Kuala is the pirates' captain and main antagonist in Disney's Swiss Family Robinson.

Role in the film

Kuala and his crew are first seen on their ship, approaching another one they chased into a raging storm that was carrying a family from Bern, Switzerland to the new colony of New Guinea, the Robinsons: Father, Mother, Fritz, Ernst, and Francis, and got stuck on the rocks next to a new island on that stormy night. When Kuala notices Father, Fritz, and Ernst on the ship, he orders his crew to fire the cannons at them. When the Robinsons try to fight back with a cannon of their own, Father manages to simply scare Kuala and his crew away by hoisting up a quarantine flag to warn them that there's Black Death aboard.

A few days (weeks or months) later, after the Robinsons have settled down in their new home on the island, Kuala and his crew have returned to it after having taken a British ship and two of its passengers as prisoners: Captain Moreland and his granddaughter, Roberta, disguised as a cabin boy named "Bertie" to avoid being found out by the pirates. Kuala and some of his crew come to take a close look at her. Then Captain Moreland offers to make a deal with him; Captain Moreland writes a ransom note for lots of money in exchange for their freedom. He agrees to release them but only after he has been paid a lot of money and decides to take "Bertie" with him. When Captain Moreland threatens to refuse writing the ransom note unless they give him back "Bertie", Kuala orders his crew to give her back to Captain Moreland and proceeds to discuss matters with them. When they decide which crew is going to take them, a fight ensues which leads to Kuala killing some of them while the rest fight and kill each other off.

During the fight, Fritz and Ernst manage to save "Bertie" until Kuala spots them and orders his crew to stop the fight, kill Fritz and Ernst, and bring back "Bertie" as he still holds Captain Moreland captive. Despite failing to find and capture "Bertie" again, Kuala and his pirates set sail for England to ransom Captain Moreland.

A few days later, after ransoming Captain Moreland, Kuala and his crew return to the island to search and ransom "Bertie". When he hears a gunshot, he orders his crew to go ashore and begin the search. Once they are ashore, Kuala and some of his crew notice two dogs chasing a zebra but that doesn't stop them from continuing their search for "Bertie". One of his pirates, Auban, finds a hat accidentally left behind; belonging to Roberta, thus, allowing him to suspect someone is on the island and that they're getting close too. When Kuala hears Francis whistling for the dogs to join them on the hill, he quickly spots Roberta and the Robinsons and fires at them. Then, the fight commences. Luckily, the Robinsons come prepared for such an occasion by setting up snares, traps, and entanglements including a pit with a tiger inside. Despite their fears, Kuala threatens to kill his crew if they don't proceed with the attack.

After failing to reach Roberta and the Robinsons on the hilltop and suffering many casualties due to coconut bombs, falling boulders, and rolling logs, Kuala orders what's left of his crew including the ones still on lifeboats waiting for the signal to attack their enemies from the rear. As a distraction, Kuala puts up a flag of truce and offers the Robinsons a deal; "Bertie" in exchange for their lives but they prove to be too smart to listen to such nonsense and this angers Kuala, who proceeds to attack them, while his crew sneaks up on them from behind on a cliff. Luckily, thanks to Francis' pirate alarm, Roberta and the Robinsons are able to stop them from reaching them by shooting or hitting them with guns and pushing or throwing them off the cliff while Kuala tries to sneak upon them. When all hope seems lost, cannons are heard firing from a distance. It is revealed that they are coming from a British ship commandeered by Captain Moreland. This causes Kuala and his crew to flee in terror and return to their ship as Kuala swears retaliation. But as they are doing so, the cannons manage to kill them and destroy their ship and lifeboats once and for all.



  • In the original novel, Kuala and his crew did not exist at all. They were made up by Disney.
  • During the first scene in the movie with the pirates on their ship, Kuala is seen with a blue shirt (supposedly Captain Moreland's) one minute then in his normal red one the next minute and then again in blue.
  • Kuala is the only pirate who speaks English but not fluently.

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