The unnamed kitten appears in the 1935 animated short Pluto's Judgement Day, where he was chased around outside by Pluto into Mickey's house.

Role in the short

Pluto is chasing the kitten around outside into the house when he crashes through the window and jumps into Mickey, who scolds him for always chasing cats by saying "You'll have plenty to answer for on your judgement day".

After Mickey scolds Pluto, he has a nightmare while asleep about going to the Cat Underworld on his judgement day but awakes when a piece of coal burns him. When Pluto jumps into a bucket of water to cool off, Mickey tells Pluto to make up after the kitten gives him a lick and he does the same by licking back.


  • The kitten appears to be an early version of the nameless kitten featured in the 1942 short, Lend a Paw.
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