Kim Erica Richards is an American actress, former child actress, and television personality, who played many roles in The Wonderful World of Color, including, a girl outside the mayor's office ("Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove"), Daphne "Daffy" Fernald ("The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton" and "The Whiz Kid and the Carvial Caper"), Sara Melborne ("Hog Wild"), and Leroy McClaren.

For Disney, she played Tia Castaway in the 1975 Disney film, Escape to Witch Mountain and its 1978 sequel, Tracy Osburn in the 1976 Disney comedy film, No Deposit, No Return, Stephanie in the Revenge episode "Kindred", and even made a cameo in the 2009 remake of the Witch Mountain film, Race to Witch Mountain, as a waitress named Tina, a minor variation of Tia Castaway.


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