her personal relationships, respectively. Kelly relies on the people around her for emotional support and immediately took a liking to Marco. While the two were never identified as a couple, they had grown close enough for Kelly to be very comfortable around him and in "Stump Day" seemed slightly perturbed when Janna Ordonia insinuated that she liked him. Conversely, Kelly has an eagerly violent side, as her people settle things through physical harm. Due to this, she is very happy to jump into a battle regardless of the reason.

Physical appearance

Kelly looks like a brown skinned humanoid with large round eyes with lashes and what appear to be black handles on the edge, indicating that she wears glasses, and pink cheeks. She lacks a nose, indicative of her non-human status. Her biggest feature is her large bushy aquamarine hair that extends down to her ankles. When she is uncovered by her hair, she wears a pink and white stripped sweater, black shorts and pink boots. More hair and seen poking from her ankles, indicating that she has more hair down there. While not visible, she apparently has a bald spot on top of her head as her ex-boyfriend, Tad, used to sit on that spot.

Role in the Series

Season Two

Kelly first appeared in "Goblin Dogs" as part of a long line of customers who want to buy the titular food and had saved a spot for Pony Head, Star, and Marco. She gave the impression that she was shy as Marco attempted to talk to her, but she remained silent. It was not until the end of the episode that not only did she confirm that Goblin Dogs were a thing, but that she had tried one herself and that they were as good as they said. She also revealed that she has a boyfriend named Tad, who is a small lump of hair that lives on her head. Kelly reappears in "The Bounce Lounge", where she joins Star, Pony Head, and the rest of their old Bounce Crew in saving the club from being closed. In "Starcrushed", Kelly helps Star get her mind off her strained friendship with Marco, and was present when she confessed her crush for him, just prior to her return to Mewni. In both episodes, she had a continuous on and off relationship with Tad.

Season Three

Kelly appears in "Lava Lake Beach" where she joins Marco, Star and Tom Lucitor to the Underworld to watch the Soulrise. During this time, she had become significantly depressed as she had finally broken up with Tad, but has not moved out, both literally and figuratively, from her hair. When Marco makes the connection that his unhappiness at seeing Star with Tom is similar to Tad and Kelly, he becomes sad and a newly single Kelly decides to comfort him. From that point on, Kelly begins hanging out with Marco more often, though the two of them never actually say they are a couple, nor do they ever seem to go out dating. In "Stump Day", she seemed slightly perturbed when Janna made fun of her about her feelings for Marco. She becomes a warrior ally to Star alongside her sparring partner and steed Jorby and helped defend Mewni from Meteora Butterfly.

Season Four

More of Kelly's cultural origin is revealed in "Kelly's World" where she reveals to Marco that her people pay and communicate via punching and physical violence. During this time, Marco goes out of his way to be more courteous to Kelly and she in turn openly reciprocates his affection. They decide to become "break-up buddies" and apparently finally affirm themselves as a couple. However, in "A Boy and His DC-700XE", Kelly reveals that Marco broke up with her (off-screen) and simply wanted to remain friends. She nevertheless, continues hanging out with him and even Hekapoo. She takes part in the final battle against Mina Loveberry and her Solarian soldiers. During the fight, she is hit with the Solarian blade and is put out of commission for the remainder of the fight. After Star and her family destroy all magic across the dimensions, Kelly is sent back to her dimension along with Jorby. To comfort Star, Pony Head believes that Kelly and Jorby are somewhere back in an open field fighting monsters in their dimension.


  • When her hair covers her whole body during her first appearance, she bears a strong resemblance to Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.
  • According to "Kelly's World", her species is called the Wooletts.


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