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This article is about the sisters of Ariel. For the song, see Daughters of Triton.

The Seven Princesses of Atlantica (commonly referred to as the Daughters of Triton or Ariel's Sisters) are the seven daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena, first introduced in Disney's 1989 animated feature film The Little Mermaid.


Attina TLM3

Attina is the first daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena and the heir apparent of Atlantica. Her age causes her to feel a strong sense of responsibility for her sisters. Which causes them to see her as being bossy, but ironically, she herself is often bossed around when her siblings outvote her. She is highly well read and has a pet catfish named Fin-Fin. She is also known for having a calm and rational demeanor that carries a regal presence and shares a close bond with Ariel. She is also the most loyal and obedient to Triton. As such, she is terrified of letting her father down and is usually reluctant to participate in activities that he does not approve of.

  • She is 21 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's responsible.
  • Her favorite hobby is researching the history of the sea.
  • Her pet peeve is merfolk who litter in the coral reef.
  • Her biggest fear is letting her father down.
  • Her favorite food is kelp wrap sandwiches.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
  • Her favorite genre of music is classical.
  • Her favorite instrument is the harp.
  • In a Disney Princess Magazine, she married "a prince from a far-away kingdom", in a story titled "Underwater Wedding".
  • Her name was taken from a rock opera written by Alan Menken called "Atina: Evil Queen of the Galaxy" (1980).[1]

She has been voiced by Kath Soucie in the TV series, Kari Wahlgren in Ariel's Beginning, Christie Houser in Kingdom Hearts II, and portrayed by Yoori Kim in The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Mala, played by Karolina Conchet, who is Asian like another actress in the 2019 TV musical. She is the most fearless of her sisters, committed to protecting the reefs at any cost. She dislikes shipwrecks, as they pollute her ocean and leave a havoc on the seashore. She rules the Chaine Sea. The waters are filled with islands, shallows, and islets. She is a strong leader, intrepid, and loved by all for her sense of humor. She has sent messages on seaweed scrolls to humans before her father forbade such interactions.[2]


Alana is the second daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. Her hair decoration is similar to a crown, and like Attina's and Triton's, has five points, although in a different style, representing that she is currently next in line to the throne after Attina. She appears to be the one who is most interested in beauty and health. She speaks of her looks often, but she is, by no means, selfish or vain.

  • She is 20 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's glamorous.
  • Her hobbies are picking wildflowers and making beauty creams.
  • Her pet peeve is having a bad hair day.
  • Her biggest fear is having scaly skin.
  • Her favorite color is violet.
  • Her favorite food is low-salt, coral blossom stew.
  • Her favorite music genre is jazz.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the tambourine.
  • In the books, she is shy, likes to spend time tending her sea garden, and has a pet sea turtle.
  • In the TV series, she has a friend named Pearl who is a party girl.
  • She has the most lines in the Broadway musical version.
  • Her name was a nod by Howard Ashman to composer Alan Menken.[1]

She has been voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the original film and TV series, and by Jennifer Hale in Ariel's Beginning.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Indira, played by Simone Ashley, who is South Asian in real life. She is the most generous of all, leading with empathy, kindness and goodness. She has already saved her subjects from a giant poisonous sea snake. She rules the Brinedive Sea. The waters of the gulf are shallow, sunny, and warm. Indira is skilled at diplomacy, working well with the ministers of her court. She is well-informed about her kingdom and others, she is also an excellent debater.

Adella TLM3

Adella is the third daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. In the prequel, she is boy-crazy and wishes to dance with, and later kiss, a boy. For some reason, she has also gone through a transformation in her life - in her early days, she was shapely and thin. After Triton reinstated music, she gained a bit weight, as seen in the TV series. However, in the sequel, she appears to have lost the weight she gained. In the prequel, she states she is 2 years older than Ariel, putting her birth order at odds with this statement. In the end of Ariel's Beginning, she got to kiss a merboy she liked named Stevie.

  • She is 19 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's boy-crazy.
  • Her hobbies are talking about boys and dancing with Sluggie.
  • Her pet peeve is when Andrina makes fun of her.
  • Her biggest fear is that she will never be kissed.
  • Her favorite color is chartreuse.
  • Her favorite food is sea cucumber sandwiches.
  • Her favorite genre of music are romantic ballads.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the violin.
  • In the books, she tends to be shallow and vain, and she has many dates with merboys.

She has been voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the original film, Sherry Lynn in the TV series, and Tara Strong in Ariel's Beginning. Additionally, Kath Soucie did her voice for one line in "There's Only One Ariel", though this could have been an oversight.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Caspia, played by Nathalie Sorrell. Caspia is the most selfless of all her sisters, serving her people first, then leading. She is said to be a bit of a recluse, traveling only for meetings. She rules Apneic Sea, an inland Sea between Euporia and Saas. The waters are brackish and murky, with rocky islands and sometimes ice. Caspia is very protective of the corals and makes many laws to ensure that they thrive in her kingdom.[3]

Aquata TLM3

Aquata is the fourth and middle daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. She is the most obsessive-compulsive of them all - when Arista borrowed her things, including her hairbrush, her "lucky" seashells, her pillow, and her plush seahorse, Mr. Fuzzyfinkle, she displayed frustration and some hostility, and an impulse to get her things back immediately. She isn't a good dancer, even saying herself that she looks "like a spastic piece of kelp". Her sisters encourage her to dance anyway, and she grows more confident (but not any better at dancing), even starting a conga line at the end of Ariel's Beginning. The original comics denote her as the oldest daughter, as she mentions being nervous about becoming queen.

  • She is 18 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's tough.
  • Her hobbies are water sports.
  • Her pet peeve is when Arista borrows her stuff.
  • Her biggest fear is dancing in public.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Her favorite food is sea daisy stir-fry.
  • Her favorite genre of music is rock n' roll.
  • Her favorite musical instrument are the drums.
  • Her name means "watery" in Latin.
  • She is a terrible dancer.

She is voiced by Mona Marshall in the TV series, Grey DeLisle in Ariel's Beginning, and was portrayed by Melanie Moore in The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Tamika, played by Sienna King, who is also black like Halle Bailey. She is powerful, the most tactical of her sisters, ruling with an iron fin. Some say she fought a tiger shark into submission before learning to swim. She rules the Fracus Sea. The waters are clear and sunlit, teeming with vibrant fish and coral. She has admirable strength and grace, a fierce ruler, very wise and strong as a warrior. She knows the currents and the winds very well.


Arista is the fifth daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. She wears her hair in a ponytail similar to Aquata's, although their bangs are different. She tends to take a lot of Aquata's things in Ariel's Beginning. In her television appearances, she tended to be jealous of Ariel's adventurous ways and joined her on adventures. Based on the prequel, she is the most energetic one, though she adopts a more by-the-rules personality, by the time of the TV series, as shown in the episodes "Against the Tide" and "Beached". Although, in the latter, a small bit of her energetic side surfaces again to help Ariel stop thieves from robbing the Royal Treasury.

  • She is 17 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's fun-loving.
  • Her hobbies are playing in the band.
  • She doesn't know what a pet peeve is, believing it to be a literal pet.
  • Her biggest fear is forgetting a rehearsal.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her favorite food is sea sponge swirl (which looks similar to cotton candy).
  • Her favorite genre of music is calypso (originated in the Caribbean).
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the horn (although a clarinet is pictured).
    • She plays the undersea equivalents to both a saxophone and clarinet in Ariel's Beginning (and both could be called horns).
  • Her name is believed to be taken from Arista Records, a record label which composer Alan Menken had a label with.[4]

She is voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the original film, Mary Kay Bergman in the TV series, Grey DeLisle in Ariel's Beginning, and was portrayed by Tiffany Daniels in The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Karina, played by Kajsa Mohammar, who is Scandinavian in real life. She is strong, the most decisive of her sisters, and with strong intuition. She is very afraid of humans and is a great protector of seals. She rules the Saithe Sea. The waters are typically clothed in ice. She is the most reclusive. She is very talented with animals and often works closely with the native creatures of her land to make decisions that benefit all beings there.


Andrina is the sixth daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena based on differing source materials. She appears to be the sassiest of them all, as seen by her many wisecracking remarks and jokes in the prequel.

  • She is 16 years old in the prequel.
  • Her sisters say she's witty.
  • Her hobbies are idle talking, exploring, and swimming with dolphins.
  • Her pet peeve is merfolk who can't take a joke.
  • Her biggest fear is having a boring life.
  • Her favorite color is lavender.
  • Her favorite food is everything.
  • Her favorite genre of music is pop.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the guitar.
  • Her name was taken from an aerobics instructor of director Ron Clements.[1]

She is voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the original film, Catherine Cavadini in the TV series, Tara Strong (who voiced her niece in second) in Ariel's Beginning, Susan Steven Logan in Kingdom Hearts II, and Mandy Gonzalez in The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!.

Her live-action counterpart in The Little Mermaid is Perla, played by Lorena Andrea, who is Latina like another actress in the 2019 TV musical. She is the most charismatic of all the sisters, radiating warmth and kindness. It is said that she once charmed and stopped a group of carnivorous orcas from attacking a colony of penguins. She rules the Piton Sea. The waters are temperate and very deep, it lies off the cartographic coast. Perla rules with good temperament, is very careful with her choices, and puts decisions to a vote to keep the peace.

Main article: Ariel
Profile - Ariel

Ariel is the seventh and youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. She is adventurous and curious, especially about human things, and also enjoys music and singing, but can sometimes forget about responsibilities she has. She can also be easily distracted. Ariel is the only princess of Atlantica without any specific hair accessory. She is the first to become a human and Melody's mother in her later years after being married to Eric. She is the fourth official Disney Princess.

  • She is 15 in the prequel and the TV series until the first movie, in which she is 16.
  • Her sisters say she's unpredictable.
  • Her hobbies are collecting gadgets and gizmos.
  • Her pet peeve is rules that don't make sense.
  • Her biggest fear is being told that something is impossible.
  • Her favorite color is emerald.
  • Her favorite food is a surface food called strawberries (because of hair color).
  • Her favorite genre of music is every kind.
  • Her favorite musical instrument is the piano.

She is voiced by Jodi Benson in all animated media (that is based on the 1989 version) except the video game The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Majestic Journey, where she was voiced by Kathryn Haywood.

Her live-action counterpart is that of the version played by a black actress/singer Halle Bailey in The Little Mermaid. The version of the character is the most sensitive out of her sisters, with a tender and loving heart. She has a fascination for the human world and collects trinkets from shipwrecks. She rules the Carinae Sea. The waters are warm and crystal clear. She rules with a captivating kindness and is loved. She is revered for her wonderful and striking voice and curiosity. Furthermore, she believes in the power of unity and sees the best in her people. Her other live-action counterparts are played by JoAnna Garcia in Once Upon a Time and Auli'i Cravalho in The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live!.


The Little Mermaid[]


Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid.

Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina first appear in the original film, introduced during the "Daughters of Triton" sequence. They perform in the concert that Sebastian is putting on that will be the musical introduction of their youngest sister, Ariel. However, much to their shock, Ariel doesn't show up, resulting in the concert being ruined. Later in the film, they are the first to notice Ariel's unusual happy behavior, with all of them quickly realizing that their younger sister has fallen in love (unaware at the time that she has fallen in love with a human named Eric), believing that the person Ariel has fallen in love with is a merman. At the end of the film, they are last seen attending Ariel and Eric's wedding as they all wave goodbye to their sister.

The Little Mermaid: The Series[]

Just like in the original film, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina have minor roles in the prequel series; however, in some episodes, Alana and Arista respectively are supporting characters.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea[]

Little-mermaid2-disneyscreencaps (1)

Attina, Andrina, Aquata, and Adella in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

Attina, Adella, Aquata, and Andrina play minor roles in the 2000 direct-to-video sequel, as they all attend the christening of their newborn niece, Melody. Alana and Arista are not seen in the film, but it is likely that they attended the christening (off-screen).

After the defeat of Ursula's sister Morgana, Andrina is the only one of Ariel's sisters to be seen at the end of the film.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning[]


Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.

In the prequel film, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina all play much larger roles. After their mother, Queen Athena is killed in an accident when they were very young, they are all raised very strictly by their governess, Marina Del Rey. When Attina and her sisters discover that Ariel has been sneaking off to a forbidden music club, Attina and the other girls join her the next night. At the music club, the sisters enjoy the entertainment until King Triton arrives, fires Sebastian for disobeying his rules, and has Marina escort the girls back to the palace. As punishment for their actions, the princesses are restricted to the palace.

In the rooms, Ariel tries to encourage her sisters to restore happiness and fun to the kingdom, but they just reply that it's over and that no one is happy. Later in the film, Attina reports Ariel's unexpected disappearance to King Triton, prompting him to go out and find her. At the end of the film, music is restored to Atlantica thanks to Ariel. Attina embraces Ariel and thanks her.

The Little Mermaid (2023)[]


Left to right: Tamika, Perla, Karina, Mala, Indira, and Caspia. Ariel's sisters attending a meeting with their father.

Ariel's sisters appear in this film. Unlike the original movie, however, Ariel's sisters have their names end with 'A' rather than having it be the first initial of their names. Their names are Mala, Indira, Caspia, Tamika, Karina, and Perla. All of them have different features ethnicities, cultures, and have a more active role besides just being Triton's daughters. Each sister watches over the seven seas in the ocean, implying that this is also Ariel's job. And unlike the original film, they play slightly bigger roles as they make more appearances than in the original animated film.

King Triton's daughters are first seen swimming on their way to Atlantica to meet their father who arrives in his throne. Just as Triton arrives, he welcomes each of his seven daughters: Tamika, Perla, Caspia, Indira, Mala, and Karina, who are all present gathered to watch the Coral Moon event; however, Triton finds no sign of his daughter Ariel, who is missing during the event, leading Sebastian to find Ariel.

The next day, Ariel is called over by Mala, who offers her to remove the wreckage damaging the coral, which she accepts. Mala asks her if the humans above the world have an idea of how much damage their shipwrecks do. Ariel replies that they are harmless, Caspia replies to her that humans are careless with the corals, fearing that humans have caused heavy damage to the aquatic environment. Indira points out that it's killed almost all of the sea fern, while Karina replies to them that the humans would kill them if they had the chance. Perla says that Ariel was a child when their mother died and their father stopped his daughters from going to the surface and to stay away from humans. Triton approaches his daughters, who are furious about the shipwreck the humans did to their home, prompting him to tell them that this is the punishment from the merfolk of what humans deserved for harming the oceans such as spoiling the waters, destroying the reefs, and having no respect for the balance of oceans just before Triton and his daughters continue to clear away the debris on their home. Before Ariel swims away, she points out that the humans aren't the ones who have no respect for balance. Mala then asks what is wrong with Ariel and Perla replies that Ariel is just at the age when she doesn't want to hang out with her older sisters anymore.

That night before the third day, Triton is discussing with his daughters who have been looking for Ariel, but could not find her, as Triton orders them to search the Seven Seas in order to look for her just as Ariel's sisters continue to swim across the ocean to look for her while Triton became emotional of what he did to her before her disappearance. However, Triton's daughters could not find Ariel.

After Ursula was killed in battle and later Ariel (who is transformed into a human by Triton) marries Eric, Ariel's sisters and a large group of merfolk are seen witnessing Ariel and Eric leaving via rowboat just as the merfolk begin to bid them a farewell.



Ariel - Alanna & Ayanna

Instead of having six sisters, Ariel only has two older twin sisters in the Disney Jr. animated series Ariel named Alanna and Ayanna.

Printed material[]

Mistress of All Evil: A Tale of the Dark Fairy[]

With the exception of Ariel, the six older daughters appear in the third chapter of Serena Valentino's fourth novel. They are shown attending Ursula's funeral, under orders from their father (who wanted to make sure Ursula was given a proper burial).

Part of Your World (A Twisted Tale)[]

In this storyline, when Triton was captured by Ursula and a voiceless Ariel returned to Atlantica with the trident, her sisters made her take on the role of Queen in Triton's absence, officially as a punishment for her role in Triton's 'death' but in reality because none of them wanted the responsibility. However, after Ariel regains her voice and learns that Triton is still alive, Attina, her eldest sister, accepts that her actions were unfair, and agrees to take on a role as regent once Triton returns so that Ariel can explore her new position as ambassador to the surface world.

Prince of Song & Sea[]

Ariel's sisters are seen at Eric and Ariel's wedding three years later.

Against the Tide[]

In chapter one of the official, live-action tie in novel, Ariel states she is about to turn 15. Mala is noted to have turned 15 years first (over a decade ago), making her the oldest sister. She is followed by Indira and Caspia (second and third oldest respectively). Perla is mentioned to be the sister who is closest to Ariel in age, making her the sixth oldest. Each sister rules a different domain, and many have special gifts bestowed upon them by their mother. As the oldest, Mala is noted to be rather bossy, while Indira and Caspia are noted to be extremely close. Karina is also said to have a talent for doing hair, and Mala has dimples.


While played very similar to the original film, the musical slightly expands the sisters' roles with the additional fact that Ariel is Triton's favorite daughter, due to her resemblance to their late mother and inheriting her beautiful voice, though he never outright admits it. This adds a sense of envy to the sisters, yet they all do show that they still love Ariel, and Triton continues to show he does indeed love all his daughters very dearly, despite his favoritism towards his youngest. The group is also granted a new signature song, "She's In Love", which they share with Flounder.

Disney Parks[]

King Triton's Concert[]

King Triton's Concert is a stage show in Tokyo DisneySea's Mermaid Lagoon Theater. In the show, they appear alongside Ariel and her friends on circular projection screens, where they can be seen dancing and singing along to the music.

"It's a Small World"[]

Attina and Andrina can be seen in the Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland versions of It's a Small World. In the California version, they can be seen right as we pass into the tropical area, floating and singing alongside Ariel and Flounder. In the Hong Kong version, they can once again be spotted in the tropical area, right behind Nemo and Dory from Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo.

Other appearances[]

It's a Small World: The Animated Series[]

Andrina can also be seen in the animated series in the episode "Tropical Hideaway". Compared to the other Disney characters that made cameos in the series, she is the only one with a speaking role.

The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live![]

All the Mer-sisters appear in The Little Mermaid Live! Their role is similar to their role in the Broadway musical; however, they also appear in "Under the Sea" instead of "She's In Love" because the latter song is omitted.

Disney On Ice[]

Ariel's sisters on ice

King Triton's Daughters on Disney On Ice.

The Daughters of Triton also appear in some Disney On Ice shows, including Disney On Ice: Dream Big and Find Your Hero. They also appeared in Disney On Ice: The Little Mermaid and earlier versions of Passport to Adventure.

Disney Live![]

The Daughters of Triton appeared formerly in Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival show for six years in September 29, 2010 until March 2016.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to King Triton's Daughters.


  • All of their names start with A, and except for Ariel, their names all end with A as well.
  • In the prequel, Triton's daughters have different eye colors and more individualized facial designs, but in the first movie, they all have the same face (except Ariel) and blue eyes.
  • Originally, Aquata was the oldest sister and the heir to Atlantica's throne due to her being introduced first during the "Daughters of Triton" sequence. This was retconned by Ariel's Beginning, which switched her place with Attina.
    • However, The Little Mermaid fans had been debating long before Ariel's Beginning about who the true Crown Princess is. Some fans believe it to be Aquata because she was introduced first during "Daughters of Triton" and also because it is outright stated in the comic Serpent-Teen. Whereas other fans believe it to be Attina as shown in Ariel's Beginning, mainly because her tiara has a resemblance to Triton's crown.
    • Considering Disney's tendency to ignore direct-to-video sequels, along with the fact that their ages were never mentioned in newer material, it is entirely possible that Aquata remains the eldest sister.
  • Point of reference, Adella admits in Ariel's Beginning, to being two years older than Ariel, therefore, making her the fifth daughter.
  • Attina is somewhat of an authority figure among the sisters. This most likely stems from the fact that she's the oldest in the prequel.
  • In supplementary materials, it's revealed that all of Ariel's sisters have particular favorite foods.
  • Arista's personality in the prequel is very different from how she was portrayed in the TV series. The TV series portrayed her as snarky and unstable, while the prequel portrayed her as fun-loving, energetic and somewhat ditzy. Although both the series and the prequel portray her as the most feminine of the sisters. Her hairstyle is also tweaked a bit in the prequel, most likely to make it easier to animate.
  • Out of all seven sisters, Ariel's the one who looks the most like their mother (though, personality-wise, she takes more after their father).
  • Attina appears to have inherited her mother's eyes and her father's hair color.
  • Aquata shares the same color palette as her father, King Triton.
  • Ariel shares similarities with her two older sisters, Alana and Adella.
    • Alana - They're the only daughters with different hair colors.
    • Adella - They're the only daughters whose seashell tops are not the same color as their tail.
  • Arista's bangs often change sides between scenes.
  • Another feature between them is that six have different updo hairstyles, while Ariel is the only one with her hair down.
  • Like in the original story, they are all one year apart from each other.
  • Their tails are the different colors of the rainbow.
    • Arista - red; Attina - orange; Adella - yellow; Ariel - green; Aquata - blue; Andrina - purple; Alana - pink.
  • In the prequel film, they have different eye colors.
    • Attina - green; Alana - violet; Adella - teal-blue; Aquata - brown; Arista - icy blue; Andrina - hazel; Ariel - blue.
  • There is a color error on some of them in some clipart and Ariel's pages of the Disney Princess find it book.
  • Arista is named after the record label of the same name.
  • Unlike the rest of her siblings who are excellent dancers, Aquata is a terrible dancer. She claims it stems from the fact that she has no legs, even though merfolk are perfectly capable of dancing with their hips, indicating she is merely self-conscious.
  • In the original fairy tale, the ceremony the sisters (all unnamed) take part in is when they go to the surface and talk about what they saw, which intrigues the youngest mermaid. In the end, they know about the deal the mermaid made with the sea witch, and they trade their hair for information on how to reverse it as well as a knife when the sea witch tells them the youngest mermaid has to kill the prince.
    • Also in the original fairy tale, dancing was unpopular among merpeople. The merpeople viewed dancing as a clumsy performing art. On the other hand, singing was practically sacred to merpeople.
    • Also, while the Disney version of the story has all seven sisters, the original fairy tale has six (minus one when the youngest mermaid dies and becomes a sea foam).
    • In addition, in the original fairy tale the Little Mermaid's five elder sisters are shown to have an established interest in humanity as they frequently plundered ships for objects while the Little Mermaid herself had no interest in collecting objects from the surface beyond her marble statue, only being interested in tending to underwater red flowers. Ironically, in the Disney version, however, it is the complete opposite where it is only Ariel who is interested in collecting human objects unlike her six elder sisters.
  • In the 2023 live-action remake, each daughter (added with different ethnicities and cultures) rules one of the seven seas (with fictional names), and their fins are based on real-life fish.
    • Mala rules the Chaine Sea (Southeast Asia), her name means "garland of flowers" or "necklace", and her fins are based on a Bimaculatus Anthias.
    • Karina rules the Saithe Sea (Scandinavia), her name means "pure", and her fins are based on a juvenile Emperor angelfish.
    • Indira rules the Brinedive Sea (India), her name means "beauty" or "splendid", and her fins are based on an Altum angelfish.
    • Perla rules the Piton Sea (South America), her name means "pearl", and her fins are based on a Red Texas Cichlid.
    • Tamika rules the Fracus Sea (Africa), her name means "child of the people" or "sweet", and her fins are based on a Mandarin Dragonet.
    • Caspia rules the Apneic Sea (British Isles), her name means "white" or "sea-lavender", and her fins are based on a Potter's Leopard Wrasse.
    • Ariel rules the Carinae Sea (Caribbean), her name means "Lion of God", and her fins are based on a Green Betta.

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