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"King Igthorn" is a multi part episode (episodes sixty and sixty-one) of the Adventures of the Gummi Bears. The multi part episode premiered on November 27 and 28, 1990, and is considered to be the show's series finale by international airing order, as well as by chronological order, but is not the actual series finale by means of the U.S. airing order. It is the only multi part episode in the Adventures of the Gummi Bears series.


Part I

Duke Igthorn takes the Ogres to a forest in order to look for a super termite that will help Igthorn pull off a major plan. Meanwhile in Dunwyn, Calla, Cavin, Cubbi, and Sunni are preparing for a parade and inflating a balloon. During the process of inflating it, Cubbi and Cavin get blown away with the balloon by a strong wind that lands them in Drekmore Castle. Cubbi and Cavin try to escape before Igthorn and the Ogres notice them but they notice no one was residing in the castle. The other Gummies go to investigate as Zummi believes that Igthorn could be gone, but Gruffi still believes that everyone should be concerned about Igthorn. Zummi also believes that it's a sign for the Great Gummies in New Gumbria to return to Gummi Glen as everyone is excited about the possibility except Gruffi since he's concerned about Igthorn plotting something major.

A year passed and Igthorn has yet to come back as Zummi finally decides to message the Great Gummies to come back although Gruffi still has doubts about the safety of them and the Great Gummies. Gruffi is now concerned about the Great Gummies because of Igthorn possibly attacking them while the others are celebrating with Grammi letting Sunni and Cubbi stay with Cavin and Calla overnight and hang out with them the next day. Igthorn comes back to the forest looking for Gummi Glen so he can place the termite in their house for the termite to eat it up. Igthorn and Toadie look for the Glen until they notice Zummi practicing shooting fireworks and Gruffi setting traps while Zummi is telling Gruffi that there's no need to set traps. Igthorn overhears the conversation and thinks up something more sinister to do to the Great Gummies. Toadie places the termite in Zummi's hat when Toadie falls from a broken branch and lands on Zummi as Igthorn and Toadie are waiting for the termite to eat up Gummi Glen.

Back at home, Zummi is excited for the arrival of the Great Gummies and drops his hat. The termite escapes from the hat and starts to eat everything as all of the Gummi Bears (with the exceptions of Sunni and Cubbi, who are still gone at the time) begin to notice. The five remaining Gummi Bears try to stop and get the termite so it stops eating their home. The Glen collapses as Zummi gets stuck in the rubble while trying to rescue the Great Book of Gummi. Zummi escapes but Igthorn comes in and grabs Zummi along with the Great Book. Grammi and Tummi decide to go and rescue Zummi from Igthorn as Gusto and Gruffi stay behind.

Igthorn is trying to open the Great Book of Gummi but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Tummi and Grammi rescue Zummi as Zummi tries to rescue the book. However, Igthorn also notices Grammi and Tummi arrive as he captures the three Gummies and threatens to destroy the Great Book of Gummi if he doesn't get the recipe for Gummiberry Juice. As Igthorn prepares to burn the book, the Gummies decide to give Igthorn the recipe for Gummiberry Juice. Meanwhile, Gusto and Gruffi are trying to capture the termite. Back at Igthorn's castle, Grammi is making Gummiberry Juice but Igthorn thinks it may be faulty so he gives the sample to Tummi. Tummi at first is fine but starts moving in various weird movements. Igthorn then threatens Grammi to remake the Gummiberry Juice correctly by attempting to place Zummi and Tummi in the hot Gummiberry Juice. Grammi then corrects the mistake and Igthorn gives the sample to Toadie. The juice works well with Toadie and Igthorn is happy how he has the recipe for the Gummiberry Juice so him and his Ogres can have great strength.

Igthorn then sets up a factory for making Gummiberry Juice and captures Grammi, Tummi, and Zummi as prisoners for making the Gummiberry Juice. Zummi now regrets calling the Great Gummies and being so foolish of thinking Igthorn was gone for good. Zummi then gets an idea to cast a spell in order to shrink the Ogres but only shrinks himself. Zummi decides to escape as the Ogres search for him. Zummi would eventually make himself grwo back to his normal size and escaped unnoticed. Meanwhile, Gruffi and Gusto are still trying to stop the termite. Gusto finally captures the termite in a trap but he and Gruffi notice Igthorn and the Ogres headed for Dunwyn. Gusto and Gruffi then follow Igthorn and the Ogres in an attemp to rescue Zummi.

A parade meanwhile began to start at Dunwyn Castle as Cubbi, Cavin, and Sunni are watching but is stopped when a boulder lands in the castle. More boulders begin to crash thorugh as King Gregor is wondering what's going on. While the soldiers are trying to attack the Ogres, the Ogres just intercepted the boulders and threw them back, causing great damage. Sunni and Cubbi get trapped in some rubble as Cavin tries to get them out of it. Gusto and Gruffi find out that Igthorn and the Ogres get a hold of Gummiberry Juice and knocked down barrels of Gummiberry Juice leading to Igthorn noticing. Igthorn hits Gusto and Gruffi and eventually captures them. Igthorn makes Toadie open the gate of the castle by throwing him in the castle and having him open the gate from inside the castle. The Ogres and Igthorn enter the castle and start to terrorize the people of Dunwyn. King Gregor gets hurt from an incident leading to one of the Ogres holding Calla captive and Igthorn crowning himself as king of Dunwyn. Zummi gets near the castle o and realizes it's too late to stop anything as he realizes his dreams of peace are now becoming one big nightmare.

Part II

Toadie announces King Igthorn as the subjects of Dunwyn are forced to praise King Igthorn by saying "Long live King Igthorn" especially since the Ogres were behind them. However when the subjects are saying it, they say it in a dull tone. King Igthorn has Gregor and Calla as captives and Igthorn talks to his new subjects. Igthorn says that he has freed the people of King Gregor, who Igthorn claimed was a tyrant. Calla was mad that Igthorn was saying that her father was a tyrant when she and the other citizens of Dunwyn know that Gregor was a great ruler. Gregor is also furious and tells Igthorn that if he were free (since his arms were chained together) he would attack Igthorn. Then King Igthorn says that the citizens of Dunwyn can show him gratitude by giving him gold. Calla asks Igthorn what happens if the citizens refuse to give him gold. Then Igthorn showed the citizens "the errors of their ways" by having one of the Ogres use his strength via Gummiberry Juice to pull out a well. This made the citizens run away in fear as the Ogre lost his great strength when they vanished. Toadie then asks about the amount of Gummiberry Juice left as Igthorn assured Toadie that there is plenty although Toadie would say that there was only a small amount left due to the Ogres drinking the juice along the way to Dunwyn. Igthorn then sends Toadie and other Ogres to get more Gummiberry Juice from Drekmore.

Toadie returns to Drekmore on a cart as an Ogre is pulling it. Toadie believes that since Igthorn is king, he will finally go somewhere as the Ogre replies that he's going to Drekmore. Zummi, from behind some bushes nearby, sees Toadie and the Ogre as he's disappointed because Igthorn is king, Igthorn captured the other Gummi Bears, and asks what could possibly be worse. Zummi then notices a Gummiscope message, meaning that the Great Gummies are on their way. After Zummi notices the message, he thinks of what to do, as he finally comes up with a solution to have the Barbics help him as he goes off to see them.

Back at Dunwyn, Gruffi and Gusto are seen in a prison cell. Gusto talks about how they've "painted themselves into a corner" as Gruffi wished that the termite could eat iron. Gusto then replies that it's come to a point where it's even more than he can chew. In another part of Dunwyn, Cavin is seen going through the rubble in an attempt to find Cubbi and Sunni. When Cavin starts to believe that they both died in the rubble, Cubbi says Cavin's name in a weak tone within the rubble. Cavin then digs out Cubbi and Sunni, then he tells them that it's not safe yet since Igthorn's Ogres invaded Dunwyn. Cubbi, Cavin, and Sunni then go off to search for help. When the three return to the now-destroyed Gummi Glen, they noticed the disaster that happened. They wonder how the disaster happened as Sunni becomes sad that all their work for preparing for the Great Gummies arrival was in ruins. All of them question on what to do.

Zummi arrives in Ursalia and talks to Gritty and Ursa about the situation in Dunwyn. They both agree with the idea although Zummi wants to notify the Great Gummies to turn back. Zummi is with Sir Thornberry and Artie Deco at the Gummiscope in order to send a message to the Great Gummies to turn back. Artie notices a screw loose in a part of the Gummiscope although Sir Thornberry ignores the problem. Because of Thornberry's ignorance, the Gummiscope breaks as Zummi decides to return to Dunwyn while Artie helps Sir Thornberry fix the Gummiscope. Duke Igthorn is happy about his riches and the fact that he's king. At the Gummiberry Juice factory, Toadie is monitoring the work of the Ogres as Grammi and Tummi are enslaved to work at a section of the Gummiberry Juice factory. While Tummi is eating some Gummiberries, Grammi decides to use the Gummiberries to break the chains that hold them. After that Grammi hatches a plan to escape from Drekmore, as she and Tummi decide to escape by hiding inside a barrel. Once they're inside the barrel, Tummi says it wasn't such a good idea especially since they were constantly moving around in the barrel as one of the Ogres take the barrel and place it in the cart along with other barrels of Gummiberry Juice.

Cubbi, Sunni, and Cavin are on their way to Drekmore as Cubbi has a hunch that Grammi is stuck in Drekmore because of Igthorn accessing the Gummiberry Juice. When the trio notice Toadie and some Ogres approaching, they hide nearby. Sunni and Cavin then decide to throw rocks at the Ogres and Toadie as Cubbi uses his toy sword to break the rope holding the barrels as the barrels roll away. While in the barrel, Grammi and Tummi are feeling uncomfortable as they roll at a fast speed. Toadie then tells the Ogres to get Cavin, Cubbi, and Sunni. Sunni, Cavin, and Cubbi flee as the Ogres are chasing them. Nearby, Zummi, Gritty, and Ursa make it to Gummi Glen as they notice Cubbi, Cavin, and Sunni running away from the Ogres. Zummi is happy that Sunni and Cubbi are safe but Gritty and Ursa decide to attack the Ogres. The Ogres get tangled and fall down on Toadie as Zummi, Ursa, and Gritty are approaching Cubbi, Sunni, and Cavin. The Ogres and Toadie retreat as Sunni, Cubbi, and Cavin are happy to see Zummi. During the reunion, Grammi and Tummi are yelling for help. Zummi opens the barrel as Tummi and Grammi climb out. Zummi explains to Grammi that Gusto and Gruffi are prisoners in Dunwyn as Zummi comes up with a plan for Cavin and the Barbics (Ursa and Gritty) to free Gusto and Gruffi from prison as Cubbi, Sunni, Grammi, and Tummi return to Drekmore to destroy the Gummiberry Juice factory. Tummi then becomes surprised as he has to return to Drekmore despite escaping.

Duke Igthorn sees Toadie and wonders what took him so long. Igthorn also inquires about the juice supply as Toadie explains that he and the Ogres were ambushed. Some of the citizens cheer as Igthorn tells them to be quiet. Igthorn then gets frustrated and tells Gregor about wanting respect. Gregor replies that the citizens will never respect him while Gregor is alive. Igthorn then tries to kill Gregor but is interrupted when one of the Ogres spot the Great Gummies coming as Igthorn decides to get rid of them once they arrive. Gruffi is depressed that he and Gusto will never get out as Gusto notices Zummi, Cavin, and the Barbics. Gritty then goes to steal the keys as he drops them. An Ogre guard notices the four as Zummi and Cavin open the cell Gruffi and Gusto are imprisoned in while the Barbics attack the Ogre guard. Gruffi wants to help the Barbics once he was set free though Gusto tells him that the Barbics have it under control as the Barbics get the Ogre knocked out and place him in the cell Gruffi and Gusto were imprisoned in. Zummi then says that the next task is to save Gregor. The Barbics then decide to leave them as they say that the Barbics don't help humans while Zummi tries to convince them to help Gregor.

Meanwhile at Dunwyn, Igthorn talks to Gregor and Calla as Igthorn believes that Gregor sent for the Great Gummies. However, Gregor believes that Igthorn is acting crazy and are non-existent as Calla sarcastically agrees that Gummi Bears don't exist. Igthorn gets furious and shouts that the Gummi Bears were the ones that stopped his plans for all those years. Igthorn then takes Calla and Gregor to the dungeon, specifically at the cell where Gusto and Gruffi were held as prisoners, in order to show them Gummi Bears. However when they reach the cell, the Ogre guard is in the cell and says that there are no Gummi Bears around. Igthorn then says "there will be more from where they came from".

Zummi is still trying to convince the Barbics to help Gregor but still refuse. It wasn't till then that the Barbics and Zummi overhear that Igthorn is planning to destroy the Great Gummies that they decide to help. During that time, Igthorn assigns Toadie to look for the Gummi Bears. The Barbics, Gusto, and Gruffi go to stop Igthorn while Cavin tries to free the knights and Zummi gets the Great Book of Gummi back. Back at Dunwyn, Toadie is guarding the Great Book as Zummi is not too far from where Toadie is located. Zummi decides to use fireworks to distract Toadie and get the book. Zummi opens up the book with the Gummi Bear Medallion although Toadie notices Zummi trying to take the book but Zummi kicks the pedestal for the book and distracts Toadie. Zummi runs off with the book but Toadie stops him by grabbing his feet. Luckily, Zummi found the spell in order for the book to "look for the Gummies" although the spell also made the book fly while looking for the other Gummies as Zummi and Toadie, holding on to Zummi, fly through Dunwyn using the Great Book. Toadie eventually falls as Zummi goes off to warn the Great Gummies turn back. After Toadie falls, Sir Tuxford and his knight go off to stop Igthorn as well.

When Gruffi, Gusto, and the Barbics arrive at shore, Gruffi believes it's too late to stop the Great Gummies although Gusto reassures him that Zummi is attempting to make the Great Gummies retreat. Igthorn then notices Zummi and tells the Ogres to throw boulders at Zummi and the Great Gummies. Zummi is successfully able to make the Great Gummies turn back and avoid danger. Unfortunately, a boulder hits Zummi and throws him and the Great Book into the ocean as Igthorn becomes happy while the other Gummies on shore become sad. All of them believe that Zummi died drowning in the water. Gusto becomes melancholy that Zummi died as Ursa tells him that they must stop Igthorn and start from where Zummi left off. Gruffi and the Barbics attack the Ogres and spill the Gummiberry Juice from some of the barrels while Gusto uses the termite in order to destroy the catapults that the Ogres used to shoot the boulders. Toadie arrives as he tells Igthorn that Sir Tuxford and his knights are coming. Tuxford and his knights chase the Ogres away as Gregor gets the key from an Ogre in order to free him and Calla. Gregor then tells Tuxford to take care of Calla while he battles Igthorn.

Igthorn and Gregor battle each other as Igthorn states that he should have gotten rid of Gregor long ago. Gregor eventually gets the upper hand as Igthorn returns Gregor his crown and retreats. Meanwhile, at Drekmore, Sunni, Cubbi, Tummi, and Grammi finally rig the main system of the Gummiberry Juice factory as it makes the machine go haywire. A couple of the Ogres working become enraged and get tangled in the Gummiberry Juice machine, leading up to the factory's explosion.

Back at the shore, Gregor, Calla, Sir Tuxford, and the knights become happy that Gregor is back as king while Gusto, Gruffi, and the Barbics are mourning over Zummi's death. Then Gusto notices Zummi and the Great Book wash onto the shore as he notices that Zummi is alive. Gruffi and the Barbics then go over to Gusto and Zummi and become very estatic that Zummi is alive. Zummi wonders if the Great Gummies escaped as Gruffi tells him that they did escape in time.

Back at Dunwyn, Igthorn tells Toadie that they'll get more Gummiberry Juice and Ogres in order to conquer Gregor once more. While reaching the castle, Duke Igthorn questions why the Ogres are running away and believes that they are scared. At that time, the Gummiberry Juice factory exploded as the excess Gummiberry Juice makes Drekmore Castle rocket into space. Igthorn then becomes melancholy himself that he had everything he wanted and now has nothing. Igthorn sits on a chair until the termite eats up the chair and Igthorn falls on the floor. Toadie tries to cheer up Igthorn by saying that he's still there and gives him a kiss, but Igthorn looks at Toadie disappointedly.

At the Gummiscope, Grammi and Gusto congratulate Zummi on stopping Igthorn as Zummi says he learned a lesson on not dropping his guard on evil as Zummi want the Great Gummies to forgive him. Tummi then notices a message as the Gummiscope machine is writing the message. Zummi reads the message as it says that the Great Gummies feel sorry for turning back but will come back soon. Gruffi talks about imagining that the Great Gummies will come back someday soon, as Zummi remarks how awesome a day that will be.


  • For international airings, as well as logically and canonically, this two-part episode serves as the series' finale.
    • It is established in this episode, that Cavin had already met and was acquainted with the Barbic Gummies, with their first meeting being the topic of the episode "The Rite Stuff", which later aired as the series' finale in the United States.
    • Other facts that place this episode at the end of the series, are both the partial destruction of Gummi Glen, and the total removal of Igthorn's castle from Drekmore.


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