Ki is the tritagonist of the 2011 Disney animated film Mars Needs Moms. She is a rebellious Martian girl whom Milo meets while hiding from the guards. She is voiced by Elisabeth Harnois.

She was inspired by Earth Culture and later learned how her race used to be until the Supervisor took over. She is also the love interest of Gribble.

Ki does not appear in the original book.


Official Description

Ki (Elisabeth Harnois) is a strong-willed young Martian who learned to speak English by watching a ’70s sitcom. She spends her time painting elaborate graffiti on the walls of Mars. But she does so in secret. She’s forced to hide her artistic side on a planet that is devoid of color and emotion. The Martians are strictly forbidden from expressing any individuality, but Ki thinks for herself—particularly when she decides to help Milo. Talented, sneaky AND tough—Ki just may be the coolest renegade in Martian history.


Ki is a bright, spirited and headstrong Martian with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. Her tendency to paint behind her own species' enemy lines shows how much she cares for her art.


  • Ki is the first female Martian shown on screen.
  • When Gribble sees Ki in the underworld after he and Milo escape from the citadel, he breathlessly exclaims "My Sharona!", a reference to the 1979 gold record song "My Sharona" by The Knack.
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