"Kronk for Hire" is a song originally written as an advertising jingle appearing in The Emperor's New School episode "Room for Improvement". It was later frequently used as background music on Phineas and Ferb, usually appearing whenever someone is speaking in the style of a television advertisement or infomercial.


When your hut is so unclean
You've got no room like a sardine
Call Kronk for Hire to spring-clean
And presto, he's on the scene
He'll sanitize all your latrines
And dust off every figurine
Reorganize your tamborines
And color-code your jelly beans
'Cause Kronk for Hire's on the scene
You won't have to be a slob
When Kronk for Hire can do the job
Spring cleaning is not a prob
When Kronk for Hire is!
Kronk for Hire!
Announcer: Kronk for Hire is not affiliated with Kronk for Lease.

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