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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is a mobile game chronicling Xehanort's youth before he sided with darkness, available on the mobile application Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road. It is the thirteenth installment in the franchise. Similar to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the game uses a card system, while keeping the turned-based RPG formula like Kingdom Hearts Union χ.



The game starts off on Destiny Islands, with Xehanort wondering about the existence of other worlds, and the nature of the strange dreams he keeps on having, with people he didn't know but he knew were his friends. He speaks with a mysterious hooded figure, who then opens a portal leading to another world.

We then see Xehanort sitting on a bench in Scala ad Caelum, shortly joined by Eraqus who sits besides him, seemingly not caring by the fact they are late for class, also knowing their other classmates would most likely be late too. Eraqus then asks him how it was the life on the other side of the ocean, since he guessed Xehanort came from there. Xehanort then confirms his guess stating he was laying there unconscious when they found him. They then look in the horizon and Eraqus points out that all the other towns are abandonned, so Xehanort must have come from a place further away. Xehanort then jokingly says he must have felled from the sky, and seems satisfied with this conclusion.

Episode 1: Unexpected Departure[]

The episode starts off with Xehanort in his class, along with his other classmates, Eraqus, Urd, Hermod, Bragi and Vor. Their teacher, Master Odin, announces to them that the seven upper classmen have gone missing during their training for the Mark of Mastery exam. Odin reminds them that before the Keyblade War, all the worlds were joined together, but the war forced them apart, making all the residents oblivious to each others' existence. He also tells them that during the Mark of Mastery, Keyblade wielders have the right to explore these other worlds to broaden their horizons. Even tho usually only the upper classmen are taught of the ways to access other worlds, Master Odin decides to teach it to the lower classmen, since the situation is urgent. He also task them to use their knowledge to find the upper classmen. Hermod proposes to go Baldr's room to tell him, but Odin says he has given him a different task, and he hasn't told him about his sister Hoder missng, since she is one of the missing upper classmen.

After class, Xehanort and his friends are all outside, discussing about how to form their groups, since Odin wanted them to go in groups of three, and how to behave on the outside world. Xehanort reminds them that time flows differently in each worlds, depending on how quickly they got restored after the Keyblade War, and that some are complete, and the time stands still in some others. Eraqus then compares them to babies and adults able to walk. The group then all agree to respect the world order. It is then decided Xehanort and Eraqus will go together and it is possible to choose in-game between Hermod, Urd, Vor and Bragi to be the third party member.

Xehanort, Eraqus and the chosen member from their class are then in Agrabah, in hopes to find the missing upper classmen. They are attacked by a group of Heartless not long after arriving. Eraqus notices that the world is uninhabited, which means that its restoration is incomplete. However, there were still buildings in the world, which lead Xehanort to believe it takes longer for living beings to be restored. Eraqus also finds it odd that there's Emblem Heartless in the worlds, since they are all from the future, and were only knowned because of projections of future worlds in the Book of Prophecies. Xehanort is also worried the upper classmen were attacked by strong Heartless, especially if they were on their own. They then come back to Scala ad Caelum before going to the next world.

Then, before the episode ends, there's a 4 years timeskip where we see Xehanort on his knees during a rainy day in front of a gravestone, with several other ones for each of his classmates who seemingly passed away. Eraqus then ask him if his friend if he is going to leave Scala ad Caelum, which Xehanort confirms it. Eraqus then tells him he doesn't have to leave since what happened wasn't his fault, but Xehanort wants to explore other worlds before their Mark of Mastery exam starts.

Episode 2: The Presence of Darkness[]

Xehanort and the other lower classmen then go to Wonderland, Xehanort, Eraqus and the chosen other classmate meet the Cheshire Cat, who gives them cryptic clues about them having to wait for something to happen. They are then arrested by a group of Card Soldiers for being intruders. They are interrupted by a different one who tells them that the trial is about to begin and they don't have time to waste. Xehanort then concludes the trial was probably for their other friends, so they decide to go check it out.

The White Rabbit announces the beginning of the trial, against the three other classmates, in which they are accused of trespassing and disturbing the peace of the Queen of Hearts. Depending on who was picked to accompagny Xehanort, either Bragi or Hermod will agree with the first claim, but will deny the second one, and say they instead want to keep the peace by fighting the Heartless, and it's the only way. The queen then replies that everything in Wonderland obeys her ways. Xehanort, Eraqus and the other classmate will then arrive right when the queen charges them as guilty, and Eraqus calls for an objection. Xehanort adds that the verdict is unfair, making the queen even more mad and she calls them guilty too. Eraqus calls her a bully who rules her subjects with fear, which she denies and says they adore her. She then asks the Card Soldiers to get them off with their heads. Xehanort and Eraqus are about to fight against the soldiers, but then, Xehanort notices that there's a dark entity behind the queen, who then disappears. Then, a dark ball throwned by a Ferry Reaper Heartless sends the cards away, and Xehanort and his friends have to fight it. The White Rabbit escapes and says the trial is over.

After the fight, Hermod points out that the Darkness inside people's hearts could be a greater threat than the Heartless, and it was what was driving the Queen to behave the way she did, but it wasn't their place to say if it was right or wrong since they weren't residents of Wonderland. Eraqus then wonders if the upper classmen were caught in a similar situation, where they didn't know if it was right to fight or not. Xehanort, after hearing Eraqus say maybe someone touched by Darkness are the reason for the upper classmen to disappear, suddenly has memories of Brain saying that Darkness could hide anywhere. Then, he and Eraqus said the quote at the same time. Xehanort then wonders if Darkness could be hidden so deep inside someone, its vessel doesn't even notices it. He then also wonders if it's okay to turn his Keyblade against someone who didn't even realize what they became. Xehanort and Eraqus then decides to stay longer in Wonderland, along with one of their classmates.

Episode 3: The Purpose of the Journey[]

The episode starts off with Xehanort walking in the Realm of Darkness, while he hears the darkness whisper strange things to him. He didn't understand what it said, but it's stirring emotions deep within his heart, and he wonders if it's someone else's darkness, or hiw own. It made Xehanort feel emotions he never felt before, such as doubt, jealousy and hatred. Little did he know, these emotions were belonged to people he had yet to meet, some directed directly at him. Something new grew inside of Xehanort, and it made his heart drenched in darkness. Despite these emotions being negative, it gives him comfort and make him realize his heart can still feel something. It would eventually lead him into something worst than darkness, emptiness.

Continuing where episode 2 left off, Xehanort, Eraqus and the other classmate accompagnying them meet Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They tell to the group the story of "The Walrus and the Carpenter". Eraqus concludes that it means that curiosity can lead to danger, but he is disappointed they didn't got time to hear "Father William". Xehanort wonders if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were trying to warn Eraqus about something. Eraqus views curiosity as something good since it can give someone the courage to dive in any situation.

The group then meet the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, who completely destroyed the White Rabbit's watch. They find Xehanort and his friends rude for coming to their unbirthday uninvited. They then offers them a cup of tea nontheless, but drop all the sugar on the floor, then say they can't give them tea without sugar, leading Eraqus to confusion. Xehanort and his friends then leave them.

Xehanort thinks that despite the Mad Hatter and the March Hare being confusing and erratic, there aren't like the Queen of Hearts who is all around power and predictable because of it. He also thinks that all the inhabitants of Wonderland are all scared of her, and their fear is what maintains the order of that world. Eraqus thinks it can't be right, but Xehanort thinks that even if they seem silly and carefree, they are afraid beneath it all. Eraqus then points out that the Tweedles, despite being afraid, didn't have their fear manifested as darkness. The other classmate then points out that tho their original mission was to find the upper classmen, Xehanort and Eraqus are more into investigating darkness. Eraqus replied he thought it would be the fastest way to find the upper classmen, and Xehanort had doubts staying in Wonderland would lead him and his friends to them, being the only outsiders coming in a long time. Xehanort is sure darkness is the only possible explanation for seven Keyblade wielders disappearing at the same time. He also wonders if the Queen of Hearts is the cause of the darkness, or only a mere vessel, and she is harboring it knowingly. Eraqus then points out that if she is a vessel, there's a risk they could become vessels too. Xehanort then points out they are lost.

Eraqus then asks the Cheshire Cat where they should go to find the Queen of Hearts, which he responds that all way's are the queen's ways, and then opens a shortcut for Eraqus and Xehanort. The Queen of Hearts tells them they have to wait until tomorrow before getting their sentence, but Xehanort replies they are only there to talk. Eraqus then tells her they have some questions to her, and she only accepts to speak with him, and not Xehanort. Eraqus then ask her if it's true that everyone obeys her because all ways are her ways, which offends her since she thinks the boy is questionning her authority. He then asks her if her heart is her own, which she replies that of course it is since she is the Queen of Hearts. Eraqus calls her a bully who rules her subjcts with fear, which makes her claim that they all adore her. She then asks her Card Soldiers to get off with the head of the culprits, but it gets interrupted by a Ferry Reaper Heartless. A little bit later, Eraqus asks her if her heart is her own, which she replies that of course it is since she is the Queen of Hearts. Xehanort then asks her if her arrogance is also part of her, or if it belongs to a dark commanding her to act in such way. Eraqus tells her he doesn't believe that her heart is rooted in darkness, and he believes that people hold light in their hearts, which makes her mad, since she is the one in command, and she answers to no one. Xehanort first thinks that her darkness comes from her greed, but changes his mind and concludes it comes from her wrath.

Xehanort then remembers when his classmate Hermod asked Master Odin if someone's darkness comes from their innate qualities, which the teacher resplied that it can happen for some people, since in ancient times, darkness could hide inside people and control their emotions. Those people were only treated as mere vessels, while darkness was spreading and infecting many. However, things changed, and people started to give birth to darkness on their own. Vor asked Odin if he's referring to the Heartless, which he responds that he is. Darkness and hearts became entangled. Urd then asked how is darkness born from people, which Odin replies that it manifests from people's negative emotions, such as greed, ire or envy. He then adds that most people can control their heart's deep-seated emotions, but it's not easy for some. Darkness reshaped human beings, who they are and what they will become.

Coming out of his thoughts, Xehanort sees the Queen of Hearts angrier that she ever been before, with Darkness behind her. Xehanort points out it smiled. The queen then commands her darkness, who manifested as a Furious Reaper Heartless, to fight against Xehanort and his friends. They take their Keyblade out, and fight the monster.

After their victory, they all regroup to Scala ad Caelum, the lower classmen all discuss about how they need to pursue the darkness to find the truth about what happened to the upper classmen. Xehanort points out that there's probably more than one dark entity, and a single light can cast countless shadows. The more they will explore the worlds, the more darkness will follow them in their wake. Vor then asks if they are the reason darkness is being born, which Xehanort replies that it's just a theory he's making. Balgi then points out the upper classmen probably also attracted darkness. Urd mentions that because darkness exists, light is essential, and that's the reason why they became Keyblade wielders in the first place, but there's big a difference between light leading to darkness, and darkness leading to light. Vor thinks that darkness hiding inside people must not be easy to track, and it's different from chasing some Heartless. Balgi then says that Master Odin once said that darkness is born when someone keep his negativity grow inside his heart and it can't be contained any longer, but they still had no clue if the Queen of Heart's darkness was her own. Xehanort then says it doesn't matter, and Hermod asks if it's because darkness is darkness where it came to be, which Xehanort agrees with. He thinks that she most likely welcomed darkness in her heart without knowing. He then says that maybe it doesn't matter because in Wonderland, the angry queen maintains the order, and the rule that light is right and darkness is wrong doesn't hold true there, since it's a question of perspective. Eraqus disagrees and replies that darkness is bad, and always has been, with a slightly angry look on his face. He then warns Xehanort to not forget who they are they are: light's guardians, and it's their duty to protect it. He hopes his friend didn't lose sight of that. Xehanort says that he didn't, and what he's getting at is that it's possible the upper classmen got defeated if they faced a world order based of darkness, which Eraqus, still angry, denies. Hermod ask him to calm down, their mission is still to find them, and if they have delve further in the mysteries of darkness will help them find them, then it should be the way to go to finish their mission. He then asks everyone if they are all on the same page, and all his classmates nods.

One week before, Baldr, the seventh lower classmate, was looking at the vast ocean, and got called on by Eraqus. He told him his worries for his sister, since she was gone to do the Mark of Mastery exam, and he had a bad feeling about it. Baldr then said that he was worried because, everyone that would come back would become Keyblade Masters, and it sounded like they didn't expected everyone to come back. It didn't sound like the Mark of Mastery exam they learned about. With a fake smile, Baldr said that he was worried sick his sister would fall to darkness, and he would never see her again. He then told Eraqus his grandfather battled the darkness, and that's how he, and he didn't finish his sentence. Eraqus had no clue what happened to him. Balfr apologized to bring up a painful subject. Eraqus then said it's okay, and her sister will be fine.

Episode 4: Cruel Clues[]

The episode starts off with the opening cutscene from Kingdom Hearts III, with Eraqus and Xehanort playing chess together, taking place one year before. They discuss about the ancient Keyblade War, and how in the past, Keyblade wielders waged a war over the ownership of light. Xehanort wonders what they wanted to do with Kingdom Hearts. He then asks Eraqus if he heard about the "Lost Masters", which Eraqus said that he didn't. Xehanort tells him they are the ones who started the Keyblade War, and that one day, darkness will prevail, and light expire. He then said that the future has already been written, but Eraqus claimed he could maybe change it, and light will prevail. Xehanort then said that things weren't looking to be in his favor, but Eraqus told him there was more to light that meets the eyes.

Back to where the last episode left off, Vor is now walking in Dwarf Woodlands, and she's lost. She's impressed by the Evil Queen's castle, and she then decides to go inside to see if there's anyone. She then meets the Evil Queen, who speaks with her Magic Mirror. She then walks away, and Vor is amazed by the mirror knowing all the answers.

Worlds and Characters[]

Scala ad Caelum
Destiny Islands
Dwarf Woodlands
Beast's Castle
Olympus Coliseum/Underworld
Enchanted Dominion
Keyblade Graveyard
Land of Departure


The game was released on June 22 2020, along with the brand new rebrand of the app Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road[1]. The finale story update was revealed on the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event, and it got released on August 26 2022[2]. The game was last updated on September 29, 2022 into Ver. 5.0.1. to fix some dialogues and cutscenes, as well as fixing some bugs[3].


The game has currently a user score of 5.5 on Metacritic[4].


  • The game brings up a throwaway conversation Riku and Joshua had in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Each world has its own flow of time. Primarily exampled is that despite over 80 years passing, the inhabitants of Wonderland haven't aged between Xehanort and Sora's visits.
  • Many of the worlds are still rebooting, but plagued by Heartless. Agrabah is an example; the world is there, but no one has returned yet.
  • Both "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and "You Are Old, Father William", two poems by Lewis Caroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, are mentioned in-game.
  • This game is the first in the series where a Disney character (Maleficent) causes the death of a Kingdom Hearts original characters, in this case, Hoder, Heimdall, Helgi and Sigrun.
  • The new characters in this game all have names related to gods of the Norse mythology, such as Odin, Baldr etc.
    • Despite that, they aren't like their mythological counterparts. As such, Hoder is a female in the game, but is a male in Norse mythology.



Episode 1: Unexpected Departure[]


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