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The Lab Computer is one of the major characters from The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue.

Role in the film

The Lab Computer plays a major role in this film. After Lampy tells the other appliances about what happened to the Master's thesis on his Computer, Sebastian decides to type on her to find it. When she wakes up, she calls in a party of Homebuilt Computers, and they perform the song "Super Highway". After the party ends, the Lab Computer tells Sebastian as he continues typing that he doesn't have to press her keys so hard, to which he apologizes. The Lab Computer suddenly gets some information about Mack shipping the animals to Tartarus Laboratories. She tells Sebastian that he can't look because it's classified and tries to stop him; however, he doesn't believe her, so he looks anyway. Just then, sparks from the outlet she was plugged in start to give her a virus. The gang knew they had to save her, so (with great difficulty) they unplugged her. When Wittgenstein gets his power back, the Lab Computer helps the gang with the power to activate their rescue cart.  

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