Aw, he gets so cute when he's thirsty for power.

King is a character in the animated series The Owl House.


He is the diminutive sidekick of Eda, who was once the powerful master of all demons until he was trapped in a small, cute, fluffy body. Now he seeks to restore his titles and glory. He often acts like a monarch, treating people and stuffed animals as minions, ordering others to tremble at his feet and loves to act bigger than he really is. However, due to being so cute and small, he gets the opposite reaction towards people. Instead of fearing him they adore him with a lot of unwanted affection which annoys him. They never pay attention to his threats.

Even though he is not a baby or a pet, King seems to live like both. He relies on accessories meant for babies, such as high chairs and carriers. He curls up like a cat or dog when he goes to sleep. He keeps a lot of plush toys that he claims are his subjects and tries to take over the playground.

King is also shown to be lazy, often laying around the house napping instead of working, and at times must be forced or blackmailed to do work, much to his annoyance.

Physical appearance

King is a small short creature with dark gray fur and gray underbelly and tail tip. He has white claws, black eyelids, pink eyes and yellow sclerae. His mouth is dark purple and his tongue is violet. He wears a red collar with a round light golden tag and a dinosaur like skull with horns (one broken) covering his face.


Luz Noceda

King initially found Luz scary upon their first meeting, but has since accepted her. King refers to Luz as his servant, yet knows deep down that she will in no way serve him. Luz clearly adores him for his cute appearance, yet he accepts this as her way of "worshiping" him. In "The Intruder", it is revealed that King envies the fact that Luz sees Eda as being cool and him as only being cute and tries to get Luz to see him differently by helping her with her magic training despite him knowing absolutely nothing about it. To King, Luz is probably the most comforting thing he has. In "Really Small Problems", King begins displaying dog-like affection towards Luz, missing her when she is away at Hexside and wanting to have something of hers at all times.

Eda Clawthorne

King and Eda have been friends for quite some time. While it is yet known how the two of them met, it is implied that they have known each other for so long that they playfully banter with one another. King believes himself to be better than Eda by title and is not afraid to go up against her to prove himself as seen in "I Was a Teenage Abomination". He hates admitting that he was wrong about anything to her as it would give her bragging rights. Nevertheless, he seems to have taken to her like a child to his mother. Due to his small body, he is usually found being held like an infant by her, showing that they are at least close.


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  • King's appearance bears some similarities to Cubone from the Pokémon franchise.
  • King is a demon, but he is a friendly, heroic character.
  • Hirsch uses a similar voice for Bill Cipher, although Bill is electronically modified to make him sound otherworldly.


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