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Lady Olivia is a recurring character in the 2019 animated television series Amphibia.


Physical Appearance

Lady Olivia is an aqua-marine newt with navy blue hair. She wears a white and purple dress with scale-like designs stitched into a pattern on top have and a wave pattern for the bottom half. Her attire she also includes a golden broach, a sea shell hair band, long white gloves and a light purple transparent shawl.

Role in series


Lady Olivia is descendant of a long line of newts who made a sacred vow to care for Newtopia. She lived in the Castle with her mother who was King Andrias's royal advisor. Olivia eventually inherited this role from her mother and continued to honor her family's oath to protect the land.

She later met a human girl named Marcy Wu sometime after she and her friends were teleported to Amphibia and took her into the castle where she can stay. When arriving at the castle, Olivia had a hard catching up with Marcy until they arrived in the throne room where Marcy was surprised to see King Andrias. Olivia introduced Andrias to Marcy, but then watched her run up onto Andrias and witness her jump into his robe pocket. She watched Marcy give Andrias a gift and got nervous at first until Andrias laugh and took a liking to her. Andrias then made Marcy their guest, Olivia then took her to quarters and exit the throne room.

Olivia showed Marcy a balcony view of Amphibia's surrounding nature where her mother once showed her and explained her family's vow to the young girl. Marcy was thankful for her kindness and promised to look after Amphibia as well. In which led to Marcy using her excessive knowledge to help the citizens of Newtopia improve their city and becoming the Head Ranger of the Newtopian Knight Guard.

Season Two

In "Marcy at the Gates", Marcy introduces her to the Planter family upon their arrival in Newtopia. She tells the family not to touch anything that looks important, right before Sprig accidentally breaks a sculpture. This causes her eye to twitch and her to leave the scene being escorted out by soldiers.

In "The Plantars Check In", she introduces the Plantar family alongside Anne to the King of Newtopia, King Andrias.

In "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", she shown to refer to Marcy as "master" when acknowledging the arrival of Sprig, Anne, and Polly which truly shows the influence Marcy had on Newtopia within the four months since she arrived in Amphibia. Her royal is disregarded as Anne and Marcy disturb her private by painting mustaches on while she falls as while reading a book and bumping into her etc. The next morning she tell Marcy, Anne, Sprig and Polly to prepare for their meeting with King Andrias. Her main role is warning the teenagers not head down to the basement.

Season Three

Despite not wanting to be part of Andrias' plans to takeover the Multiverse, she and General Yunan had no choice but to remain loyal to him out of fear. He then told her and Yunan to take a comatose Marcy to rejuvenated Tank in order to save her life. Unaware, that King Andrias actually had plans for Marcy once she is healed.

Olivia watches with sorrow as the Frobots are plundering the kingdom’s resources turning it into a bleak wasteland. Just then a Frobot arrives and informs her that she has been summoned by King Andrias; she meets up with General Yunan were they sneak a peek into the king’s chambers where he appears to be talking to himself; he is reluctant to go through with a certain plan but relents.

Andrias invites her and Yunan in and informs the two that they have been promoted Olivia is assigned to oversee the construction of their refinitries that drain all of Amphibia's natural resources (which she doesn't want to do.) While Yunan is assign to round of some Frogs to work in those Factories and terminate those who resisted before dismissing them.

Olivia has had enough of Andrias’ tyranny and Yunan agrees that their king was completely deranged, and they need to fight back. Olivia decides to rescue Marcy to help them, Yunan is reluctant because she sees the humans as “Scheming Backstabbers” but comes around when Olivia points Marcy was the only one to defeat the king at Flipwart, so she is possibly the only one who can out think him.

After they make their way to the lower chambers, they encounter a chained-up Moss Man and some Shadowfish roaming in the hallways; Olivia deduces that this was where the newts’ ancestors kept their otherworldly prisoners. They reach the bottom of the basement where Marcy is being held, and they awaken her from stasis. Though Marcy is weak and disoriented so Yunan and Olivia help escort her to safety. But the three are soon trapped by a VR projection of their worst fears. Olivia sees her mother being disappointed in her for failing to protect Amphibia's environment, Grubhogs for Yunan because one bit her arm as a child, and Anne and Sasha rejecting Marcy for tricking them.

Though they are able to destroy the projection, King Andrias and his master The Core stop them from escaping. Marcy is then recaptured and is restraint to a chair, where The Core plans to use her body as a host due to Marcy being the only one who defeated King Andrias at Flipwart. The Core places a helmet on Marcy's head, and Olivia and Yunan are only able to watch in horror as The Core transfers its consciousness into her body. The Core now one with Marcy then greets the three ominously. She and Olivia were captured and forced to wear mind-controlled collars to serve both Andrias and the Core.

When Anne, the Plantars, Sasha, and Grime boarded the castle to save Marcy and get the Calamity Box, they were confronted by them and battle them. Anne and Sasha used some dance move to help defeat and free the two. After being freed, she and Yunan tried to warn them that Marcy was now under the control of the Core but walk into the Core's trap. Darcy announces their victory and was fixing to kill Anne since she still had her powers, but Anne warns Darcy that if they killed her now, the remaining box energy will cease to exist along with her. Olivia was later thrown into the dungeon along with Yunan, Frobo, the Plantars, Grime, Sasha, and Anne as the Core and Andrias started their invasion on Earth.

They later escape thanks to one of Frobo's new upgrades that Polly installed. When landing in a pool on one of the buildings, Olivia was surprised to be on Earth and found it rather "Geometric". While fighting some Frobots, they were rescued by Anne's parents and Mr. X and went to Anne's school to work on plan to stop the Invasion. Olivia was given a blaster as she, Sasha, Yunan, and Grime boarded the fortress to shut down the force field and free Marcy from the Core's control. However, they were ambush by three Cloak-Bots, Yunan and Olivia stay behind to hold them off while Grime and Sasha went to go shutdown the force field. After defeating the Cloak-Bots, Olivia and Yunan were both relieved to see Marcy alive and free from the Core's control and end up joining the group hug.

After foiling the invasion and capturing Andrias, Olivia returned to Amphibia along with Anne, Yunan, the Plantar, Grime, Sasha. Marcy and Frobo and announced their victory to the resistance. However, to their shock, Amphibia's red moon was coming down towards Amphibia.



Marcy Wu

Olivia and Marcy seem to get along well, as Olivia shows Marcy respect and praises her for her accomplishments. Even so she does become irritated by Marcy's childish antics as seen in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", but does not hold it against her because she is aware Marcy is still a child and needs to have fun. She even appears to have become somewhat of a motherly figure towards Marcy as she took her in when she first arrived in Amphibia. Olivia was also pleased when Marcy promised to look after Amphibia due to the kindness Lady Olivia has shown her.

However, after Marcy got stabbed by King Andrias, Olivia was ordered by the evil king to put Marcy in a rejuvenation tank. Later, Olivia decided to rescue Marcy after becoming distraught over Andrias deforesting all of Amphibia's resources. Upon freeing Marcy from the rejuvenation tank, Olivia comforted her as she was still recovering from her injuries and feeling guilty for hurting her friends. Unfortunately, Andrias prevented Olivia and General Yunan from escaping with Marcy where Olivia could only watch in horror as Marcy got possessed by Andrias's master, the Core.

Anne Boonchuy

Anne is the second human Lady Olivia met and is very cordial with her most of the time and even though she is obliviously annoyed by it, she does not hold any contempt against Anne for her childishness and free spirit. She was even worried about Anne and the Plantars when they were transported to Earth.

Amphibia Citizens

King Andrias

Even though Olivia is visibly annoyed by Andrias Leviathan's total disregard for etiquette, she was still very loyal to her king. However after King Andrias revealed his sinister motivations she defected from him. However, after Andrias injured Marcy who was helping Anne and the Plantars escape, and reclaimed the Calamity Box, Lady Olivia had no choice, but to serve Andrias out of complete fear. However, as Andrias started to strip Amphibia's resources and force its inhabitants into slavery, Olivia decided to rebel against Andrias and rescue Marcy in order to defeat him, only for him to recapture Marcy and allow her to be possessed by the Core.

Plantar Family

For the most part Lady Olivia seems to be indifferent toward the Plantars. Despite this, she was worried about them when they along with Anne were taken to Earth.

General Yunan

Olivia and Yunan shared a cordial relationship with each other as they both served King Andrias. However, upon discovering Andrias' true nature, they decided to work together in rescuing Marcy, only to fail when Andrias caught them and allow Marcy to be possessed by the Core. Upon being released, they continued to share a tight friendship. By the end of "The Hardest Thing", their friendship transforms into a genuine romantic relationship. Months after Anne, Marcy, and Sasha, Olivia and Yunan had gotten married[1] , and started to consider settling down in Wartwood and having children.



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