King Neptune is the ruler of the sea who first appeared in a 1932 Silly Symphony of the same name. He later made two cameos in Thru the Mirror and The Three Caballeros, respectively.  


King Neptune (1932)

Neptune first appears at the beginning of the short sitting on his throne on the ocean floor, singing as he celebrates with his subjects. When a giant clamshell is brought before him and opens to reveal his daughters, he playfully taunts them by tugging at their hair and laughs as they tickle his toes. Later, when a ship full of unruly pirates arrives and the crew sucessfully captures one of the girls, Neptune is unable to help her at first because the pirates drop their anchor near him, resulting in the chains weighing him down. However, after a brief struggle, he sucessfully pulls apart the chains and rises to the surface to deal with the pirates, first by stabbing their ship with his trident, then by stirring up a whirlpool which sends the ship spinning away, never to be seen again.

Thru the Mirror (1936)

Neptune appears when a shrunken Mickey is leaping across the land masses on a globe in order to escape from the King of Hearts' guards. After Mickey accidentally misses a land mass and falls into the water, Neptune rises up from under him and stabs the mouse's rear end with his trident, sending him flying off of the globe while looking after him dissaprovingly.

The Three Caballeros (1944)

Neptune makes a very brief appearance in The Cold-Blooded Penguin segment when Pablo arrives at the Equator. In order to help the penguin cross it, Neptune rises up from underneath it and lifts it up with his trident. He looks slightly different then he did in his his two previous appearances, as he is seen wearing a green smock and blue trousers.

The Seven Dwarves and the Pirate

In this comic story, Neptune is breifly seen.


Neptune in King Neptune is seen as a rather cruel tyrant, not necessarily kind or generous. He seems rather absent-minded in The Seven Dwarves and the Pirate, and jolly in The Three Cabelleros.


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