We weren't meant to be raised by machines, we were meant to be raised by families!
―Ki, revealing her species' true nature.
Ki is the supporting tritagonist of Disney's co-produced 2011 animated feature film, Mars Needs Moms. She is a member of a race of female-led Martians, residing secretly on the cold surface of the planet Mars. Ki lived much of her life under the close servitude of the tyrannical female Martian leader -

Ki does not appear in the original book the film is loosely based on.


Official Description

Ki (Elisabeth Harnois) is a strong-willed young Martian who learned to speak English by watching a ’70s sitcom. She spends her time painting elaborate graffiti on the walls of Mars. But she does so in secret. She’s forced to hide her artistic side on a planet that is devoid of color and emotion. The Martians are strictly forbidden from expressing any individuality, but Ki thinks for herself—particularly when she decides to help Milo. Talented, sneaky AND tough—Ki just may be the coolest renegade in Martian history.


Ki is a bright, spirited and headstrong Martian with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. Her tendency to paint behind her own species' enemy lines shows how much she cares for her art.


  • Bilinguality: Along with her native Martian toungue, she can speak a wide vocabulary of Earth words and even numbers. This demonstrated throughout the film, when Milo is able to understand her clearly and throughly. Albeit, mostly through slang and impersonations she picked up off a random 70's sitcom.


Mars Needs Moms

At the beginning of the film, Ki witnesses through security monitors newborn Martian babies birth out of the ground. She is quickly interrupted by her leader, the Supervisor, who commands her to examine Earth and search for potiential candiates for human mothers to abduct, landing on young Milo and his mother. While the Supervisor is pleased, Ki feigns a grins and rolls her eyes when she turns away. Though she wasn't aboard the Martian spaceship that abducted Milo's mother, she does escort the Supervisor outside of the Martian base and onto the cold, unbreathable surface of Mars, where the Supervisor discovers a brightly-colored graffiti tag painted on the base's wall and she becomes furious. Ki only smiles in response. Finding the unconcious body of Milo's mother in a glass container, Ki longingly and sorrowfully stares at her and attempts to put her hand on the glass before being shouted at by the Supervisor. She returns to the entrance of the base before standing on the landing platform of the abduction spaceship, following the Supervisor's orders and further examining Milo's mother. While secretively lubricating and then painting on a base, she encounters human stowaway, Milo, and snatches him from freefall. Thinking she saved a fellow Martian before unmasking him, she scares him off and catches him in a corner hallway. Despite this, she's completely unaffected by the fact he's human and tries to clean him up anyways. While trying to clean him, Ki reveals that Milo had a tracking device placed on his back that allowed them to find and capture Milo's human friend, Gribble. She chases down a panicked Milo into a elevator where he apologizes and closes the doors on her. Ki, taking none of it, hops through the elevator shaft herself and lands right in front of him. Adorably curious, she begins asking Milo rapid-fire questions about Earth and many of its culture. When Milo asks how Ki, an alien, knows English, she reveals her story: Working as a lowly administration unit, she managed to stumble upon a transmission of an 70's sitcom from Earth and absolutely fell in love with it; recording nearly all of its episodes and watching them in secret.


  • Ki is the first female Martian shown on screen.
  • When speaking in English, she will occassionally blurt something in her native Martian toungue, especially if she gets extremely emotional.
  • Ki is actress Elisabeth Haronis' second Disney role after playing Alice in Disney's Adventures in Wonderland as a child.
  • When Gribble first sees Ki, soon after he and Milo escaped execution at the citadel, he breathlessly exclaims "My Sharona!",
    • This is a reference to the 1978 debut-single song, "My Sharona" by The Knack.
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