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Agent Kip Killian is an FBI agent and the minor antagonist (former) of the film G-Force.



Agent Killian is an FBI agent who was promoted to task force leader and assigned to shut down G-Force. After going on an unauthorized mission to investigate Leonard Saber to prove themselves went wrong, he decided to go ahead shut them down. But when Darwin and his team escaped with the help of Marcie and Ben, Kip ordered his men to tuck them down and bring them back dead or alive. Upon finding out that the Saberling Appliances are coming to life and attacking the town, he leads a joint FBI-SWAT team to capture Leonard Saber, only to find out that he was the victim of the Clusterstorm Project set up by Speckles. After the G-Force team saved the world from Speckles' plan, Killian was reassigned to the South Pole.


  • Before ordering assistants to shut down G-Force, and unlawfully arresting them, Killian was already breaking the rules of the FBI with his plans and behavior with G-Force. A FBI agent is not allowed to criticize people, especially when someone is trying to make their job easier. And what Killian did was highly offensive, like threating Ben to take away his team dead or alive, and direspecting his boss. It is illegal for a FBI agent to take away someone's belongings, and direspecting their boss.
  • I was also illegal to shut down Ben's lab, A FBI agent has no authority to shut down someone's company because that's up to their boss. The only thing a FBI agent can do is make arrests for any federal offense committed in their presence or gather intelligence to thwart terrorist threats, investigate organized crime, and pursuing criminals with the aid of other state and local law officials and That's it.
  • Killian is similar to one of the politicians in Incredibles 2 when criticizing someone when trying to make their lives easy.

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