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A young Walt Disney.

Sometime between 1922 and 1923, after legendary animator Walt Disney made Laugh-O-Grams, he proceeded to create a series of silent animated shorts which he dubbed Lafflets. There is extremely little information available on Lafflets, with the only concrete details being the names of the shorts in the series: "Gold in Slow Motion", "Descha's Tryst with the Moon", "Aesthetic Camping", "Reuben's Big Day", "Rescued", "A Star Pitcher", "The Woodland Potter", and "A Pirate for a Day".

All of the Lafflets shorts have been considered lost for many years now, and it is currently unknown if there are even any copies still in existence.


Gold in Slow Motion
Descha's Tryst with the Moon
Aesthetic Camping
Reuben's Big Day
A Star Pitcher
The Woodland Potter
A Pirate for a Day