Kirby is an alien from Disney's 2005 animated feature film, Chicken Little.

Role in the film

Kirby appears in an alien crib, floating while he is sleeping, but his eyes, arms, and legs were not visible, but when he wakes up, his eye sticks out and frightened Chicken Little and his best friends. After Chicken Little escapes from the spaceship, Kirby makes his decisions by following them, at the city, Runt screamed while he thinks he was attacked by Kirby holding on his head, so Chicken Little and his others help look for his family. While during the war of the world, Kirby finds his family inside of a spaceship.

In another appearance, his father Melvin was not understanding when he thought Chicken Little and his father Buck Cluck had violated the intergalactic a law 90210, so he was about to kill them with all his powerful strong machine weapons, but Kirby convinces everything to his father and with his mother Tina as well. They finally let them go and it was misunderstanding, so things begin to be much better again and Kirby and his family leave Earth.


  • Kirby shares his name with popular video game character, Kirby, as well as a vacuum cleaner of the same name in The Brave Little Toaster.
  • Kirby is the only Chicken Little character to be voiced by juvenile actors. His vocal sounds were performed by three children.
  • Oddly, Kirby remains unnamed in the film's book adaptations.


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