The Kitchen Krackpots was a jazz band comprised of anthropomorphic oversized Kraft-brand condiment packages. They served as the house band in the former Kitchen Kabaret show at Epcot. These animatronics were the first food products to come.

The 5 members of this band included:

  • A Mayonnaise jar, leading the group on beet and tuna can drums
  • A Barbecue Sauce bottle, playing an egg-beater like a bass
  • A Parmesan Cheese container, playing a banjo made out of a measuring cup
  • A Mustard bottle, playing a saxophone made with a drinking straw
  • A Salsa jar, playing a matchstick piano

Role in the Show

Act 1

The Band first played a ragtime intro, before Bonnie Appetite appeared to sing. The Kitchen Krackpots came out of the floor and reappeared in the ending of the show.


The Kitchen Krackpots, along with the rest of the cast, sang a medley of each of their songs. All of the cast came back out and Bonnie said good bye before the curtains with the Kraft logo covered the stage.


  • The only member of the band that actually spoke in the show was the group's leader, the Mayonnaise jar. He said two lines during the show: "Okay, Krackpots. Let's get cooking!" and "Alright, gang, take it on home!". However, since none of their mouths moved, it's not entirely certain which member actually said those lines.
  • In 1993, when Nestle replaced Kraft as the sponsor of The Land pavilion (where Kitchen Kabaret was located), some of the Krackpots were redesigned, presumably to reflect Nestle-brand packaging. The Mayonnaise jar was changed into a Spaghetti Sauce jar, the Barbecue Sauce bottle became a Salad Dressing bottle and the Parmesan Cheese container became a Pepper container.
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