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"Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama" is the second feature-length animated movie based on the Kim Possible series, after Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time, and the series' second multi-part episode. This film includes a mix of traditional animation and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

The film premiered April 8, 2005, on the Disney Channel, where it was advertised as the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie (A Sitch in Time, despite also premiering in the same way, was not counted as such). It was originally considered for a theatrical release, but the financial failure of Teacher's Pet: The Movie caused the movie to air straight to TV instead. This film was intended to serve as the season finale (as well as series finale until Disney ultimately renewed Kim Possible for one more season), but confusingly, it was aired in the middle of the show's third season (in addition, in production order, it is the fifth, sixth, and seventh episodes of the third season).


In Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Drakken's assistant Shego attempts to kidnap the famous toymaker Mr. Nakasumi, but her efforts are once again stopped by Kim Possible and her sidekick, Ron Stoppable. The kidnap was supposed to be a part of Dr. Drakken's elaborate new master plan that baffles everyone, even Shego. Among the plan's stages are the procurement of a sketch of a new toy; the development of "Synthodrones", advanced androids, and a bizarre research project investigating the lifestyles of teenage girls.

Meanwhile, through Bonnie's aggravation, Kim realizes that her crime-fighting lifestyle has prevented her from having a steady boyfriend and that Ron may be her only prospect for the upcoming junior prom, leaving her distressed. Kim's friend, Monique, however, believes Kim should take her chances with Ron, but Kim feels it would be awkward.

Wade informs Kim that Drakken has been spotted in the Bermuda Triangle, a prestigious casino. She and Ron infiltrate the casino, where Kim ends up fighting Shego and Ron ends up into a poker table, after being mistaken into another. With some help from Shego, Drakken obtains information about advanced cybertronic technology developed by Kim's father, Dr. James Possible, from Big Daddy after some difficulties due to the fact Big Daddy likes to play silly games.

The next day, Ron encounters Eric (Ricky Ullman), a new student. They instantly hit it off, when Eric compliments that naked mole rats are cool, impressing even Rufus. Taking Eric to the cafeteria, Ron introduces Eric to Kim and Kim and Erik are instantly attracted to each other. As their relationship progresses, Ron finds himself increasingly on the sidelines of Kim's life, and becomes jealous, because through the situation he realizes his own feelings for Kim. Ron is also annoyed by the numerous changes the new owners of Bueno Nacho have been making.

To complete the final stage in his master plan, Drakken kidnaps Kim's father, wanting his "Hephaestus Project", which is the result of Dr. Possible's research on cybertronics. The technology allows cybertronic components to expand and evolve on their own, with a proper signal. Dr. Possible erases the project file, but Drakken intends to use his mind reading machine on him, since he has the information in his head. Kim and Ron manage to rescue him, but as a result of the mind reading, he has no knowledge about what Drakken did to him. Drakken escapes and continues to confuse everyone with his scheme, which now includes board meetings at a company he recently acquired. Drakken is overjoyed that Shego can’t figure it out and refuses to tell her. Shego demands to know why he won’t spill to which he says it’s because Kim isn’t any smarter than her. Since even Shego can't figure out Drakken's plan, he makes her realize, neither will Kim, giving Drakken a better chance to win this time.

Bueno Nacho introduces their first kiddie meals, which come with a small, toy robot-figure called "Little Diablo", based on Mr. Nakasumi's design. The Little Diablos are a worldwide popular sensation, and children all over the world are grabbing them. They are so popular it causes Ron to go berserk in Bueno Nacho, where he declares on live TV that he is losing everything he has ever cared about, to the amusement of Jim and Tim who note that he’s freaking out. Kim realizes Ron's growing unhappiness and tries to have a heart to heart talk with him, explaining that things are changing and it's time to move on in life, but she also assures him their friendship will never waver. Eric arrives and Kim leaves with him. As they walk, Eric asks if he can take her to the prom, and she says yes.

Later, Ron is dressing up for the prom as he contemplates about his true feelings for Kim, feelings he has had for a long time. But he is uncertain, if Kim feels the same way. At first he intends to tell Kim about his feelings for her, but ultimately decides not to tell her for fear of harming their friendship. He also decides not to get in between Kim and Eric as the third wheel in the prom seeing how happy Kim is with Eric, so he decides not to go.

Eric arrives to the Possible house to get Kim, who is wearing a fabulous dress. However, the situation with Kim and Eric causes Mrs. Possible silently to go sad, as she looks at the photo of Kim and Ron as kids, showing she had been hoping the two of them would get together while Mr. Possible likes Eric cause he is a smart and responsible young man. While Kim and Eric attend Prom, Ron, depressed as ever, decides to take Rufus, his naked mole rat, to Bueno Nacho. There, Ned tries to tell him something is wrong and even uses Diablo Sauce to write the word “Evil” on Ron's tray, so that the manager doesn't notice. Rufus notices the message, but Ron is only distressed to find the bendy straws have been taken away, much to Ned and Rufus’ chagrin, and decides it is time to complain to the new owner of Bueno Nacho. Ron calls Wade to open a line to Bueno Nacho's head owner. When he is connected, Ron discovers the new owner is Dr. Drakken, who has embedded Dr. Possible's cybertronic technology into each Little Diablo. Bueno Nacho's new manager, an agent of Drakken's, activates the army of Little Diablos which attack Ron and Rufus. In the prom, Kim's Kimmunicator beeps, as Wade tries to warn her, but Monique thinks she shouldn't answer because of Eric. Eventually, Eric convinces Kim not to answer by saying he thinks Wade would understand.

Eluding the pursuing Diablos, Ron bursts into the prom insisting that the Diablo toys are evil. Music stops, and pretty much everyone thinks he's crazy. Even Kim seems unconvinced. Ron tries to let everyone see the pursuing Diablos, but they hide as soon as he turns around. Eric is convinced Ron is making the whole thing up, but Ron claims his or anybody else's opinion don't matter, as he believes Kim will believe him. Kim says she does, but she doesn't sound like she does. But when Ron points out that Drakken is behind the whole thing, Kim, trusting her best friend, decides to investigate his claims. Despite the protests of Eric, she contacts Wade, who confirms what Ron said, by confirming the voiceprint on Ron's phone call to be Drakken's, and by analyzing his Diablo toy, he discovered that the Diablo toys are outfitted with super-advanced cybertronic technology. His plans close to being exposed, Drakken unleashes a direct attack on Middleton. Kim leaves the prom with Ron, promising Eric that she'll be back. Back at the Possible's house, Kim and Ron reveal to Kim's father, that Drakken has used his Hephaestus Project on the Diablos. Drakken's manager at Bueno Nacho activates a control signal, which causes Kim's brothers' own Little Diablos to transform into giant, armed, lethal robots (and Wade's as well). With help from the Possible family, who use the tweebs' miniature rockets to powerup Ron's scooter, Kim and Ron succeed in defeating the robot attack by using the huge robot to smash the control signal at Bueno Nacho. However, Drakken then reveals to Kim that he had Shego capture Eric, and demands her surrender.

Enraged, Kim dons a new, experimental battle-suit, despite warnings from Wade and heads off with Ron to Drakken's current lair, Bueno Nacho's corporate headquarters. Kim and Shego battle while Ron takes care of Drakken's Sumo Ninja. After defeating Shego, Kim is happy when she sees Eric walking towards her, unharmed and hugs him. Eric then reveals that he is actually one of Drakken's Synthodrones and shocks Kim with a blast of electricity, rendering her unconscious. Ron charges at Eric in anger, but Shego knocks him out. The entire world is soon under attack from armies of the giant Diablo robots. Ron and Kim awake up in a storage room tied up. Kim, humiliated and depressed for not seeing that Eric was a fake, is close to conceding defeat, but Ron encourages her and ends up revealing his true feelings for her, making Kim realize that she too has the same feelings for him. With Rufus's help, they escape and head up to the roof to destroy the master signal tower controlling the Diablos. Shego and Erik attempt to stop them, but Kim manages to fight off Shego and Ron takes on Eric along with Rufus. After defeating Shego, Kim uses Wade's electromagnetic scrambler on the Diablo's control signal tower, but Eric manages to catch the shot scrambler just in time, taunting Kim that as long as he's here, Drakken's plan will not fail. However, because Eric insulted Rufus by claiming naked mole rats are gross, Rufus destroys Eric by puncturing Eric's foot and draining his "syntho-ooze", also causing the scrambler to drop and fry the signal tower. With the Diablos deactivated, Drakken attempts to flee, but Ron cuts him off, saying that he crossed the line when he messed with Bueno Nacho. Drakken begs for mercy and Ron forces him to finally say his name, which he does after some difficulty. Kim encounters Shego once more and kicks her into the remains of the tower, electrocuting Shego and causing the rest of the tower to collapse as Kim stands triumphant in the rain and lightning.

Drakken, Shego, and his goons are taken into custody (with Drakken finally admitting that maybe Kim "is all that") and the media broadcasts the news of Kim and Ron's victory. Kim tells Ron they'd better hurry, leaving Ron confused as to what end. Kim takes his hand and drags him along and says "You'll see". Kim and Ron return to the prom holding hands and everyone pauses to look at them. Bonnie tries to make fun of them, but everyone else starts to cheer as the next song ("Could It Be") begins to play. Kim and Ron sheepishly stand there, not sure what to do until Rufus pushes them closer together. Ron holds out his hand for Kim and they head out onto the dance floor and have a slow dance. In the distance, Rufus and Monique together watch happily over them. They pause during the dance and smile at each other before sharing their first kiss.



  • When the villains are arrested at the end, Shego was originally not shown in the paddy wagon with the others. She was added into the shot due to concerns that it looked as though Kim had killed her when she kicked her into the satellite in the previous scene.
  • When it was released on DVD as Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: The Top-Secret Extended Edition, there were a few extended portions.
    • Shego and Dr. Drakken at the entrance of the Bermuda Triange and Dr. Drakken getting a bow tie from the guard to get in.
    • Kim and Ron arriving on a boat to the Bermuda Triangle from Mr Bailey, who met Kim when she saved him from a hurricane.
    • Kim, Ron, and Rufus swimming underwater to the Bermuda Triangle going through a few traps.
    • Two extended scenes of Kim and Shego's fight.
  • Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama was the first movie to air in the Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon on May 27, 2016, which was to celebrate the 100th upcoming DCOM, Adventures in Babysitting.
  • The film's opening credit is an homage to the James Bond films.
  • This was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to be animated.
  • Kim and Ron's kiss at the end is actually the second time the two have kissed (third if one counts their kiss under makeshift mistletoe in "A Very Possible Christmas"), but their first one can't be counted as a real emotional first kiss, since Kim was under the influence of a Moodulator, which made her lovesick on Ron, in the episode "Emotion Sickness".


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