Lady Tremaine's Curl Up and Dye is one of the salons on the Isle of the Lost. It is home to the Tremaine family after they were banished for their cruelty to Cinderella. Although it's possible only Lady Tremaine and Dizzy live here given the relatively small shop.



The outside is rather unimpressive, being a normal stone building with a single sign with a pair of scissors on it to signify the shop's nature. The "y" in "Dye" hangs off the door.


The salon itself appears to have been previously used for storage of some king, given the strips of plastic at the entrance. Next to the entrance is the front of a car, which serves as the counter to hold the cash register. Behind the counter are hand-drawn pictures of the available different styles. The shop is stained with dye from doing the customers' hair. There are few chairs to sit on, which face a broken mirror, which has car mirrors to help show the customers their new look. A bathtub serves in place of a sink for washing hair; several bubbling containers of dye sit above it. There is at least one hair dryer next a portrait of Lady Tremaine's beloved cat Lucifer. A television sit near the end of the shop, where there is a table Dizzy often works at to create her own fashion accessories.


  • The shop is next door to Hades' Souvlaki.
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