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"Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" is the twenty-seventh episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on July 31, 2021, and is the eighth episode in the second season.


Hooty tries to help King, Eda, and Luz with their problems, but it doesn't go as planned.


Through a letter, Hooty writes to Lilith about the time he helped Luz, Eda, and King with their problems.

It all began after receiving Lilith's recent letter to him, which mentioned that as the Owl House itself he has a duty to care of the residents. Hooty decided to live up to Lilith's words by going to help Luz, Eda, and King. King is going through some phase, Eda is tirelessly preparing herself for whatever Emperor Belos is planning, and Luz is divided between coaxing the echo mouse into providing information on Philip Wittebane's diary or to opening up to Amity, but does not have the courage to do so.

Hooty starts with King, by helping him figure out what kind of demon he is. He takes him to the tower and gives him a lesson about the three different types of demons, bug, biped, and beast. Hooty puts King through a series to tests to determine what type of demon he is, all of which end up with King getting attacked by Hooty for insulting his mother, getting beaten up by Tiny Nose, and getting a painful blood draw. King was hoping to get answers, but all he got from Hooty was to love himself, which is not what he wanted. He wants to know where he came from, what his dad looked like, and what he will look like when he grows up. He has had no response to his video or his wanted posters. Now he is beginning to doubt if his dad is alive and there is no one else like him. Then in his frustration, he releases an ultrasonic scream. Hooty is too upset to notice this. He thinks he has failed to help King, and runs away in tears.

Hooty then goes to help Eda get some sleep. She has been studying and training non-stop to become powerful again through other means, which is putting a lot of stress on herself. Knowing that overworking can also cause her to turn into the owl beast, Hooty gets Eda to sleep by getting her to eat cookies filled with sleeping nettles. Little does he know that sleeping nettles also heighten people's dreams. Now she is stuck with the nightmares of the owl beast. However, Eda takes this as an opportunity. The owl beast has been her reason for running away from home, never getting close to anyone, and no longer possessing magic. So instead of running away from the beast like she always does, she goes after it instead. Eda suddenly finds herself back home with her family as a teenager. This particular dream is also the day she accidentally attacked her father. Afterwards, she ran-away, not wanting to hurt anyone else. Eda then finds herself with Raine as a young adult. It is also the day they broke up because she always pushed everyone away. In her rage, Eda attacks the owl beast, blaming it for ruining her life. Then she finds herself in her owl form, and being chased by a mysterious figure that taunts her. She tries to fly away, but her wings get burn and she falls into the sea.

Afterwards, Eda returns to normal and sitting on the shores watching the owl beast struggling to fly. She notices a red string connecting them, and when she tugs it the owl beast crashes into the sea and slowly makes its way to the shore. As it struggles to regain its strenghth, Eda realizes she is not simply trapped in her mind with this creature. The owl beast is also stuck with her too. In that moment, Eda decides to make peace with her curse. She knows she cannot defeat it, and no longer wants too. Instead she offers the owl beast a little slerp from a bottle of elixir that washes up on the beach, and promises to start working with the owl beast to heal. The owl beast agrees by taking the elixir and resting on Eda's lap. When Eda wakes up, she discovers that by embracing the curse she is able to unlock a new transformation. She has turned into harpy like creature that is a cross between herself and the owl beast. Thinking he made everything worse, Hooty again runs away in tears before Eda can stop him.

Lastly, Hooty tries to help Luz open up to Amity by setting the two of them up on a date. He lures her to the basement, where Amity, after being abducted, is waiting for her. The two girls fall down a trapdoor, and end up in a tunnel of love set up by Hooty. Luz is embarrassed, and Amity, though embarrassed herself, is also flattered by all the hearts and love messages. Humiliated, Luz desperately goes around destroying everything, unknowingly hurting Amity's feelings, making her think Luz is rejecting her. Luz apologizes to Amity for this, saying it was Hooty's stupid idea, but to her dismay, a heartbroken Amity despondently replies that she will just leave, waving around the idea of them actually dating before dismissing it as stupid. Luz is shocked by this, but not as much as Hooty, who once again believes he has messed up.

Hooty has a nervous breakdown and tries to break away from the Owl House, believing everyone would be better off without him. But since he is part of the house, his desperation to break away from puts the house in danger of collapsing. King almost falls from the tower, but is saved by Eda in her new harpy form. Luz and Amity are almost crushed by a falling stone, but King saves them with his new ultra-sonic scream powers. Eda and King try to convince Hooty that he did actually help them, but he is too upset to listen. He thinks he has still failed Luz. So in order to get him to calm down, Luz finally plucks up the courage to ask Amity out, and she says yes. Hooty finally calms down and cries happily, knowing that he did help everyone.

Afterwards, King is starting to learn more about his new-found powers, and Eda, while still taking her elixir, has learnt to work with her curse. She is now able to transform back and forth between her witch and harpy forms at will. As for Luz and Amity, they are now officially dating and working together to learn more about Philip Wittebane and the Portal. Hooty is proud of himself, but he had to promise to never again help anyone.

Hooty finishes his letter and heads off to mail it. At the mailbox, he meets a stranger who gives him a letter for King. After after he leaves, Hooty gets distracted by a bug crawling on the letter, and accidentally eats them both. After realising his mistake, Hooty hopes that the letter was junk mail.



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  • The title is a play on the Bob Dylan song "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".
  • Luz finally confesses her feelings to Amity, leading to them officially dating.
  • King learns about Demon Puberty and gains a new power.
  • Eda's new form is referred as a harpy, a creature from Greek and Roman mythology, depicted as birds with feminine faces. Harpies were originally described as beautiful women with wings, but were later depicted as ugly creatures with evil behaviour in modern writing.
    • Harpies were thought to be spirits of the wind, and their name means snatchers or swift robbers. In addition to personifying the destructive nature of the wind, they also stole food from hungry victims. When somebody disappeared in ancient times, people theorised that harpies abducted them to be tortured.
    • Harpy is also a derogatory term to use against women.
    • Eda's harpy form also is somewhat similar to a Gargoyle from Disney's animated series, Gargoyles.
  • It is revealed that the Owl House has a basement.
  • The owl beast is revealed to be a living creature but was turned into the scroll Lilith got at the night market and used to curse Eda by the collector and was later found washed up on the beach by a scavenger.
  • Its revealed that when Eda was young she accidentally attacked her father Dell Clawtorne because of the curse, especially on his left eye.
  • This episode implies that Eda and Raine were, in fact, a couple as they tell her that "[they] should see other people."
  • On Hooty's scroll of monster traits, are listed:
    • Fur
    • Chinchilla
    • Pocket Monster (a reference to Pokémon)
    • Cthulhu (based on the H.P. Lovecraft creature)
    • Fidgety
    • Claws
    • Cartoon
    • Super Cute
  • It is revealed that demons are classified into three categories known as the "Three Bs": Bug, Biped and Beast.
    • It's also revealed that Biped Demons possess a magic bile sac attached to their hearts much like witches, what allows them to use magic.
  • King is revealed to be not an actual demon.
  • The hidden message, located on the wall when Luz and Amity fall down the trap door, translates to "Longer".
  • The red string tied to Eda and the owl beast symbolizes their connection. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, an invisible thread of red string of fate is said to connect those destined to meet for a life of greatness. Usually, this is interpreted for romantic fate.
  • When Luz and Amity fall down the trapdoor, the Calamity Box from Amphibia can be seen on a shelf.
  • Hooty detaches himself from the Owl House for the second time, followed by "Echoes of the Past".

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