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To be brave and loved. And to not be a princess.
―Kit Tanthalos about what she wants.

Kit Tanthalos is one of the main characters in the Disney+ series Willow. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Tir Asleen, the daughter of Queen Sorsha and King Madmartigan, the twin sister of Airk, and the granddaughter of the evil Queen Bavmorda. Bored with her life and her title as the princess she never wanted, Kit has always yearned to live more freely outside the kingdom, eventually getting that chance to fulfill her dream of adventure when her brother is kidnapped by the Bavmorda's forces to the other side of the world. Accompanied in her quest by an unorthodox group, Kit relies in particular on Jade, her best friend and secret love.


Born sometime after the defeat at Bavmorda, Kit grew up alongside her twin brother in Tir Asleen kingdom but they never formed a good brotherly relationship. From a young age, Kit listened to her father's stories, including that of Tir Asleen's prophesied future empress, Elora Danan, the baby her parents once protected from Bavmorda. However, Kit would come to despise Elora because of her father's undying belief in "the chosen one", which she would have wanted to be in order to feel like she mattered. Soon after, Madmartigan went in search of the Kymerian Cuirass and never returned, leaving Kit saddened and somehow considering her father had let her down.

A few years later, Kit met Jade Claymore while she was training on her own and Jade offered to train with her. Over the years, the friendship between the two girls gradually turned into romantic feelings. Kit especially dreamed with Jade of being able to go beyond the Barrier to live a real adventure with the feeling of freedom that she didn't have at Tir Alseen.


Along with a generous amount of arrogance.
―Jade Claymore

A true tomboy and the complete opposite of her mother, Kit does not care her royal duties, preferring adrenaline and adventure to behaving like a princess. Her contempt continues when her title puts her in conflict with her mother, whom she blames for her "imprisonment" and the constraints of the royalty she hates, Sorsha seeing in her a capricious child. She has a slight sibling rivalry with her brother, despising his Casanova side and her unreliability which reminds her of her father who hasn't been a part of her life for a long time, while Airk loves her sister despite pointing out that she has a bad temper. Not to mention Madmartigan's absence, Kit has for years harbored jealousy and resentment towards Elora Danan, who has always been at the center of the prophecies and hopes of the people, especially her father, leading Kit to believe that Madmartigan believed in Elora much more than in his own daughter.

Apart from her dislike of the monarchy, Kit is a dynamic young girl, determined, arrogant, impatient, playful, reckless, often cynical, stubborn, rebellious, mocking, and easily passive-aggressive to the point of threatening physical violence when angered. Her attitude varies quickly from optimistic to pessimistic depending on the situation or the people but never really about herself, having confidence in her own abilities to accomplish her quest while doubting the usefulness of the inexperienced Elora at the time when her identity is revealed and those despite the liver all place in her, also criticizing Elora's positive personality on several occasions. In particular, she sometimes loses her temper when she is frustrated or angry, subsequently acting in a childish way. Kit nevertheless has respect for Willow as a wizard. Towards the end of the voyage, Kit matured enough to bond with Elora based on understanding and empathy when she helped overcome her doubts at the edge of the Shattered Sea. After The Crone's defeat, Kit showed that she now considers Elora a close friend.

Kit also has a deep love for Jade that she does not hide from her. She particularly likes to train with Jade but above all to flirt with her. However, the two girls tend to argue due to their differing opinions and ambition, with Kit wanting freedom while Jade wanting to prove herself as a knight. Most of the time, Jade is the one who tries to make Kit listen to reason when she behaves impulsively or ill-advised. Their relationship briefly became strained when Kit hurt Jade's feelings by confessing that she suspected her true origins but didn't tell her for fear that Jade would think she was crazy. On the advice of Elora, Kit was able to reconcile with Jade by admitting how much she could never want another adventure without her and especially how much she loves her more than anything, that in addition to being deeply happy that Jade is returned that same love.

Physical appearance[]

Kit is a young woman with brown hair, a slightly chubby face similar to both her parents and hazel eyes. She also inherited her mother's good body shape, physically robust and healthy, thick shoulders and arms but appears slightly wider than Sorsha.


You know, there's skill, the there's talent. I just happen to have both.
―Kit Tanthalos.
  • Skillful warrior: Much like her parents, Kit is an excellent swordswoman, rivaling Jade and having managed to stand up to the Scourge and The Doom for a time as well as the enhanced Lich loyalists and trolls. She has also shown knowing how to archery. Her sword fighting style relies primarily on quick movement. Kit claims to have the dexterity and talent. She proved her skills as a swordswoman to be superior to her brother when she was able to defeat him while corrupted by The Crone.
  • Excellent physical condition: Despite her princess status, Kit is much tougher than she looks. Through her intense and passionate training to be able to go on an adventure one day, she acquired excellent physical condition, both for endurance and for resilience, having once taken a shuriken in her right arm but was more shocked that feeling pain. During serious combat practice against Jade, Kit managed to dodge the sword blows with fluid movements. In terms of physical strength, she was able to face beings much stronger than normal humans.

Weapons and equipment[]

  • Madmardigan Sword: Her father's sword became Kit's primary melee weapon after she found it in Dread Mines of Skellin.
  • Kymerian Cuirass: The legendary magical breastplate grants Kit protective armor covering her entire body except for the hands and head. The cuirass also increases Kit's physical strength so she can face and defeat Airk when he was corrupted by the Crone, causing shock waves with each clash of swords. A long blade can come out of the left wrist.



Kit Jade Horses

Kit and Jade return from training.

In "The Gales", Kit and Jade practice sword fighting on the edge of a cliff until Kit prevails by knocking Jade down. Once she's done bragging about her fighting skills that she thinks Jade will never surpass, Kit expresses her old desire to leave the realm beyond what she knows before being interrupted by a messenger warning the duo that they have to go home for tonight's ball. Back at the castle, Kit lets Jade bring their horses back to the stables, not without begging him to attend the ball because she couldn't stand it without her best friend. She then crosses paths with her brother flirting with Dove the kitchen girl, much to her amusement. Airk tries to deny the occurrence to his mocking sister, only for Kit to refer the number of times her brother has flirted and then broken hearts to other girls. The twins then cross paths with their mother making the remark that Airk rolled around in the grass before berating Kit for still being on the cliff to "play", which annoys Kit stating that she was training unlike her brother, which Sorsha hardly cares before asking her daughter to go take a bath and put on the dress chosen for the ball. Kit expresses her exasperation at being treated like a six-year-old girl, just to have her mother remind her of her neglect of responsibilities in favor of pleasure.

Kit Mad

Kit gets angry with her mother, accusing her of imposing a life on her that she refuses.

The ball comes, Kit is not comfortable in her dress in addition to having to act like a princess. At the table, she and Jade mockingly discuss simpleton Prince Graydon while silently judging her brother surrounded by another young girl before Sorsha announces to the court the arranged marriage scheduled for tomorrow between Kit and Graydon, infuriating Kit and Jade. The two friends then dance together, Kit judging that this unwelcome marriage should not change their lives then Jade reveals that Commander Ballantine made sure that she could go to train with the elite legion and then join the knighthood of Galladoorn but that means she will leave after the wedding. Frustrated by the news, Kit leaves, accidentally crashing into Graydon and in a sudden fit of madness, Kit humiliates the Prince of Galladoorn by exposing his lack of determination, leading her to an argument with her mother over whom she finally expresses how much she hates this life, as well as with her brother for his faults which remind her too much of their father who will never return.

Kit Jade First Kiss

Deciding to leave Tir Asleen, Kit kisses Jade as goodbye.

At nightfall, Kit surprises Jade in her bed to tell her that she is leaving tonight because she has finally understood that what she is looking for is beyond the Barrier, saying goodbye to Jade by giving her a kiss and assuring her that she will be a great warrior one day. Catching up with Kit at the stable, Jade tries to talk her out of leaving now, which leads to a falling out between them over Jade's refusal to give up becoming a knight and her judgment that Kit is acting like a coward by wanting to leave at the night. At the moment, a mysterious fog appears, followed by the attack of foul creatures such as The Scourge which attacks the two girls before the intervention of Ballantine and the arrival of Kit's next opponent, The Doom. The young girl holds her ground against the monster until her mother comes to help her. At the end of the confrontation, Sorsha is injured by The Doom and Airk is kidnapped.

Kit Fearful

Kit is warned by her mother about her inheritance.

The next day, Kit volunteers to rescue Airk, with her mother's repeal advising her to go and recruit wizard Nelwyn Willow Ufgood to help in her quest, while being joined by Jade, Jørgen Kase, Graydon, and Thraxus Boorman. Kit then goes to Sorsha in recovery to explain to her that Willow had predicted the return of Queen Bavmorda and that a part of her soul survived through Sorsha, Kit and Airk, while reconciling with her daughter and hoping that she will return with Airk. The group make their way to the Barrier, only to find out after a long walk that Dove had been following them all along due to her feelings for Airk but Kit doesn't approve of her presence and demands that she return to the castle which won't be possible until tomorrow because night fell quickly. The next day, the group crosses the Barrier and re-crosses Dove who had run away while they slept, a few moments before Kase was shot in the back by the Bone Reavers.

Kit Incredulous

Kit is in disbelief upon learning that Dove is really the legendary, Elora Danan.

The five survivors manage to outrun the Bone Reavers by jumping their horses into the river and come within sight of the forest. Kit takes the opportunity to apologize for ridiculing Graydon but he doesn't blame him, admitting that the arranged marriage didn't suit him either. At the entrance to Nelwyn village, the group is greeted by a villager claiming to be Willow who refuses to help. Kit shows up at the Nelwyn and reminisces about the time Willow and her parents defeated the forces of evil then asks for her help. The real Willow then shows up in person, acknowledging Kit's sincerity. The mage then reveals to the group that Airk is alive, but a prisoner in Immemorial City beyond the Shattered Sea, shortly before he discovers to everyone's great confusion that Dove is actually the legendary Elora Danan.

Kit Leave

Kit decides to continue the trip, no matter Elora's absence.

In "The High Aldwin", Kit does not digest the revelation well, not to mention her concern for her brother which accentuates her frustration and her impatience as the group accepts the hospitality of the Nelwyns. Willow pinning her hopes on a reluctant Elora pushes an exasperated Kit who still doesn't believe the girl's true identity to undertake to continue the journey to the Shattered Sea alone if necessary but Jade and Graydon don't approve due to their sincere belief in Elora. When Willow confronts the group about Elora's apparent disappearance, Kit takes the situation casually unlike everyone else who goes in search of Kymeria's descendant, including Jade who scolds Kit for her selfish behavior before the princess get back on the road.

Kit Jad Disagreement

Kit and Jade argue about Elora.

Later, Kit is caught up to her displeasure by the group now including Willow and Silas as well, so Boorman proceeds to jabber with Kit to cheer her up, only coming in short by talking about Madmartigan finding the Kymerian Cuirass when he was his squire. As night falls, Kit watches Elora poorly try to recite a magic spell and becomes so skeptical that she sarcastically comments on how long it will take Elora to learn how to cast lightning from her fingertips. At daybreak, Kit and Jade practice throwing shurikens at trees and then argue again over their differing opinion of Elora after the latter botched a formula again, with Kit mostly angered by how things turned out and the lack of magic. The following night, Kit asks Boorman about what happened to her father as well as the Kymerian Cuirass.

Kit Almost Cut

Kit almost receives a fatal blow.

In "The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb", Boorman tells the story of the Kymerian Cuirass but it only annoys Kit because of the way Boorman is telling so she prefers to hear the part about her father, only to be interrupted by learning that Elora has disappeared again. Looking for "Miss Muffin" on her side, Kit comes across the plant that Elora has been trying to grow since yesterday with the magic spell, confusing Kit who realizes that Elora is who everyone thinks she is. She then joins the rest of the group confronting a Ballantine corrupted by The Lich holding Elora captive. Ballantine's equally bewitched men suddenly arise and attack the gang, gaining the upper hand thanks to the maleficent who has also greatly increased their physical strength. Kit ends up knocked down and nearly killed by a soldier until Jade blocks the blow.

Outraged Kit

Kit upset when she learned that Jade always let her win at their training.

After the corrupted guards escape with Elora, the adventurers begin the hunt and see coming towards them a magical storm created by The Withered Crone, the mistress of the Gales. With the situation getting worse with the breaking of a wheel of their cart, Kit goes to fetch water and is approached by a Jade who sees that she is becoming more and more frustrated. Kit warns Jade that it will not hesitate to kill The Lich's loyalists, which Jade claims she tried when she saved Kit earlier, to which Kit replies that she doesn't need to be saved since she knows defend herself but Jade claims the opposite. Kit suddenly realizes that Jade always let her win, leading Jade to admit that Sorsha had originally ordered her to spar with Kit at first but ended up loving it, only for her to still hold back as she didn't believe Kit would ever have to fight for her life, hurting Kit's feelings.

With the cart repaired, Kit decides to travel with Boorman to Pitiless Pass while the others travel to Capella Pastures to cover more ground. Jade thinks she should come with her but Kit rejects her offer, wanting to manage without her. Along the way, Boorman finishes explaining to Kit about Madmartigan's disappearance and that the Kymerian Cuirass is a defense against the forces of evil. Arriving at Pitiless Pass, the pair find the Slaughtered Lamb inn devastated, leading Kit to doubt Boorman to the point of leaving but Boorman convinces her to go through Pitiless Pass anyway where their search for Elora comes to nothing and the wererats pursue them. Their escape tumbles onto the muddy plains where their friends confront the Loyalists and Kit comes to Jade's aid against Ballantine. Willow ends the fight with a magic attack but Silas dies from a mortal wound and Kit sees Jade executing a Ballantine briefly back to normal after they spend a last moment crying. After burying the dead, discovering that the horses have run away and Graydon badly infected, the group ultimately come within sight of Nockmaar Castle, Bavmorda's former home.

In "The Whispers of Nockmaar", Kit recalls his mother's words about his grandmother as she enters the abandoned castle. While Graydon is at its worst, Kit blames the situation on Boorman, aware that he was actually looking for the cuirass at the Pitiless Pass which she no longer believes exists. The hours tick by and Kit is of the opinion that Graydon must be put out of his misery before it's too late, to which Jade and Elora disagree and then Willow finds the alternative solution in a rite of death. extraction of the curse in Graydon. During the preparations, Kit tries to comfort Jade about Ballantine's death, claiming to understand but Jade doubts Kit can understand until she experiences it. Kit then gathers all the ingredients except essence of nightshade, so Elora tells her to look for brined possum bladders because red-throated possums eat nightshade, prompting Kit to mockingly imply that's what Elora cooks with.

Kit Bavmorda

Kit hears the past voices of The Crone and Bavmorda.

Half-heartedly searching for the brined possum bladder, Kit is approached by Boorman whom she immediately suspects of looting the castle but she doesn't care. She also tells him about the possibility of killing Graydon which she still has in mind, leading Boorman to state that Bavmorda would be proud of her granddaughter. Right after, Kit finds a dead possum in a jar. Returning to the throne room, she hears with dread the voices of the past when Bavmorda chooses the path of evil, accidentally burning the tapestry recounting the event and breaking the jar but revealing a secret path. After returning with the possum, being disgusted to see Elora cut up the carcass, and seeing Graydon influenced by the Lich, Kit can't take it anymore and quickly leaves the throne room.

An Elora dismissed by Willow soon joins a Kit recovering from her emotions and after a somewhat hostile start to the dialogue, Elora confesses to Kit her guilt for having caused the death of a couple of lumberjacks when she was fleeing the loyalists. No sooner does Kit try to comfort her than Elora follows a voice only she hears and Kit quickly loses sight of her. As the group begins to suffer from hallucinations, Kit accidentally finds herself in the barricaded warehouse with Jade running down a flight of stairs trying to eat her, leading the girls to exit the castle instead. Boorman asks from outside to come in, which the girls only do after Boorman is revealed he knows about their mutual crushes. As soon as they enter, Boorman aggressively grabs Kit by her collar, accusing her of taking the Luc Arcana from him the last time they met. Jade snaps Boorman with her sword to his throat and then Kit pulls out her sword to force the deranged man to explain himself. Kit deduces that the castle is pitting them against each other before they notice a light coming from the high tower Willow had forbidden to go to, Kit realizing that Elora is in danger.

The trio arrive in time to help Willow subdue a corrupt Graydon. As Jade is ready to kill Graydon, Kit stops her at the last moment and helps Elora overcome her fears and doubts, revealing that she managed to grow the seeds in the forest and can save Graydon just by trusting her instincts, before Elora ultimately succeeded in extracting all the dark magic out of Graydon. As the sun rises, the gang leaves the castle and Kit wonders about the Blood of the Six that Bavmorda was part of, meaning that Kit and Airk are too.

Kit Scorpia

Kit negotiating with Scorpia, the leader of the Bone Rivers.

In "Wildwood", Kit and the others are chased by The Scourge and The Dag until they enter the Wildwood where two creatures refuse to enter. Stopping, Kit warns Boorman that she'll gouge out his eyes if he jabbers about the cuirass with Graydon, moments before the Bone Reavers ambush and capture the group. Taking them to the Bone Reavers' camp, Kit tries to parley honestly with their leader Scorpia, begging her to let them go again promising that Sorsha will reward them and even going so far as to let them Boorman who had previously offended them if it means being able to reach the Immemorial City. Negotiations fail when Jade exposes the cruelty of the Bone Reavers, then Scorpia has Kit and Elora locked in the pit.

Kit Elora Escape

Kit waiting for Elora to cast the slightest spell.

In captivity, Kit is mostly worried about what Jade is going through. Elora thinks it might be okay, leading an even more frustrated Kit to remind her that the Bone Reavers make masks out of people's skulls. Elora keeps saying positive things but it keeps pissing Kit off and then Jade and Kit's relationship is brought to the fore only for Kit to state that Elora doesn't know anything about Jade or her, before the blonde girl shows up. having kept the magic wand that she uses to blow up the bone door. The two fugitives are quickly surrounded by finding a Jade tied to a tree, unfortunately to end up quickly overpowered. Scorpia comes to congratulate Kit's courage but points out that she needs to relax a little, just so that a loose Jade engages in a fist fight with Scorpia, a fight she loses but Scorpia spares her life after seeing the tattoo Jade has on the back of her neck.

Kit Admits

"Well, what was I supposed to say? That I have a funny feeling you might, in fact, be the very thing you vowed to destroy? At best, you would've thought I was crazy. And at worst, it would've broken your heart."

The entire Bone Reavers suddenly begin a playful festivity where even their newest captives are welcome. A somewhat confused Kit walks among the dancers when she sees Jade bonding with Scorpia before learning that Jade is actually Scorpia's long-lost sister. During the party, Kit unknowingly eats a truth plum, a fruit that tells the whole truth, and participates in a drinking contest which she wins hands down. She later goes to speak with Jade who has accepted her true origins as a Bone Reaver but doesn't understand why Sorsha lied to her, so Kit thinks her mother may have been trying to protect her before admitting she kinda suspected Jade was actually the daughter of General Kael. Jade is upset that Kit never told her about this, Kit claiming that Jade would have called her crazy and at worst it would have broken her heart. Jade replies that Kit isn't crazy but that she just broke her heart and then angrily storms off, leaving a saddened Kit.

Jade... All I care about is you. And if you wanna come here, after we find Airk, to live, I would tag along. If that's okay. 'Cause I don't wanna have any adventures unless they're with you. I should've told you that sooner, you know? And for that, for everything, I'm so sorry.
―Kit confesses her true feelings towards Jade.
Kit Jade Feelings

Kit and Jade confess their pent up romantic feelings.

Sulking in her corner, Kit is approached by Elora and the two girls come to terms for the first time, Elora acknowledging that Kit isn't so mean and Kit acknowledging that Elora isn't so useless. Kit sincerely asks Elora for advice on how to fix things with Jade, so Elora tells her to go apologize to Jade, get better and above all prove that she loves her. On these advises, Kit and Jade isolate themselves alone in the wood then Kit finally confesses her true feelings for Jade and swears that after Airk's rescue, she will be ready to do anything to stay by her side, also apologizing for her many mistakes. In turn, Jade admits that it's been a long time since she fell in love with Kit and really wants to kiss her hard right now, something Kit is also looking forward to doing. The romantic moment is sadly ruined when a Troll pops up from behind and abducts Kit.

In "Prisoners of Skellin", Kit and an equally prisoner Willow are taken by the Trolls to the Dread Mines of Skellin and locked in a cage. Kit is convinced that the two of them can be out in no time, prompting giggles from such a caged man because he had heard that kind of optimism before when he was locked up here ten years ago. The slightly disturbed man advises the duo not to cling to the hope that they will ever get out and then claims he is Madmartigan before the masters of the place, the Troll brothers Sarris and Falken come to question their new prisoners about where they came from because they saw by their clothing that they weren't from Wildwood. Kit introduces herself and claims she will get out of here but Sarris assures her that no one will come to save her.

Torture Chair

Kit on a torture chair.

Placed on a torture chair, Kit is questioned about the location of Elora, the Trolls working for The Crone and also intending to turn Kit into a slave laborer by inserting a kind of larva into her. The torture session is interrupted following an earthquake and then the brothers' lieutenants warn them of a potential mutiny that Sarris guesses are Kit and Willow's friends, therefore also Elora. Kit immediately tries to free her hands once the Trolls are leaving, as the man continues to pretend to be Madmartigan but Kit and Willow are not fooled, forcing him to admit that he is not the father of Kit, then Willow reveals that the man is Allagash, a Knight of Galladoorn who traveled with Madmartigan. Kit remembers her father telling her that Alagash was the only knight dumber than him, so Alagash tells the princess that Madmartigan would still be alive and was in fact betrayed by Boorman when they were looking for the Kymerian Cuirass.

Kit manages to free her right hand and passes one of the torture tools to Alagash to pick the lock on his cage after he promises to bring Kit to Madmartigan. In his rush, Allagash almost falls into the abyss but is saved by Kit who had to hook her handcuffs even faster to pull him up in time. As soon as Willow is freed, the trio head deeper into the mine avoiding Troll patrols as much as possible to track down Madmartigan who Allagash claims is here. They bump into Boorman, Jade and Elora in the slums, Kit and Jade immediately hugging each other in relief as Willow scolds Elora for losing the wand as well as his staff and a fight breaks out between Boorman and Alagash. Kit breaks off hostilities to question Boorman who swears Allagash lied about the betrayal but nevertheless admits to his shame that he left Madmartigan behind. As the Trolls approach, Allagash instructs Kit that the two of them activate a secret passage with mechanisms in the walls.

Kit Madmartigan Sword

Kit holding her father's sword.

The group finds themselves in Sulpture of Wiggleheim where behind the cuirass and treasures would be hidden but for that they must answer the puzzles posed by the animated statue of Wiggleheim. After Elora finds the second answer to be "nothing", the treasure room opens and Kit is as if pulled into the room by her father's voice. She finds Madmartigan's sword as the voice continues to call her from the back of the room which begins to crumble. Despite her stubbornness to save her father, Kit is dragged back by Elora and Jade from the treasure room before it closes and the group leaves the scene collapsing in turn, only to find themselves in front of the Trolls. The adventurers engage in a bloody fight against the Trolls, including Kit killing Sarris. An injured Allagash sacrifices himself for the group's time to flee Skellin, not unknowingly revealing to Kit that Madmartigan was convinced that one of his family members would get to protect what matters most: Elora Danan.

Tumbling onto the encrusted lake of vermiscus, the gang advance towards the exit of the mountain continuing to collapse but Kit advances slowly, misdirecting the reason why her father left. She then furiously confronts Elora for being the reason she couldn't save her father and finally find out why he chose Elora over his own daughter. Suddenly, Kit falls through a hole of vermiscus which immediately closes, leaving Kit drowning and her friends to try everything to save her, but even Willow's swords and magic fail to puncture the vermiscus.

Kit Shuriken

Kit with a shuriken planted in her arm.

In "Beyond the Shattered Sea", Kit briefly sees Airk as she is almost entirely drowned, just before being brought to the surface by wand-wielding Elora. Despite her poor health, Kit is able to make her way with the others at the Shattered Sea. Jade wants her to rest, which Kit refuses to do until she collapses to her knees after only a few steps, causing the gang to stop for the day at a chalet, Kit taken care of by Jade while she recovers. The next day, the gang escapes in a rush aboard a Mudmander caravan, pursued by The Doom and The Dag who was hiding in the chalet. In the escape, Kit takes a Doom shuriken in her right arm, then Graydon manages to destroy The Dag with a magic attack while Jade kicks The Doom out of the cart. To help Kit with her injury while limiting the pain, Jade glares at her then slaps her in the face to simultaneously remove the shuriken from her arm.

Kit Jade Second Kiss

Kit and Jade share their second kiss.

Stopped on an island for the night, Kit recovered from her arm scrape before deciding to train with Jade for the upcoming fight after watching Willow train Elora, except she wants Jade to give her all this time. Day after day, the group continues to travel and train hard. At yet another practice night, Jade deduces that Kit is using Minetta's Ploy, fighting by tricking the opponent because he thinks he knows the opponent's moves, which Jade easily tricks frustratingly so Kit suggests that the best way is to push the opponent into making a mistake that would leave him vulnerable. Kit tells the next sword block she loves Jade then tackles her to the sand but claims she really meant what she just said, making Jade want her to prove it and the two young women kiss passionately.

Supplies begin to run out in addition to the increasingly heated rivalry between Kit and Elora. Kit talks to Willow about her experiences in Skellin while questioning him about the Wyrm and her worry about the travel time to Immemorial City which has been going on for weeks already. She also goes to see Elora with whom she reconciles and confesses that she was jealous because she had always had to struggle to have the courage and to be loved. Adventurers eventually reach the edge of the Shattered Sea, a huge, seemingly endless waterfall where there is no other path to take. The gang begins to panic because they can't go back since Graydon freed the Mudmander, especially Elora who loses all of her hard-earned confidence from the start of the journey. Kit doesn't give up and comforts Elora, telling her that she's as scared as she is but that she doesn't let her fear define her and that she believes in Elora as the first thing she is willing to believe in her entire life. The two girls embrace as they realize what they have left to do, which is to deliberately throw themselves off waterfalls.

Surviving and finding themselves in the Immemorial City, Kit and Elora survey the strange abandoned city that does not inspire them with anything good and then finds an Airk who looks different.

In "Children Of The Wyrm", as the three remaining Gales and Death Dogs block the path of arrival, Kit is confused at her brother's oddly casual behavior and even more so when he turns out to be on The Wyrm's side. Crone whom he claims to be a good person, confusing Kit and Elora along this unpleasant conversation as Airk offers them to meet The Crone in the temple. Inside, Kit notices the vermiscus leaking into the place and then the two girls only realize that Airk drank from this filthy thing before The Crone in human form appeared out of a vermiscus portal. Despite The Crone claiming to have good intentions, Kit has no confidence in her, even less when Airk reveals that The Crone is the messenger of the Wyrn she intends to release to usher in a new era before offering the girls the same choice. she has already done to Airk, for that she must go through the portal.

Kit Stone

Kit turns to stone.

On the other side, the girls find themselves in a strange garden where Kit reunites with her mother who is strangely more sympathetic and open than she had ever been with her daughter while Elora goes to talk with Airk alone. Also chatting, Sorsha admits she was wrong for not giving Kit enough freedom and that it's time she let her chart her own course with whoever she wants, Jade also appearing. As Kit is tempted to drink from a glass of vermiscus handed out by her mother, she hears her father's voice who try to bring her back to reality and confesses to never having stopped loving her even after reluctantly leaving. Encouraged to go through with it, Kit denies being like her father but Madmartigan assures her that she is better than him, that she is Elora's protector and that he is already so proud of her. Her courage rekindled, she tries to reach Elora only to find a disappointed Crone that Kit continues to resist and reveals that Elora fell for the trap before Kit was turned to stone.

Kit Beats Airk

Kit defeats a corrupted Airk.

Fortunately, Willow appears and destroys The Crone's physical illusion, freeing Kit from petrification and initiating the final fight against The Crone in her true hideous form and the Gales. Kit briefly confronts The Doom before assisting Jade against The Scourge, shortly before witnessing Graydon being killed by The Crone. The Gales hidden, Kit receives from Boorman the Kymerian Cuirass which he finally understands that only Kit is worthy of it but that she must believe in her to be unbeatable, then she and Jade go in pursuit of The Crone. They come to irons with a completely corrupted Airk whose increase in strength by the vermiscus quickly makes him a dangerous opponent for the girls. Once The Crone injured by Elora fuses with Airk, Jade activates the breastplate's power with the Lux Arcana, granting Kit battle armor. Kit is then able to fight on par with her possessed brother and with an extra blade protruding from her forearm, she defeats him soundly.

Kit Smiles Elora

"Hey. Come on. We need you up here."

With the crystal from Willow's staff, Kit heals her brother of corruption. Victorious and reunited, the gang mourn Graydon and then look to the horizon from the road home. Kit ogles her armor to Jade's amusement, so she promises to take it off as soon as she figures out how. Willow then warns his friends that the Wyrm will return but that he is not worried since they are on his side and that soon there will be even more people on their side when the final confrontation takes place. Kit notices Elora looking at the city with concern and asks her to join them because they need her and then shares a friendly hug with her.



  • For the role of Kit, Ruby Cruz drew inspiration from the performance of Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley, who played Madmartigan and Sorsha respectively in the original film, with Whalley returning to her role in the television series. Originally, the role of Kit was going to be given to Cailee Spaeny until Cruz replaced her.
  • She likes olives.
  • She initially had a bow at the start of the journey until she left it behind after exhausting her arrows against The Scourge in the during the opening of Wildwood. It is also in this episode that Kit stops wearing her cape.
  • As a child, Kit once tricked Airk into believing he had caught Bugenhagen's Disease, which she had invented.
  • She's a bit younger than Jade.

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