King is a character in the animated series The Owl House.


He is the diminutive sidekick of Eda, who was once the powerful master of all demons until he was trapped in a small, cute, fluffy body. Now he seeks to restore his titles and glory. Because of his small status he has to rely on baby accessories, such as a high chair and a carrier.

Physical appearance

King is a small short creature with dark gray fur and gray underbelly and tail tip. He has white claws, black eyelids, pink eyes and yellow sclerae. His mouth is dark purple and his tongue is violet. He wears a red collar with a round light golden tag and a dinosaur like skull with horns (one broken) covering his face.


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  • King's appearance bears some similarities to Cubone from the Pokémon franchise.
  • King is a demon, but he is a friendly, heroic character.

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