"Keys to the Kingdom" is a song sang by Aurora in the DVD film, Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, she sings the song after her parents and Prince Phillip leave the Kingdom for a while, leaving her in charge.


Aurora: I've Got the Keys to the Kingdom
The World Is Open Wide
So I'll Just Have to Walk Right Up
And See What's Inside
I've Got the Keys to the Kingdom
And Soon, They Will See
They Gave Them to the Right One
To Me

Carrots, Peas, Roquefort Cheese
Add A Little Pepper, Please
One More Jar
Fizzy Things To Drink

Tulips Here, Lilies There
See If You Can Carve a Bear
Orange Trees, If You Please
Paint the Trellis Pink

Chefs: She's Got The Keys To The Kingdom
Both: A Wonder To Achieve
Aurora: The Biggest Vote Of Confidence
A Soul Can Receive
Chefs: She's Got The Keys To The Kingdom
Aurora: It's Keeper I'll Be
Chef: And Do Her Job Exceptionally

Aurora: All Of These Momentous Decisions
Are They Up To Me?
Of Course! I'm Royalty
But Do I Have What It Takes?
What If I Make Mistakes?
I Don't Know, But I'll Start
Leading With My Heart

Workers: She's Got The Keys To The Kingdom,
Her Palace And The Throne
We Know That She Can Handle Any Job On Her Own
She's Got The Keys To The Kingdom
Aurora: Right Here In My Hand
Both: And Everything Is Bound To Be Grand

Palace Keepers: She's Got the Keys to the Kingdom
Her World Is Open Wide
She's Got the Capability to Take It in Stride
She's Got the Keys to the Kingdom
Aurora: It's All Up to Me
I'll Show Them What a Princess Can Be

Aurora: I promise not to use this, no magic. I took the easy way, and look at me today. I'll figure out what to do. Use my head, see it through. Here and now I will start, leading with my heart.
Villagers: She's Got the Keys to the Kingdom
Aurora: It's all up to me. I've Shown Them What a Princess Can Be

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