Kirby Buckets is a Disney XD original series that premiered on October 20, 2014. It is targeted toward boys ages 6-11 and stars Jacob Bertrand.


  • Jacob Bertrand as Kirby Buckets, the main protagonist who dreams of becoming an animator.
  • Mekai Curtis as Fish, one of Kirby's best friends, with Eli.
  • Cade Sutton as Eli, another one of Kirby's best friends, with Fish
  • Olivia Stuck as Dawn Buckets, Kirby's antagonistic older sister.
  • Tiffany Espensen as Belinda, Dawn's best friend.
  • Dean Julian as Macho Taco, a drawing of Kirby's and the possible secondary antagonist.
  • Donnie Dunagan as Kirby's Grandpa
  • Ann Gillis as Kirby's Grandma
  • Suzi Barrett as Kirby's mother.
  • Michael Naughton as Kirby's father.

Development and production

Disney XD first developed and piloted Kirby Buckets in 2012 with producers Gabe Snyder and Mike Alber, David Bowers and Kristofor Brown. Kirby Buckets was picked up as a series in February 2014. Production started in summer 2014, set for a Fall 2014 premiere.


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 TBA October 20, 2014 TBA

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