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The prophecy is being undone as we speak, my lord. Soon, we will have our revenge.
―King Andrias to The Core[src]

King Andrias Leviathan is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. He is a giant newt who once served as the ruling monarch of Amphibia and its capital city of Newtopia. As the descendant of dimensional conquerors, Andrias sought to use the power of the Calamity Box to take over all worlds while trying to undo a prophecy that involved three human girls, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu whom were destined to destroy Andrias's master, the Core.

As Andrias put his plans of conquest into motion, he sought to kill Anne through any means necessary as she retained powers gifted to her from the blue gem of heart from the Calamity Box, thus being the main threat to Andrias and the Core's diabolical plans. After his defeat at the hands of Anne, Andrias abandoned his maniacal ways and was sentenced for his crimes as a gardener.



While putting on an act to gain the trust of others he appears to be jolly, fun loving, goofy, kind, and helpful. In spite of his royal status, he is uninterested in upholding etiquette and good manners. He enjoys human customs and slang.

In "True Colors", Andrias reveals his true malevolent nature; a conquering warlord that will stop at nothing to restore Amphibia back to its former self. He is not satisfied with ruling just one world, but desires to follow in his ancestors' footsteps and conquer and rule over other worlds as well. Even when his true nature is revealed, Andrias continues to act in his cheerful, condescending demeanor. He is ruthless and cunning, able to manipulate both Anne and Marcy to get the Calamity Box back in his possession with all three stones charged. He also mocked Marcy for her naivety when she trusted him. He has shown great ferocity in battle, even roaring at times.

Andrias' vicious side

Much of his anger and resentment seems to come from feeling betrayed by those he trusted most. When the Calamity Box is removed by Polly, he threatens to kill Sprig by dropping him out the window, and when Anne gives him what he wants, he drops Sprig anyway to teach Anne a "lesson" about friendship, showing him to be a psychopath as he showed no empathy for his cruel deeds.

Despite most of this dark personality, most of his deeds were due to following the orders of the Core, as he was reluctant to use Marcy as his master's host and even tried to suggest an alternative host. He also looked away with regret as the Core merged with her.


King Andrias is a giant, newt with light blue skin and a lighter underbelly; he's so tall that Anne, Marcy, Sasha and his royal guards in full armor stand at only the height of his knees. Andrias very stocky and muscular and has white hair with a full beard and crows feet. He wears a dark purple metal suit of armor that has an X shaped battle mark on the left abdomen over a lighter colored shirt with cuffs similar to a Victorian aristocrat. He wears a crown on his head (which was later revealed to have a built-in eye of the Core to oversee everything) and has pauldrons shaped like snail shells; the right pauldron has a smaller X shaped battle mark on it. He also wears a purple grey belt with a gold snake belt buckle and a purple and yellow tunic.

Powers & Abilities

  • Tactical Intelligence: King Andrias is a patient and brilliant strategist as well as an expert on subterfuge and psychological warfare.
  • Advanced Scientific Knowledge: King Andrias knows much about the technology forgotten by the rest of Amphibia as he is able to properly use the various ancient machines.
  • Combat Capabilities: Befitting his size, Andrias Leviathan has tremendous physical strength and is a highly capable warrior that has a lot of battle experience.


  • Laser Sword: His primary weapon in combat. When King Andrias strikes the ground with it, he can create a massive shockwave.
  • Energy Shield: Seems quite durable but cannot withstand an attack from a gem powered Anne for very long
  • Frobots: Robotic Soldiers that obey his every command.

Role in the series


A young and happy Andrias gose to present Lief and Barrel with their gift.

Over a 1,000 years ago in Newtopia before the start of the series, Andrias was best friends with the royal gardener a frog named Leif and one of the royal guards a toad named Barrel. One day after Andrias made portrait of the 3 of them in celebration on being put in charge of a mission, his father King Aldrich asked him to follow them as they were walking down the corridor Aldrich told his son that his friends will want to use him because he will be king one day but Andrias denied this claim. As the 2 newts enter a secret chamber King Aldrich introduced Andrias to the Core who was the collective intellect of Amphibia's greatest minds including his ancestors; saying with the Core at his side Andrias would not need friends to rule. His father gave him his mission; to invade a world called Earth, destroy its inhabitants and strip the planet of its resources. While Andrias was unsure of wiping out an entire species, his father assured him it was for the best for their way of life.

Andrias finds Leif stealing the music box

That night after being given the key Andrias showed Leif and Barrel the Calamity Box, a music box charged with 3 magic stones that was both used to travel to other worlds and as a power source for Newtopia. While they are play around with it the stones gives Leif a vision of the future that if left unchanged will bring destruction to all of Amphibia. When Leif told Aldrich of her vision and her suggestion to stop using the box altogether, the king refused to listen and claimed the stones were their birthright. He then tells Andrias that she is a traitor that that they will do something about her, but Andrias defend his friend claiming she is just worried while Aldrich pointed out that his friends were asking for favors just as he warned his son as soon Aldrich will become one with the Core soon Amphibia will be look to Andrias for leadership. Leif tries to talk to Andrias, but marred by his father, he snaps at her. They make up, but she steals the key to the music box from Andrias pocket. He discovers this too late and chases after her, with Barrel also being ordered to capture her. Barrel lets her go after a lapse in judgment and Leif escapes Newtopia using one of the moss men, much to Andrias' anger. After her escape, Leif decides to visit the Olms and tell them of her vision.

Andrias' descent into darkness

Days later, Aldrich states that the music box is no longer in Amphibia, but is told by the Core according to an olm prophecy the Calamity Box that it will return, though they do not know when or how, but when that day comes will be the day Andrias will have a chance to make up his mistake; until then they will bury and preserve their civilization for the future invasion of Earth. Hardened from the experience, Andrias orders Barrel to watch the outskirts of Amphibia and keep an eye on the frogs and keep them in line; which would lead to centuries of the frogs being oppressed and many toads becoming totalitarians. In a fit of anger, he slashes the portrait indicating he has forsaken friendship. Andrias who eventually took the throne and became king waited patiently over the next millennium to get his hands on the box again so he could finish his ancestors' evil work of invading and enslaving entire worlds. During that time the inhabitants of Amphibia forgot Newtopia's dark legacy.

When Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu were transported to Amphibia by the music box, King Andrias met one of the girls: Marcy Wu while he was reading. He was surpirsed to see her, Marcy was surprised to meet him as Lady Olivia introduced her to him, when Marcy ask if she can called him "Drias", but Andrias only knew one person who ever called him that. He then watched as Marcy climb up on him and jump into his robe pocket to see if she can fit in it. Marcy then gave him a robot pin as a gift for him. Andrias laughed and loved it, he even decided to make her his guest and told Marcy they will find her friends. While Lady Olivia took Marcy to her quarters, the Core contacted him and order him to kill her because she was one of the three chosen warriors who will stop their plans.

Andrias was reluctant because Marcy was only a child, but then the Core ask what alternative he proposed, Andrias has discovered a ritual that will allow the girls to give up their powers at the three temples, which will allow them to continue their plans and restored their legacy. After that, he manipulated and recruited Marcy to get the magic relic, learning she was the one who directly got her friends and herself transported to Amphibia on purpose as she feared being separated from her friends due to her family planning to move away.

Season 2

King Andrias' mysterious agenda

After the Barbi-Ant invasion was thwarted, King Andrias watches Anne and Marcy within the castle from afar, as he then walks over to a chess like board surrounded with other pieces. He then states that the pieces are beginning to fall into place, as he places a figure in appearance similar to Anne beside another figure in similar appearance to Marcy, while declaring that it's time for the game to begin.

Andrias sent a "puzzlegram". Rather than giving a direct message, the King gives clues that are spread over the city that together form the true message. Upon decoding the message it said "Bring Me The Plantars".

Anne Boonchuy's first meeting with the king of Amphibia

The king greets Anne and the Plantars in a super friendly way; easily earning the trust of Anne like he did Marcy. He asks to see the music box, which the Plantars do not have, but Anne has a photo of it. Andrias notices that the gems are gray rather than colored, but nevertheless promises to help Anne and Marcy get back home. In order to do so, Marcy must do some research in the archives. In the meantime, Andrias gives the Plantars a gold credit card that will get them whatever they want in Newtopia.

"Let's rein those snails in for a sec."

After Andrias and Marcy looked through every book in the royal archives, Marcy stumbles upon a secret passageway leading to a secret wing of the archives; they decide to go down there and continue their research. Anne, the Plantars and Marcy meet with Andrias, who shows them a book with information about the music box; in order for the box to be reactivated, the three gems on the box need to be charged at three different temples, but the book only reveals one of the temples' locations; Andrias deliberately left out the part that recharging the gems would sever the human girls' link of their respective stones. As Marcy watches Anne leave with the Plantars, Andrias ominously comes up to her with a proposition. He told her that he would take her and her human friends to other worlds with him so that they could have more amazing adventures and stay together forever; all Marcy had to do was bring the music box to him once the all 3 gemstones were charged. After he got word that Marcy and her friends were successful on their mission he went into a secret chamber to inform a the Core.

Andrias ordering the royal newt guard to arrest all the toad rebels

When the human girls and their friends arrived with the charged music box, Sasha and Grime tried staging a coup; fortunately for Leviathan, the efforts were in vain thanks to Anne and her allies. Anne ignored Sasha's warning about what she had learned about the ruler of Amphibia and subdued her. With Andrias freed from the dungeon, he ordered the royal newt guard to round up and arrest all the toad rebels in the city. Anne finally hands the box back over to Andrias who reveals that many years ago, Newtopia was once a much greater city, but that after losing his allies, the box was stolen away and after 1,000 years nobody remembers how Amphibia used to be. Now that he has the music box back, he tells everyone he will return Newtopia to its former self; not as a city of knowledge, but as a feared conquering empire. The box empowers the castle, allowing it to arise from the city up into the sky so high that everyone back in Wartwood can see it. Then a signal was sent to the ancient factories to be reactivated and they began to build robotic minions for the giant newt king that flew to his castle and arrived within seconds. Andrias then told Anne and the others that now that he had the music box back, he would rule over all worlds from his flying castle and the first world he was invading was Earth. When Anne and Sasha told the king they would stop him, he decided to demonstrate his power by using his castle's giant laser cannon to destroy a toad tower. Marcy was confused, telling Andrias that this wasn't the plan they talked about, only for Andrias to reveal he had deceived her. Andrias then decided to divulge another truth to Anne and Sasha; that Marcy got them stranded in Amphibia on purpose, shocking them both.

Andrias sees the blue gemstone bestowing Anne with power

Marcy comes clean about her actions that she knew all along about the Calamity Box's power, and because her parents were going to move them away, she had hoped that the box would take them to a world were all 3 human girls would always be together, then she falls to her knees crying with remorse while Leviathan taunted her for spilling her heart out to him over Flipwart. Anne is hurt by this information, but rallies her friends together to face Andrias and his newly built Frog-bot army. Frobo is destroyed by Andrias while protecting Polly. Just when he tries to smash Polly too, she finally grows a pair of legs and escapes his fatal blow. She runs and grabs the box, but Leviathan grabs Sprig and threatens to drop him out the window if the box isn't put back. After the group complies with his demand, Anne begs him to put down Sprig, but Andrias decides to drop him anyway out of spite.

King Andrias decides he can't let Anne live

To Andrias' disbelief, Anne starts to glow blue and absorbs magic from her gem, meaning she is still connected to the second gemstone of the Calamity Box (due to only charging her gem halfway at the second temple); while he is distracted, Marcy flies on Joe Sparrow to rescue Sprig. After an intense battle, Anne powers down and passes out, showing Andrias that the human girl doesn't have full control over her powers yet as he chuckles with relief. Despite not being fully recovered, he manages gather enough strength to get up and walk up to Anne and the Planters, and upon realizing Anne still has her powers despite her instability, he ultimately decides he can't let Anne live. Just as he is about to kill her, Marcy steals the box and uses it to open a portal to earth, and a reformed Sasha and Grime kept Andrias at bay while Anne and the Planters escaped through the portal (with Polly taking Frobo's head). However, Andrias thrusts his laser sword through Marcy just as the portal closes before she can join them, angry at her defiance against his conquest.

Season 3

King Andrias telling a comatose Marcy her part in all this is only beginning

King Andrias is disturbed that Anne and the Planters made it through the portal, but isn't too worried about it because he still got the box back, and has Amphibia overpopulated by Frobots. Andrias orders General Yunan and Lady Olivia (who now obey their king out of fear) to take Marcy's body away for rejuvenation. Having gotten the Calamity Box, he starts making plans. He sees Sasha and Grime escape on Joe Sparrow and orders one of his Frog-Bots to follow them, because he doesn't want any loose ends. Andrias was getting ready for the invasion, but since Anne is the only obstacle left in his way, he gives a Silver Frog-Bot equipped with a cloaking device a mission to eliminate Anne because of the threat she was to his plans, but tells it to stay hidden to avoid being seen by anyone on Earth before the invasion on Earth begins (also to get the latest volume of book series that Marcy got him hooked on). After the frobot leaves, Andrias then looked to a comatose Marcy in a life support chamber, telling her that her role had just begun.

Andrias looks away as Marcy get possessed

Andrias later contacted his robotic assassin and was displeased at its lack of progress so he gave it an ultimatum destroy the human girl in an hour or the bomb inside the robot that was just activated would self-destruct it and ended his transmission. Weeks after Anne and the Plantars escaped to Earth Andrias had reduced his kingdom into a bleak wasteland. He summons Olivia and Yunan (after a secret discussion with his master about a device and a test subject) and gives them promotions and their assignments; Olivia will oversee the construction of some refineries as he plans to drain all of Amphibia of its resources while Yunan will round up some frogs and force them to work in factories, terminating anyone who resists. He later intercepts the pair from escaping after they save Marcy and escape the nightmare hologram trap, revealing that he and the Core were watching them the entire time before introducing his master, a digital amalgamation of the intelligence of Amphibia's greatest minds preserved in a single entity that needs the best and smartest host: Marcy. Andrias admits to her that he always has liked her and even considered an alternative host, but the Core had spoken. Andrias looks away as just as the Core proceeds to plug itself into Marcy’s new suit and possess her. After the Core became one with Marcy he decides to let his master explain the destiny it will lead Amphibia to.

Adrias decides use a Christmas theme for his latest plot.

Some time passed and the castle now has several smaller flying fortresses around it. Bartley, Branson and Blair inform Andrias that the Frobot army is now complete on time and under budget. While the giant newt king is pleased by this news he is confused why the trio are dressed like elves and they explain that Marcy told them about Christmas and then gives him a gift. The Gift turns out be the moth-like drone prototype; Andrias decides that since he learned Anne is still alive and the Cloak-Bot failed to kill her, he would to send the drone to earth so he can kill her himself virtually. The drone makes it to earth and Andrias starts looking for Anne via the VR goggles linked to the Drone. As Andrias is realizing that the city is so big that it would take him forever to find Anne, she appears in a parade directly in front of the drone (Yelling her name). Andrias now remembering all about the holiday and decides to get a little festive with it, hijacking the parade float’s giant Santa Claus with his drone, using nano technology to turn it into a giant robot that attacks Anne. What follows is a giant Santa terrorizing Anne and her family and their parade float in a high-speed chase throughout the city. Just as Santa Andrias gets Anne cornered, the group realizes they can fire the Christmas Tree on the float using the equipped fireworks directly into the giant Santa's torso. When they do, not only does it pierce Santa, but impales the drone that Andrias took over with. Everything explodes and Andrias is furious by this and The Core taunts him about yet another failure calling him pathetic but Andrias says it does not matter, as he looks over the massive Frobot army and vows absolutely no one alike will stop him, not even Anne or Earth.

King Andrias listening to the newly named "Darcy" about why it named itself that

Andrias is summoned by the Core who decided to go by the name Darcy as a reference to Marcy's favorite video game, then orders Andrias to reboot the hivemind which will then delete some excess memories. As he is doing so has a flashback of his past, remembering his father and former friends Leif and Barrel. After he was done, he is seen burning the old portrait of him and his former friends in a fireplace and when his master asked if he was ready for the incoming invasion of earth, Andrias once again assures Darcy that after 1,000 years he has thought of nothing else.


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  • King Andrias' first and last names may reference few things:
    • Andrias is a genus of giant salamanders (the largest living amphibians in the world), which might also reference King Andrias' large size.
    • Leviathan is a mythical creature from Hebrew mythology, often depicted as a large serpent.
  • King Andrias has many things in common with all the 3 human girls:
    • He is can be seen as an evil counterpart of Anne; they share blue as a color motif and they both have casual fun loving charismatic personas.
    • He is a dark reflection of what Sasha could've been had she not reformed and made amends with Anne, because he also had close friends who he felt turned their back on him most likely due to his misdeeds.
    • Like Marcy he is very intelligent, enjoys puzzles & games and was hiding more information about the Calamity Box than he let on.
  • His laser sword is most likely inspired by the Lightsabers of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Andrias' true nature is hinted at throughout Season 2:
    • On the poster for Season 2, Andrias is far behind everyone and is much more darkly shadowed than the others. He also seems to be looking sinisterly at Anne with interest.
    • He was first seen spying on Anne and Marcy through the window using Flipwart pieces in their likeness, hinting toward his plan to use them to undo them of their Calamity Gem powers so they won't interfere with his conquest.
    • When first properly introduced, he is sitting in the shadows looking stern, then leans out into the full light and laughs.
    • After the first stone was charged, Andrias reports to the Core that the prophecy is being undone, which is part of his plan to strip the girls of their connections with the stones so they cannot fulfil the prophecy and defeat him.
    • At the end of "Lost in Newtopia" when Marcy discovers the secret library wing, Andrias can be seen with a smirk before following her downstairs. Said secret wing happens to be the room where the Core is kept, and foreshadows Marcy being picked to become the Core's host.
    • In "A Day at the Aquarium" when talking to Anne and the Plantars about his ancestors, right when he gets to "peaceful explorers and scientists" he looks away from them while talking in a suspicious tone. At the end when the Plantars leave, when he gives Marcy a proposition, ominous music is heard.


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