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Kikimora is the secondary antagonist in the Disney Channel animated series The Owl House.



Kikimora is prim and proper and views herself as superior compared to others. She is very conceited and is fully devoted to Emperor Belos to the point that anyone who appears closer to him, such as his nephew Hunter, she views as a rival and will resort to low tactics to get ahead. When in a position of power, she is ruthless and cunning, but when things go against her, such as in "Young Blood, Old Souls", her cowardly true colors are shown and she will not hesitate to flee from danger.

Physical appearance

Kikimora is a small red demon woman with three digit hands and toes that have dark claws on them. She has one visible eye that is yellow with red iris while the other, hidden under her hair, is red with yellow iris. She has large pointy ears, a small nub of a nose and, while rarely shown, a small toothed mouth. Her "hair" is actually two giant blue-grey hands with green claws tied together to make it look like she has a pony tail.

She dresses in a regal white coat with a collar that covers her mouth and has a dark blue undergarment.


  • Kikimora is named after the Slavic creature of the same name. Despite this, she shares little to no resemblance to the mythical being, nor does she exhibit any behavior to that of her namesake.


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