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This article is about the 2019 live-action film. For the 1955 film of the same name, see Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp is an American made-for-streaming live-action/CGI-animated musical romance film distributed by Disney which was released on November 12, 2019. As a remake of the 1955 Walt Disney Productions feature film of the same name, the film is directed by Charlie Bean from a screenplay by Andrew Bujalski and Kari Granlund, based on the short story Happy Dan, the Cynical Dog by Ward Greene. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures confirmed that the film would be released on their new streaming service instead of playing in theaters.[1]


On Christmas of 1909, Jim Dear gives his wife, Darling, a female American Cocker Spaniel puppy as a present. She takes to her and names her Lady where she essentially becomes the "centre of their world". Lady grows and becomes friends with her neighbor dogs; a Bloodhound named Trusty and a feisty Scottish Terrier named Jock. Meanwhile, a homeless Schnauzer-mutt, who goes by the name Tramp, spends his days wandering the streets of New Orleans in search of food and causing trouble for the dog catcher Elliot who owns a vendetta against him. After freeing his friends Bull and Peg from Elliot's carriage, he makes a run for it and ends up in the Dears' backyard. Lady, who is beside herself after being ignored by the adults, finds Tramp and tries to give away his position until he points out that Darling is clearly having a baby. He warns her that her owners will keep ignoring her and the baby will replace her, but she refuses to believe him. Trusty and Jock suspect Tramp because he's a "street dog" and send him away. Before gladly leaving, Tramp warns them that "when a baby moves in the dog moves out". Jim and Darling have a baby girl named Lulu who they soon devote their lives to ("La La Lu"). They even stop listening to Lady's warnings of a rat that has been plaguing the house and start putting her outside. Lady begins to worry Tramp was right.

One day, Jim and Darling take Lulu out and leave Darling's Aunt Sarah to look after Lady for them, though she had really hoped to look after Lulu. As she goes upstairs to practice her singing, her two trouble-making cats, which are two Devon Rexes named Devon and Rex begin to destroy the house with Lady caught in the middle ("What a Shame"). Believing Lady to be the cause of it all, Aunt Sarah takes Lady to the pet store to have a muzzle placed on her. Lady runs away, but gets trapped in an alley and threatened by a brutal street dog named Isaac. Luckily, Tramp arrives to save her and then helps her remove her muzzle with a statue at the park before opting to take her home by taking the "scenic route" so as to avoid Elliot since Lady left her collar behind. They end up growing close and Lady accepts Tramp's offer to eat at "Tony's", his favorite restaurant ("Bella Notte"). Afterwards, Tramp shows Lady the view of the town and reveals that he too had owners, but they abandoned him once they had a baby. They get found by Elliot and are chased to the train station where Tramp sleeps. Though Tramp tells Lady to run, she returns to help him and gets caught instead. Tramp hesitates before escaping. Lady meets with Peg, Bull and the other pound dogs who all talk about Tramp and his exploits ("He's a Tramp"). The next morning, Jim and Darling pick up Lady and kick Aunt Sarah and her cats out, presumably forever, for the way she mistreated Lady. Lady begins to bond with Lulu.

Sometime later, Tramp who has become depressed after not seeing Lady for a long time, finds that Peg and Bull have both been adopted, causing him to further regret leaving Lady behind. Following Peg's advice, the dog takes the bone from Bull and runs to Lady, hoping that she will give him a second chance. He finally came to her house to apologize and while she appreciates it and still loves him, she doesn't want to leave her family again. She does however assure him that he deserves to be happy as well.

Tramp sadly accepts her decision and walks away heartbroken when a storm breaks out. However, the rat returns and sneaks into Lulu's room. Lady is put away just as Elliot arrives to interview Jim and Darling and tell them about Tramp. She manages to call Tramp who sneaks into the house and kills the vicious rat, getting injured in the process, but accidentally knocks over Lulu's crib. He is caught by Jim, Darling and Elliot who assume he was attacking Lulu.

Just as Elliot takes Tramp away to be euthanized, Lady uncovers the rat and proceeds to chase down the carriage with Trusty and Jock's help. The dogs catch up to the carriage and scare the horses, causing the carriage to collapse. Lady finds Tramp seemingly dead from the crash and begins to cry but he eventually wakes and they reunite. The Dears arrive, having realized that Tramp was protecting Lulu, and decide to adopt him, saving him from Elliot.

By next Christmas, Tramp has been fully accepted into the Dear household and given his own collar while Jock's owner has adopted two young puppies named Dodge and Ollie who Trusty and Jock take to like an uncle and aunt. Lady and Tramp happily spend the holidays with their perfect family, never to be parted again ("Peace on Earth").




In July 2018, Justin Theroux joined to voice Tramp, while Sam Elliott joined the cast to voice Trusty, and Ashley Jensen joined the cast as Jock. By the end of the month, Kiersey Clemons entered talks to portray Darling, Lady's owner. In August 2018, Tessa Thompson was announced to be voicing Lady, and Benedict Wong also joined the cast in a voice role.

Si and Am were replaced by two new characters, whose song from the 1955 film was remade into a new version.

The film began shooting in Atlanta, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia on September 2018.[11]

On December 17, 2018, it was confirmed that real-life dogs would be used to portray the characters.[12] Much like the Air Bud films.


Main article: Lady and the Tramp (2019 soundtrack)

The film was going to feature a new version of "The Siamese Cat Song", performed by Janelle Monáe.[13] The song would have been re-written by Nate "Rocket" Wonder, Roman GianArthur, and Monáe due to both its modern-day perceived racist connotations and to fit the characters' depictions in the film.[13] The song was ultimately reworked as a blues song titled "What a Shame".[14] Monáe will also perform two new songs for the film.[13] On August 23, 2019, Joseph Trapanese was revealed to be composing the film's score.[15][16] The soundtrack, featuring Trapanse's score, as well as songs from the original film performed by the remake's cast, was released on November 12, 2019.[17]


The first trailer for the film was released on August 23, 2019.[18][15] The film was released on November 12, 2019, exclusively on Disney+.[19] On October 14, 2019, a second trailer featuring new footage as well as the song "He's a Tramp" was released.[20] On November 6, 2019, Disney released a featurette which presented each of the dogs chosen to portray the main characters which were rescued from animal shelters and foster homes.[21]


On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 64% with an average rating of 6.21/10, based on 33 reviews. The site's consensus reads: "Lady and the Tramp's cute dogs and likable cast work well enough, but the live-action update lacks some of the magic that made the original 1955 film such a delight." Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 49 out of 100 based on 7 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews."

Differences from the 1955 original film[]

  • The original film took place in Connecticut. The remake takes place in Georgia.
  • The film has been criticized for being a revisionist and too optimistic and idealized version of the American South during the Jim Crow era.
  • Jock was a male in the original film, while in the remake, the character is a female.
    • Jock is also seen wearing different outfits throughout the remake.
  • The rat has a larger role, as it appears in three scenes instead of just two and is stated to have been plaguing the Darling's house for some time.
    • Unlike the original film, the rat's corpse is physically seen.
  • When Lady first meets Tramp, she alerts Elliot and Jim, but is convinced by Tramp to stop to avoid being captured. This doesn't happen in the original film.
  • In the original film, Jock and Trusty try to explain what a baby is to Lady. In the remake, it is Tramp who attempts to tell her what is a baby.
  • When Tramp wakes up in the train yard, he gets chased by the foreman. This does not happen in the original film.
  • In the remake, Tramp steals a sandwich from a man and is tricked into giving it to two stray puppies, who are later seen in the pound. In the original, this does not happen and the stray puppies do not appear.
  • Before Tramp leaves the backyard, he takes a bone with him.
  • When Lady first met Tramp in the original film, Jock and Trusty were with her. In the remake, they show up a bit later when Lady and Tramp meet.
  • Jock and Trusty's owner makes a physical appearance in the remake. In the original, she does not appear at all.
  • In the original film, Tramp comes very cheerful to Lady when Aunt Sarah took her from the pound. In the remake, Tramp falls into depression after separation from Lady, and when he comes to her, he is sad. Lady is also sad and misses him (they both admit it to each other when Tramp comes to her with a bone)
  • In the remake, Tramp admits that he is nothing and has no value for anyone. Lady also protests sharply when Tramp says these words. She claims that for her, Tramp has value. In the original, Tramp doesn't say anything like that.
  • In the remake, the love story of Tramp and Lady is sadder because each of them in some way suffers from love:
    • Tramp - He must accept with sadness that Lady will not live with him on the street,
    • Lady - She loves Tramp, but she wants to be loyal to her owners and give up her beloved. She believes that Tramp was killed when the dog catcher's carriage falling over, she mourns him. Fortunately, Tramp was only unconscious.
  • Before the baby is born, relatives and neighbors visit the Dears. This does not happen in the original.
    • Aunt Sarah is among the people visiting the Dears.
  • In the original film, Tramp scratches himself in a characteristic way. In the remake, he never scratches himself.
  • Differences from the Song Bella Notte:
    • The Spaghetti was served by Joe has no sauce and they're have a meatball in original film.
    • The offscreen choir singing, Lady and Tramp instead going to a park after leaving the Restaurant.
  • In the original film, Si and Am destroy furniture, but they don't do it on purpose. They want to eat or drink milk. In the remake, Devon and Rex intentionally destroy furniture just to get Lady in trouble (what they do).
  • The dogcatcher is named Elliot and holds a grudge towards Tramp in the remake.
  • The baby was a boy named Jim Jr. in the original film (though simply referred to as "Junior" in the sequel), while in the remake is a girl named Lulu.
  • In the original film, Aunt Sarah was assigned to babysit. In the remake, the baby was brought along with Jim Dear and Darling, and Aunt Sarah was assigned to guard over Lady instead.
  • The Siamese Cats are replaced in this film with a male pair of grey cats with stripes. Their names are also changed to Devon and Rex.
  • In the remake, when a muzzle is put on Lady, her collar is removed.
  • After Lady escapes into the alleyways in the original film, she encounters three brutal stray dogs who chase after her before Tramp arrives and fights them off. In the remake, Lady only encounters one stray dog, who is named Issac. A chase scene does not occur and Tramp doesn't fight Issac; instead, he gets Lady to act like a savage dog with rabies to scare Issac away.
  • Lady and Tramp do not visit the zoo in the remake. Instead, a beaver statue is used to remove the muzzle.
    • In that same scene, the scene where Tramp intentionally distracts a police officer and a professor by causing them to argue about Tramp supposedly to be the professor's "pet" dog in order for him and Lady to get into the zoo was omitted as the zoo from the original film was not featured in this remake.
  • In the original film, Lady is captured by the dogcatcher after failing to keep up with Tramp. In the remake, she returns to help Tramp and gets captured instead.
    • The chase scene takes place at a workshop near the train yard rather than at the train yard itself.
  • While traveling through the city, Lady and Tramp ride a steamboat. They never did this in the original film.
  • Lady and Tramp do not chase any chickens while spending time together in the remake.
  • Peg and Bull do not mention Tramp's past relationships to Lady in the remake, and Lady is more forgiving when Tramp returns later to apologize. Also, Tramp finds out that Peg and Bull were later adopted by other humans, unlike the original film where their fates are left unknown.
  • In the original film, Lady and Tramp spent the night together on the hill and woke up together in the morning. In the remake, their romantic moment on the hill was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Elliot (it is not known what the final of this romantic moment would have, although we can guess that it would end up like in the original).
  • Jim Dear and Darling are the ones who rescue Lady from the dog pound in the remake instead of Aunt Sarah, who is afterwards kicked out of the house by them for mistreating Lady.
  • Lady doesn't get chained in the backyard. When she tries to alert Jim and Darling of the rat, she is locked in the pantry.
  • Elliot visits the Dears in search of Tramp. In the original film, he does not come to the house until after Tramp killed the rat (having been called by Aunt Sarah).
  • During Tramp's fight with the rat, he alerts Jim and Darling (and Elliot, who was at the house with them). In the original, Aunt Sarah was alerted instead and the dogcatcher is not present; however, she later calls the dogcatcher after discovering Tramp.
  • Tramp doesn't get locked in a closet and Lady doesn't get locked in the basement following Tramp's fight with the rat.
  • In the original film, Lady enters the room and notices the rat on the cradle. In the remake, Tramp noticed it and Lady was still close, but she tried to leave.
    • In the same scene, it is Lady watching if the baby is all right after cradle turned over.
    • When Jim, Darling and Elliot enter the room after Tramp killed the rat (considering him an aggressor), Elliot immediately takes him away to the pound.
  • In the original film, when Tramp returns to see Lady after her capture, she does not even want to look him in the eye and mentions that she points to hating the place and seems to have forgiven him nothing. In the remake, Tramp returns to see Lady to really apologize and readily admits that he is worth nothing, not only is Lady able to forgive him but she even forbids him to say that he is nothing before admitting that she still loves him but chooses to stay with her family, which Tramp sadly accepts, and walks away heartbroken.
    • Tramp also brings a bone to Lady as an apology gift.
  • In the remake, it is shown in a flashback that Tramp used to have a family and a home, before being abandoned once his family got a child. In the original film, this was merely implied.
  • Trusty doesn't get injured by a wagon near the end. Instead, it is Tramp who gets injured in the wagon crash (he was unconscious due to a blow to the head), but he quickly recovers (he regained consciousness when he heard Lady's howl).
  • Jim Dear follows the wagon carrying Tramp alone in the original film. In the remake, Darling and Lulu go with him.
  • Jim and Darling decide to adopt Tramp to ensure that he doesn't end up at the pound and Elliot allows them to take him before leaving.
  • Lady and Tramp do not have any children at the end. Instead, Jock becomes a guardian of two orphaned pups from the pound that Lady encountered and were later adopted by her (Jock and Trusty's) owner.
  • In the original film, Tramp calls Lady Pidge, In this remake, he doesn't call her Pidge at all, he instead and for the very first time calls her by her real name.
  • In the original film, Si and Am sing "We Are Siamese", In the remake, Devon and Rex sing "What a Shame" since they're not Siamese cats.
  • Aunt Sarah's portrayal in the remake is more closer to her early drafts for the original film. She is not redeemed by this film's ending and still greatly dislikes Lady and dogs in general after she goes home. Also, she has antagonistic feelings towards Jim Dear and she is Darling's aunt in this film instead.





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