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Kuzcotopia was a proposed retreat that was to wipe out Pacha's village by the Emperor Kuzco as his own self-given birthday present.


Kuzco's model of Kuzcotopia.

Back when Kuzco was still a spoiled brat, the Emperor had summoned Pacha to act as someone who can give a description of the hill his village is at, to get a final sense of where Kuzcotopia is to be placed, making clear he intends to destroy Pacha's village regardless of who is present. This later serves as a point of conflict between the pair when Kuzco became a llama, with Kuzco initially lying to Pacha specifically to get back to his palace and having him arrested for turning him into a llama (which was actually Yzma who was responsible in a failed assassination attempt). Eventually, after Kuzco truly changed for the better, Kuzco decided to scale down to a mere hut in the area of the village after initially deciding to relocate Kuzcotopia to another area.

Disney Adventures

Kuzcotopia was briefly given a topic in Disney Adventures Magazine, explaining what the premises of the area were. The narration at the beginning implies that this occurred before his transformation into a llama and presumably before his summoning Pacha, due to a quip about considering his demolishing Pacha's village "land improvement."

It would have contained the following areas:

  • A moat to keep "uncool" visitors out and "cool animals" in.
  • A dodgeball court with official painted lines that, according to Kuzco, are colored and made of gold, as well as the room being filled with balls of every color specifically so they would match whatever uniform Kuzco had for the play hour.
  • A sweet room that contained every dessert imaginable, even some not heard of before, alongside a glass of milk.
  • A scooter track which is apparently Kuzco's favorite sport because he always wins, although it's implied the people let him win out of fear of being imprisoned if they beat him.
  • The bounce room, where Kuzco can use the trampoline floor and padded walls to bounce and take his mind off the subjects if they drive him mad
  • The swimming pool, which contained a waterslide, multiple diving boards, and several tubes all for Kuzco to demonstrate his cannonball.
  • "Me" room, his favorite room for obvious reasons. Contains gold and stone statues made in his image as well as various mirrors.


  • Originally, it was intended that Kuzco actually build Kuzcotopia elsewhere and invite Pacha and his family over for a get-together at the area. However, Sting, one of the songwriters for the film and a staunch environmentalist, objected to this ending due to the implication that Kuzco would've had to clear away several portions of the Jungle to build it there.
  • Malina's family hut is in the exact same spot as the hut in The Emperor's New School.

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