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Koda's mother is a minor but important character in Disney's 2003 animated feature film Brother Bear.


Brother Bear[]

She is the first bear to be seen in the film. She fights against Kenai and his brothers, Denahi and Sitka in order to protect her son, Koda and ends up falling off a glacier when Sitka breaks the part she is on in order to save his brothers. She survives the fall and runs off. She is later chased and killed by a vengeful Kenai, who blames her for the death of his brother. She is then taken into the world of the Great Spirits, where Sitka's spirit as an eagle, transforms Kenai into a bear as a punishment for killing her.

She is mentioned various times in the film after these events, and is also seen in Kenai's flashbacks when he puts the pieces of Koda's story together.

When Kenai was hiding in the berry bushes Koda's mother appeared and Kenai thought that she was looking for him. But she was really calling for Koda.

She is last seen in spirit form nuzzling her son and then, along with Sitka, returns to the Great Spirits.

Brother Bear 2[]

She is not seen in the second film, but is mentioned. When Kenai is missing Nita, Koda asks her and the spirits to change Kenai back into a man so he can be happy.


  • Before she died, and in Kenai's flashback, Koda's mother had black beady eyes, but when she reunited with Koda at the end of the movie, she had white cartoony eyes the other bears had while Kenai was a bear. The change in eye design reflected how Kenai and the audience portrayed her at the time; her black, beady eyes remarked a soulless, rampaging monster who killed the protagonist's brother, but at the end of the movie, she has normal eyes since Kenai and the audience no longer saw her as a monster, but a kind, loving, cautious, and worried mother protecting her cub and herself from a pack of hunters.
  • She only speaks one line in the flashback. She is silent in the rest of the film. This makes her similar to Mrs. Jumbo from Dumbo and Sarafina from The Lion King, as they also spoke only one line in the films.


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