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Kingdom Hearts χ [chi][1] is a Kingdom Hearts game exclusive to PC browsers. The game is free to play, but also includes additional purchasable items.[2] Set during the events of the Keyblade War, it hosts simple 2D graphics and allows all players to become Keyblade wielders.

The closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] was held from March 22 to March 25, 2013. An open beta test was scheduled for the 8th of July and closed on the 1st of August within 2013.

Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] has a mobile iteration called Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ which was released in Japan on September 3rd, 2015, and is currently in development for a worldwide release.

On April 7, 2016, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] would be terminating in September 2016; however, a conclusive narrative would be accomplished for the game within the same month.[3]


Kingdom Hearts χ begins through a pop-up book, which display’s Kairi and her grandmother in Radiant Garden. Kairi’s grandmother tells Kairi about the tale of Light and the Darkness during the age of fairy tales, in which the story gets reinacted through a bespoke Keyblade Wielder. This Keyblade Wielder gets the choice of choosing one of five Unions to pledge their loyalty to: Unicornis (ruled by Master Ira), Anguis (ruled by Master Invi), Leopardos (ruled by Master Gula), Vulpeus (ruled by Master Ava) and Ursus (ruled by Master Aced). After the Wielder chooses their Union, they are entered into Daybreak Town, and are attacked by creatures of the darkness who have entered through a portal. Before the Wielder strikes back, the Union leader of the player’s chosen faction arrives to intimidate the creatures of the dark away. Eventually, a feline creature named Chirithy befriends the Wielder and elaborates on their role. The Wielder’s objective is to collect light known as Lux, and to prevent the creatures of the dark, known as the Heartless, from contaminating the worlds with darkness. Chirithy lets the Wielder know that they will be the player’s confidant, and that the Wielder will be drawing power from cards called fragments as a source of their powers.

After completing subsequent tasks within Daybreak Town, the Wielder is approached by their Union leader, who lets them know that defeating weaker Heartless is an easy feat to accomplish; however, the power of the Wielder’s friends would be required in order to combat the more powerful heartless. A larger Heartless appears and the Wielder is accompanied by fellow Keyblade Wielders from the same Union to defeat it. Once defeated, the Forteller lets their followers know that others are collecting light for their Union, however, the purpose as to why is different for each individual, so it is up to the Wielder to decide as to who should be trusted. Under Chirithy’s request, the Wielder is entrusted to travel to various worlds based on Disney properties to aid the key residents of the outside worlds in defeating the Heartless. Once the Wielder returns to Daybreak Town, Chirithy reveals his origins, in which it remembers being born in radiant light whilst their Master smiled down upon them. Chirithy also provides further elaboration between the war of light and darkness. Chirithy’s creator, the Master of Masters was going to disappear, but before doing so, he renamed six of his followers and provided five of them a booklet that contained prophecies and projections of the future. These five individuals, shortly revealed to be the Fortellers, were baffled to find that their future ended with the vanquish of light and the rule of eternal darkness. To preserve their future, they used the power of their books, known as the Book of Prophecies, to delay the inevitable for as long as they can.

As the player travels from world to world to eliminate the Heartless, whilst the Wielder is in Daybreak Town, Chirithy converses with the Wielder’s Union leader and an alternate Chirithy about worrisome events occurring. During a dream that the Wielder has, he sees all of the Union leaders conversing with somebody in a hooded coat, to which the Wielder tries to approach them, but is consumed by darkness. The Wielder wakes up from the dream, and Chirithy mentions that they were very fidgety whilst they were sleeping. Chirithy then comforts the Wielder back to sleep, to which they identify that another Chirithy was playing out the events of the nightmare. The Chirithy that caused the nightmares questions the Wielders Chirithy motives, to which they say that they are achieving the opposite of what they are doing, and in response, the opposing Chirithy establishes that they are enemies.

During a particular task in Daybreak Town, the Wielder encounters a Keyblade Wielder from an opposing Union known as Ephemer. He reveals the revelation that the other worlds that the Wielder was visiting, and its inhabitants, were in fact illusions conjured up by the Book of Prophecies in Daybreak Town. The purpose of these illusions of various outside worlds was to make the Lux easier to obtain for Wielders. In order to understand the underlying truth about the current events occurring, Ephemer wants to explore the looming tower that centers the town. Despite Chirithy advising against the Wielder to aid Ephemer, the Wielder aids Ephemer in finding a way in. Whilst traveling within the tower, Ephemer tells the Wielder to call it a day as they took long enough to find the secret entrance within the tower, and to rendezvous with him the next day at noon, but ultimately, Ephemer continues on without the player, and apologizes before heading off into the tower. The Wielder waits patiently for Ephemer as promised, but is disappointed to realize that he will most likely not make it, Chirithy then appears to console the Wielder, and the Wielder takes comfort in Chirithy’s words by holding them up high, to which the winds blows Chirithy’s cape, revealing the Spirit Dream Eater insignia engraved in Chirithy’s back.

The Wielder takes another attempt as investigating the tower, and eventually discovers that it is the rendezvous point of the Fortellers. Whilst exploring, the player is confronted by Master Ava. She demands a challenge from the Wielder to observe their power. Once the clash concludes, Master Ava identifies that the Wielder is harbouring sadness which strengthens the link to darkness in their heart. Shortly after, whilst the Wielder is sleeping, Master Ava walks into their room unannounced, and lets Chirithy know that, the Wielder is entering into an alternate realm known as the Unchained realm through their sleep. In order to divert the Wielders mind about their concerns, Chirithy recommend that they visit a new world. After venturing through worlds to eradicate the Heartless, the Wielder returns to Daybreak Town and meets a Keyblade Wielder known as Skuld, who is from Ephemer’s group. Skuld is aware of who the Wielder is through what Ephemer mentioned to her in a dream, and that she too is curious about the secrets of the tower that the Fortellers reside in. Their conversation is interrupted when a tremor occurs, Skuld and the player rush to see what the cause was, and see Master Invi and Master Aced clashing. Upon travelling further, they stumble upon unknown dark creatures who crave for the Lux. Once the Wielder and Skuld battle the creatures, they flee, and an alternate colored Chirithy appears. The Wielder’s Chirithy recognises that it is the same Chirithy who gave the Wielder the nightmare about the Fortellers, and comments on how their appearance has changed. The alternate Chirithy states that they are a Nightmare variant, and that the dark creatures they faced were fellow Wielders who gave into the darkness. The Wielder’s Chirithy wishes to know who their Wielder is to which the Nightmare Chirithy teases that they are closer than they think, to which they depart.

To uncover the mysteries of the Fortellers, and the future, the Wielder, Skuld and Chirithy enter the tower again only to get caught by the Wielder’s Union leader. The Wielder’s Union leader aggravates the Wielder by stating that Ephemer betrayed their Union, and disappeared as a consequence. In response to this, the Wielder demands a duel from their Union leader to which they accept, though the battle ends in defeat for the Wielder. The Union leader fades their guise and is revealed to be master Ava. Master Ava explains that the purpose of the confrontation was to evaluate as to whether they should survive beyond the inevitable Keyblade war. Those who are able to resist the darkness, and stand for what they believe in, such as their friends, would be granted the opportunity to become special Keyblade Wielders dubbed as the Dandelions, and avoid participating in the upcoming Keyblade War. Master Ava then provides Skuld and the Wielder the choice as to whether they want to represent the Dandelions or not. Skuld accepts the invitation without question, however, the Wielder wants to ponder over the thought as they are concerned about the fate of their fellow comrades.

Whilst in Daybreak Town, the Wielder and Chirithy find two Keyblade Wielders clashing against each other as they both claim to be stealing lux from their respective Unions. Eventually, the kerfuffle gains the attention of Master Aced. Aware that Skuld is part of the Dandelions, he demands that the Wielder commences a duel against him. After losing the duel, Master Ira appears and scolds Master Aced for his irrational actions, in which Master Aced justifies that it was a test of power, and that he is collecting Keyblade Wielders of the most upmost power for the looming Keyblade War. After Master Aced leaves, Master Ira reiterates to Skuld, the Wielder and Chirithy that the Keyblade War cannot be avoided, and that no victor will come from the event. Chirithy states that the only Forteller who may have the solution to the Keyblade War is Master Gula, so the Wielder sets off in search of them with Skuld. Once they find Gula, he lets them know that the only one who can truly prevent the Keyblade War from occurring is the Master of Masters, however, he disappeared along with the sixth apprentice, Luxu. In concurrence, Master Ava pays a visit to Luxu, who was ordered by the Master of Masters to watch events unfurl. He reveals to Ava that he wants to move to an era beyond the Keyblade War, and is going to watch to see how the Keyblade War plays out after finding out what happens in the “Lost Page” of The Book of Prophecies. Once Luxu tells Master Ava about the truth about all the events that have arisen up until this point, and the reveal of the true traitor, Ava is in shock by the outcome. In a fit of rage, Master Ava engages in a duel with Luxu, which inadvertently rings the clock tower bell, signalling the start of the Keyblade War.

After the Wielder, Skuld and Chirithy finish conversing with Master Gula, Skuld departs from the Wielder, and the Wielder is left alone with their Chirithy. The Wielder questions Chirithy as to what would happen to them if the Wielder did not make it out of the Keyblade War, to which Chirithy responds that they would perish alongside the Wielder. The Wielder and Chirithy take a moment to be appreciative of one another before they get interrupted by the Nightmare Chirithy. The Nightmare Chirithy reveals that they were the Wielder’s Chirithy the whole time, as a counterpart to the Spirit Chirithy that has guided the Wielder throughout their adventures, but unlike the Spirit Chirithy who is bound to their Wielder, the Nightmare Chirithy has free reign to do as it pleases, to which it attests its power by summoning the corrupted Keyblade Wielders from before, forcing the Wielder to duel them. Once the corrupted Keyblade Wielders are defeated, Nightmare Chirithy melds with the corrupted Keyblade Wielder to become a threatening Nightmare. Once the Wielder defeats the Nightmare Chirithy, it fizzles into the darkness, but pledges to meet again in another dream.

The Wielder participates in the Keyblade War, and whilst doing so, ponders on the fact that everyone is dueling against fellow comrades for the first time, and wonders if there’s any justification in such a war to begin with. The Wielder commences battle against all the Union leaders except their own, and once all of the Union leaders have been fought, they collapse out of exhaustion. Suddenly, a blinding light is projected, and a figure appears walking by, to which the Wielders claim’s it’s a goddess, when it is revealed to be Skuld smiling down reassuring the Wielder that things will be alright. Ephemer then walks by, to which the Wielder breaks down in tears of joy, and reminds Ephemer that they broke their promise. Ephemer apologies about breaking the promise and lets the Wielder know that they will go together.

The Wielder suddenly awakes to Chirithy on top of them, and the both of them appears to have landed upon a new world. Chirithy then lets the Wielder know that the events of the Keyblade War were a fabrication that the Wielder dreamed about ever since they refused Master Ava’s offer to join the Dandelions. The Wielder then walks to a dead end with a wall draped with large thorns. At the other side of the wall of thorns, Maleficent is introduced and commends herself for having a plan that succeeded, whilst querying as to where Pete is. It is believed that this Maleficent is not a manifestation by The Book of Prophecies, as she states that Sora, a being that has yet to exist, cannot interfere in this world, which hints at her discovering The Book of Prophecies. Maleficent then plans to conquer the projected version of her home world that she has found herself in.


Players will be able to create their own unique characters in the same style and fashion originally present in Mobile and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded's Avatar Menu. Battles will consist of a strategic card-battling mechanic with a large emphasis on collecting cards and items. Cards can also be synthesized to level and evolve stronger cards and materials can be synthesized to strengthen the Keyblade's abilities. All controls, including moving around the field and battling, will use the mouse. While the game can be experienced in single-player, cooperative multi-player is an emphasized element as cooperative gameplay is required to defeat raid bosses, which appear several times throughout the day. Additionally, players go into five teams in which players defeat enemies together to collect light known as 'Lux'. At the end of each week, the total amount of Lux for each team is calculated and the team that gathered the most, take part in a mission where players can obtain special rewards.[4]

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