"The people here are divided and things are different."
Raya, in the Raya and the Last Dragon trailer

Kumandra is the central location of Disney’s 2021 animated film, Raya and the Last Dragon. Inspired by Southeast Asian cultures and geography, Kumandra is comprised of five separate kingdoms that, together, form the shape of a dragon. These include the Fang, Talon, Tail, Spine, and Heart Land.


Long ago, humans and dragons lived together in harmony in all of Kumandra. One fateful day, an evil force known as the Druun, awakened and threatened to destroy the peace. The dragons had then sacrificed themselves to defeat the Druun and saved all of humanity. Since then, the once united kingdoms where then divided into five lands.

Places of Interest

  • Fang Land: Led by Chief Virana, and home to Namaari.
  • Heart Land: Led by Chief Benja, and home to Raya.
  • Spine Land: Located in the northern part of Kumandra, blanketed in snow, and capped by mountain regions. It is home to Tong.
  • Tail Land: A desert region, and home to Boun.
  • Talon Land: Led by Dang Hu, it is a floating market region, and home to Noi.


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