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King Vomit (formerly known as Worm) is a character from the animated series, Legend of the Three Caballeros.


Vomit lives in Goblin Town located in Stonehenge, England where he initially obeyed Lord Felldrake and Baron Von Sheldgoose's evil plans in creating the goblins' ultimate weapon as part of Felldrake's evil plans. However, due to him becoming distracted upon talking to April, May, and June, he decides to help find Donald Duck instead of following the jailer's orders in Goblin Jail as he approaches the Three Caballeros without harming him. Later when Felldrake betrayed the goblins by summoning the most dangerous weapon, the Baydoodior, he even worked together with Xandra, the other goblins, and the Caballeros to help defeat the War Beast summoned by Felldrake, clearing out the Caballeros' bad reputation.

Role in the series

In "Stonehenge Your Bets", Worm is first seen approaching Lord Felldrake to give him the atlas to which he grabs it from a goblin bodyguard as Xandra tries to grab the atlas but fails to as Felldrake tasks Worm to take Xandra away while tasking the goblins to send the Panchito, José, and Donald to Goblin Jail.

Later as the Caballeros are sent to their jail cell, the Goblin Jailer tells Worm to sort the stuff out with the Caballeros in their cell. However, Worm becomes distracted upon picking up the magic mirror where he faces April, May, and June instead of following the jailer's orders to which before getting his wish granted, Worm is tasked to take the nieces to Donald Duck. The Caballeros suddenly trick the Goblin Jailer so the three can get out of their jail cell. Having escaped from their jail cell, Worm arrives at the spot where Donald would be at only to find the Jailer locked up instead as Worm continues finding Donald.

Seeing the Baydoodior from a distance, Worm approaches Donald who believes that he is the one he is looking for to which Worm gives the mirror to him who faces Daisy's nieces to know if he bought any souvenirs from Stonehenge to which Panchito explains that Xandra sent them to Goblin Jail to find Felldrake and defeat him. Seeing the War Beast attacking Goblin Town, Worm notices that he saw the Baydoodior destroying the town to which José and Panchito are planning to stop the War Beast from destroying it by finding the golden atlas to which Worm leads the Caballeros to the spot where the golden atlas is at, only to be guarded by a goblin bodyguard, Vlorp. Donald, José, and Panchito tackle with Vlorp to which as Worm approaches him, he asks them to give him the Caballeros the atlas as a plan to save Goblin Town to which Vlorp denies, explaining that no one can save him to which Worm requests him about his battle sack to which he accepts and allows Worm to get the atlas.

Having rescued Xandra, the Caballeros explain to her that Felldrake trapped her in the book as well as their moments being sent to Goblin Jail followed by the Caballeros introducing Worm to her, explaining that he helped the three. After studying the weakness of the Baydoodior, Worm follows alongside Xandra and the Caballeros who are after the Baydoodior as the goblins prepare to fire their weapons at the War Beast, only for their weapons to be absorbed, rendering them ineffective against the monster. As the Caballeros are planning to feel remorseful to defeat the monster, Worm calls in the goblins, Xandra, and the Caballeros for a group hug followed by Sheldgoose and his allies doing the same thing, which also destroys the Baydoodior to save Goblin Town.

Having saved Goblin Town from the War Beast, Worm congratulates the Caballeros defeating the War Beast and for saving Goblin Town as the Goblin Jailer apologizes to the Caballeros, clearing out their bad reputation as he praises the three for saving the kingdom. José asks the Jailer that Worm is the one who helped defeat the monster as Xandra thanks him for his bravery to which Worm then explains to the group that "Worm" isn't his real name as he decides to be called "Vomit" as his real name from now on. Later, Vomit is crowned as the new Goblin King as as the goblins celebrate the coronation of King Vomit as well as their victory as they praise the Caballeros and Xandra for saving their kingdom.

Vomit is later summoned again during the final battle against Sheldgoose in "Sheldgoose Square Dance", along with the other goblins from Goblin Town. As the goblins attempt to ward off the Lava Lizards using their shields during the battle, Vomit appears riding on a giant green cat equipped with a catapult where he launches Xandra and the Caballeros to get past the Lava Lizards so that the four can continue their way to the Summoning Chamber. Later when Felldrake prepares for a new age of darkness, Vomit and the rest of the goblins are sent back to Goblin Town through zoom point as it is shown that the reinforcements summoned during the final battle are sent back to their respective homes. Even after the final battle has ended, it is likely that Vomit still remains in Goblin Town, alongside the other goblins.



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