Knick is the title character of Knick Knack. He is a snowman who tries to get out of the Nome Sweet Nome, Alaska snowglobe to join the party of other knick-knacks. Knick is the official name of the character, as said by John Lasseter in the short's commentaries from the Finding Nemo and Pixar Short Films Collection DVDs.

Role in the short film

Unlike all the other knick-knacks, Knick feels unsatisfied of living in his snow globe, so he plans on trying to escape his snow globe to join the other knick-knacks as he plans to escape in order to fall in love with the Sunny Miami knick-knack. He grabs an igloo and uses it to break the snow globe, but his attempt was unsuccessful. He then does several attempts to escape his globe like using a hammer and his carrot nose to break through, a jackhammer, a cutting torch, and several TNT explosions in which none of them are successful.

Though none of the plans he did are successful, Knick notices his globe being perched on a ledge because he used the explosions while trying to escape. Knick finally escapes his snow globe and is finally free while falling, but ends up falling into a fishbowl. Knick then discovers a mermaid knick-knack named "Sunny Atlantis" as he tries to fall in love with her, but the snow globe lands on him, capturing him the second time and feeling frustrated that he ended up in his snow globe again.


  • Knick appears as one of the Davis' ornaments in the Toy Story Animated Storybook PC game.
  • When Hamm is clicking through channels in Toy Story 2, Knick can be seen twice on the TV: 1st when he is happy to be freed of his snow globe (despite falling off the shelf), and 2nd when he is in the fish bowl.
  • Knick appears in his snow globe inside Lizzie's shop in Cars. However, he is not car-ified.
  • His snow globe appears in WALL-E.
  • He appears inside his snow globe at the very beginning of Toy Story That Time Forgot.
  • Knick and his snow globe are part of the Knick's Knacks (named after the short) gift shop in Pixar Pier.


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