The Lamb is the main character in the animated short, Boundin'.


The Lamb is described as a sheep proud of his beautiful wool. At first, the lamb feels uncomfortable without his wool. However, when the Jackalope arrives, he teaches him to bounce around even without his wool. The lamb finally feels comfortable about this situation after listening to the Jackalope.

Role in the short film

The lamb enjoyed dancing in front of crowds of animals such as prairie dogs, trouts, a burrowing owl, and a rattlesnake who enjoy watching him. One day when a man comes by and shears him for the summer, the lamb becomes sad over the loss of his beautiful wool coat, making him feel uncomfortable. The next day, a Jackalope arrives to the sulking lamb, and teaches the lamb to bounce back from life's troubles even without his wool. Some time later, the lamb retains his wool after following the Jackalope's lesson. After being sheared again, the lamb then gets used to being comfortable without wool, and continues to dance and perform as the seasons go by, thanks to the Jackalope who helped him.


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