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Lampy is a golden yellow desktop lamp with a long, flexible gooseneck from his head to his body. He appears in the 1987 animated film The Brave Little Toaster and its sequels. He is the only appliance who is clearly literate (probably due to shining his light on the books his Master would be reading), as he is seen reading a phone book with more aptitude than Toaster. He has no arms but can use his electric cord and plug as handy appendages (as most other appliances do).


Lampy is outgoing and impatient and has a habit of repeating words he has already said per sentence. He has moments of thoughtfulness, such as when he recalls the time his master Rob changed his bulb and kept him in use. He also has moments of incredible selflessness; his moment of glory came when he turned himself into a lightning rod during a thunderstorm in order to recharge the group's battery, which consequently blew out his bulb. Lampy was later given a new bulb by the Hanging Lamp in Elmo St. Peters' Parts Shop (he is also the second most sensitive member of the group, apart from Blanky).

He also has moments of brilliance in spite of his lack of significant intelligence, such as when he came up with a plan for rescuing Radio when Elmo St. Peters was about to pull out Radio's tubes. He can be a bit crabby at times as shown in the first movie when he presses Radio's button to shut him up more than once, and when he threatens Radio about waking them all up at 6 AM.


Lampy is good friends with Toaster. He is not so nice to Blanky during the first half of the film and even calls him a baby. Lampy also finds it odd at first when Toaster starts treating Blanky more kindly, though he later warmed up to him as well. Lampy has little patience for the bombastic Radio, even though they're best friends, and the two usually end up fighting. Lampy also dislikes Kirby's bossy attitude.


The Brave Little Toaster[]

Lampy is awakened by Radio, who was making a morning announcement in the bedroom upstairs, which made him unhappy because he was still attempting to sleep. The two get in a fight on the bed, where Blanky the electric blanket is also sleeping, but wakes up as well. They then jump on the floor, causing the Air Conditioner, Kirby the vacuum cleaner, and finally Toaster to all wake up downstairs. The fight between the two continues as they chase each other down the stairs, much to Kirby's astonishment, and to Toaster's amusement. As Blanky slides down the railing, he lands on top of both Lampy and Radio, covering them up, but then Kirby comes by, accidentally vacuuming up part of Blanky, and finally ending the fight.

After Toaster says "Good Morning" to everyone, they all get themselves unstuck. Then, they all gather around to discuss what they should do. Kirby mentioned chores, which were supposed to be work, not fun. But since their beloved master had gone, Toaster decides to play a game, which Radio asks what kind, and Lampy asks what the rules are, but Toaster says the only rule is to not stop until the house is clean. Radio starts playing the song "Tutti Frutti" and the others get to work on cleaning the cottage. Lampy does chores, like shining his light behind the books for Blanky to wipe, sweeping the kitchen, and lifting up the couch for Kirby to vacuum underneath.

When the song is nearly finished, Lampy, Radio, Kirby, and Toaster all start dancing together, until Toaster notices that Blanky is up to something, and tells them to stop, so they do. Blanky thinks there is a car coming with the Master, much to their surprise, so they all bring a stool, chest, and other tall stuff to make a tower for Blanky to reach the attic above. As Blanky climbs, Lampy shines the light in Kirby's eyes, which he tells him to turn out. They all ask Blanky if he can see the master coming, which the latter believes, but it was only his imagination. Blanky feeling sad, brings down the Master's framed photo from the bedroom, which Kirby tries to take away from him. The tug-of-war ends as the photo flies up in the air, and lands on the floor, shattering the glass, and damaging the frame, much to their horror.

As they all stare at the photo, something starts blowing it from the broken frame, which turned out to be the Air Conditioner laughing at them for no reason. They talk to him about who the Master was as a kid and why he loved them. The Air Conditioner then breates them for their naivete, saying the Master is gone forever, but they dismiss this as jealousy, because the Master never played with him due to being wedged in the wall. This makes the Air Conditioner (who blames the Master's inability to reach his dials) really angry that he explodes. After that, they all hear a person driving outside, whom they all think might be the Master coming up to the front door, so they all go to their places and wait. But instead, they look out the window and notice that it was actually a real estate agent putting up a sign that said "FOR SALE", much to their disappointment.

Now convinced that the Master truly isn't returning, Radio starts humming a sorrowful tune, causing Blanky and Lampy to cry, but Toaster, refusing to believe that the Master would abandon them, tells them to stop, and comes up with a plan: They go out and find the Master in the city. Then, they wonder what their method of transportation will be. Lampy comes up with three unsuccessful ideas, but before he can come up with a fourth, Radio and the others tell him to "Shut up!", and let somebody else come up with a better one. Radio thought maybe they could ride on Blanky like a magic carpet, so Toaster decided to wear Blanky as a cape to see if he could fly, but he could not. Then, Toaster finally figures out a solution: Kirby pulls a four-wheeled office chair carrying them.

Just as Kirby starts to pull the office chair carrying Lampy, Radio, Blanky, and Toaster, his cord gets unplugged from the wall, and he stops. Toaster thinks they need a longer cord, but Radio says they need an alternate power source. In the closet, Lampy and Toaster find a car battery and attach it to the office chair. Now all prepared, they open the front door, and finally leave the cottage. As they start their journey, Radio tells Lampy to look up at the sun, which he thinks is the really big lamp, making him wonder where its switch is. Then, Lampy says they are pioneers as they go down a hill. When they enter the countryside, Toaster says he can't see the road anymore, and wonders if they're heading the right direction, which Blanky doubted. However, Radio said he could send his signal to the city to know how to get there, and the result was North by Northwest.

Lampy jumps down from the headrest of the office chair and accidentally lands on Blanky, hurting him, and the two argue about whether he did it or not, until Toaster tells them to stop fighting. The rest of the afternoon, they all feel excited to find their master, and celebrate by singing their song "City of Light", until the end of the day, when they come to a thick brush. They enter and stop at a clearing to sleep for the night. Kirby asks whose idea it was to come that way, and Radio tells him it was Lampy's. Lampy angrily calls him "Mr. Loudmouth", until Toaster stops them. As they start falling to sleep, Radio draws a circle around himself, and tells the others that his own sleeping space, and that nobody crosses the line. Then, Lampy tells him that he'd better not wake them up at 6:00 A.M. as usual, and they all fall asleep, except Blanky, who at first tried to sleep with Lampy, but he tells to go find his own place, which he does eventually.

The next morning, they finally find their way out of the thick brush, and come across various singing animals at a meadow and lake. As they continue their journey, they enter deep dark woods. As night falls, the battery starts running low, and they give it a rest. When looking for a place to sleep, Lampy find a spot inside a tree, but it has a spooky jack-o-lantern face on it, making it too scary for them. So Blanky hangs on a tree branch like a tent, giving shelter to the others. As they start falling asleep, Lampy wonders why Toaster is right next to Blanky, which makes him think of the Master about the first time his bulb burned out and got a new one. Later, a storm comes, waking them all up, and Blanky blows away. They try searching for him, but Lampy's light was too dim, and the battery had gone dead. To recharge the battery, Lampy makes himself a lightning rod, breaking his bulb, and knocking himself unconscious.

The following morning, they continue searching for Blanky, until they hear his voice far up above in a tree. After Kirby saves Blanky, their journey continues as they exit the woods to a cliff by a waterfall. The waterfall makes Kirby dizzy, that he accidentally starts chewing on his cord, which Lampy tells them to get out of his mouth, and Radio tells Toaster to switch him off. When Kirby feels better, they all wonder how they're going to get across the waterfall to the cliff on the other side. They make themselves into a chain by tying all their cords to each other. Kirby swings the chain across the waterfall and Toaster makes it to the other side, but later gets dizzy by the waterfall, like Kirby did earlier, that he loses his grip of the chain, then they all come back and fall off Kirby's cord into the river below.

Kirby comes to the rescue in the river and they all get to the shore. Then, they all seem lost as Radio is unable to pick up any signals in the forest. And without any method of transpiration, they all walk with their cords tied to each other, until Kirby bumps into a root, and falls into a mud puddle, sinking. They all try pulling him out, but he is too heavy, and they sink too, except Radio. Radio, now the only one left, plays the song "Mammy" as a rescue signal, which works when an overweight man named Elmo St. Peters grabs him by the antenna, pulling him and the others out.

Elmo then loads the five appliances in the back of his monster truck, climbs up in the driver's seat next to his dog, Quadruped, and drives away. They arrive at Elmo's Parts store, where he takes apart appliances and sells their parts, much to their surprise. Elmo takes them into his private room, where they meet a Hanging Lamp and a bunch of other Junkshop Appliances. The Hanging Lamp kindly gives Lampy a new bulb. After that, a customer named Zeke arrives, asking for a blender motor, which he has one of. Elmo moves the five appliances off the counter to a baby carriage to take apart the Blender, and remove the motor, which they all watch in horror. Elmo leaves the room to sell the blender motor to Zeke. Lampy asks the others how to escape, which they all laugh at, and then sing a spooky song called "It's a 'B' Movie". After that, the same customer asks Elmo if he also has any radio tubes, much to Radio's horror, and begs them to hide him. So they quickly move to a shelf, where Radio hides behind them. But Elmo finds his antenna sticking out and takes him to his disassembling station. Toaster asks Kirby what they should do to save Radio, but Lampy immediately comes up with an idea: The four of them combine together to look like a ghost and scare Elmo unconscious. Their plan works and they finally escape the store in the baby carriage, which they use as a replacement for the office chair that got lost in the river.

They finally find the city ahead of them, where they hope the Master is still waiting for them in his apartment. But unbeknownst to them, the Master, now an adult, is just about ready to head to college, starts packing stuff for the dorm, and leaves the apartment with his girlfriend, Chris, to go back to the cottage for them, not knowing they're not there anymore. They look up the Master's name and address in the phone book, which Lampy reads 2470 McBean Parkway, and the traffic light tells them how to get there. When they arrive at the apartment room A113, they knock on the door, hoping the Master will answer, but then they realize that he's not home and it's locked. So Radio knocks on the door again and taps the others, and a lamp named Plugsy answers, whom Radio greets, but runs back inside to tell the other Cutting-Edge Appliances, who are more modern than them, that it's the old appliances the Master had planned on taking with him to college, much to their jealousy. They let them in anyway.

Radio tells them all about their journey and then they go look at the Master's photos of him as a teenager and high school graduate. Later, they are reunited with their old friend, T.V., who also used to live at the cottage, too. They ask him where the Master is, but before he can tell them that he went to the cottage, Plugsy changes the channel to Spanish, much to their annoyance. Then, the Cutting Edge appliances sing a song to them called "Cutting Edge". While the Master is still at the cottage looking for them, the Cutting Edge appliances knock all five of them out the window, right into a dumpster below. They all get dumped into a garbage truck headed to Ernie's Disposal, much to T.V.'s horror. Meanwhile, the Master and his girlfriend leave the cottage to drive come back to the apartment, while the five appliances are on the truck to the junkyard of cars and trucks.

After they all get dumped, a Giant Magnet comes down, which they avoid, picks up a the vehicle they were on, and drops it on a conveyor belt leading to a Crusher, much to their horror. Then they watch other broken down vehicles sing a song called "Worthless" as they each get picked up by the magnet and destroyed by the crusher. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, the Master, worried that he never found his childhood appliances, wonders what he should bring to his college dorm instead. His mother suggests he take the Cutting Edge Appliances to which Chris agrees, but he rejects the offer. Then, T.V. makes advertisements that Ernie's Disposal has cheap appliances for him, but he disagrees. So T.V. decides to make it sound more interesting by calling it Crazy Ernie's Bargain Circus, and sends them the address.

When Rob and Chris arrive at Ernie's Disposal, the five appliances get picked up by the magnet, and recognize him as the Master, much to their excitement. After getting off the conveyor belt, they go find him, but the giant magnet comes back and gets them before he could find them. While on the conveyor belt again, Toaster whispers them to jump off and split up to avoid the giant magnet. They attempt to get the get the Master's attention again, but Chris calls him to come back to her before he could find them. Then, they see a shadow coming toward them, thinking it's him coming back, but it's actually the magnet. They make a run for it, but the giant magnet gets really mad, that it gets all of them, along with everything else around them. Once again on the conveyor belt, headed for the crusher, the Master finally finds them all, except Toaster, who escapes alone. But the magnet stalks and takes Lampy, Radio, Blanky, and Kirby away from him, much to his anger. So he grabs ahold of Kirby, as the magnet drops them all on the conveyor belt to the crusher, but he can't escape because he gets stuck underneath a metal board. Toaster, the only one who can save their lives, makes a sacrifice by jumping into the crusher's gears, jamming it. Now safe, the Master takes them back to his apartment, and fixes Toaster. Finally, he loads them all in the trunk of the car, and drives with Chris to college. Radio makes a special news announcement to celebrate as they start a new life with further adventures ahead.

The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue[]

While in college, Rob takes Veterinary Class to become a veterinarian. At the animal lab, Radio looks out the window for the Master, and accidentally knocks down a plant. The other appliances ask him if he saw the Master, and he did. Lampy asks Radio to help him out the window, which he does, accidentally dropping him. Then Lampy rushes over to Rob's dorm to give him light for his college thesis on his Computer and Mouse. When the Master walks in the room, he turns on Lampy and starts typing his thesis on the Computer. Everything seems to be going well, until when he's almost done, the power malfunctions, and he gets an error saying: NO FILE EXISTS. Chris thinks Charlie, a computer genius would be able to help, which Rob agrees, but no luck. So after the Master falls asleep, Lampy, staying out of sight, decides to go back to the lab and tell the others.

On the way back, when he notices to college students passing by, he hides in a broken street light, making them think it was just fixed. When he makes it back outside the lab, he tosses up a rock to get everyone's attention. Later that night, they hear it outside, Radio, looks out the window, notices that it's Lampy when he accidentally knocks down a plant on him, and Lampy tosses up his cord for Kirby to reel him in. After they bring Lampy back in the lab, he tells them the bad news about the Master unable to finish his thesis on his computer back at the dorm. They decide to let Sebastian test the Lab Computer to see if she has the same problem. When Sebastian starts typing on the computer, she wakes up and invites her older computer friends to sing their song "Super Highway". After they leave, the lab computer starts getting a virus, so the others unplug her from the wall, and she is safe.

Meanwhile, Ratso mentions that there is something in the basement, which might be the cause of all the computer viruses, so he, Lampy, Radio, Toaster, and Blanky all go through the vent to see what it is. There is a screwed gate above the basement, which they try to pull open, but Lampy removes the screws, and they all make it inside. There, they find a malfunctioning TLW-728 computer named Wittgenstein, who has a bad computer virus, which is the causing all the power to go haywire. Radio says he is made of tubes, just like him, which is the problem. And they both have the same one: WFC-11-12-55, which is a rare, discontinued cathode tube. When they look inside Wittgenstein at all his tubes, which Radio calls Tube City, making him tingly inside, he asks Lampy to give him light, and is surprised to notice that the film is almost burned out in the main tube. So Radio and Ratso head over to the college campus supply storage to see if they can find another WFC-11-12-55 tube there.

Back at the basement, the others are excited to see that they had found it. Ratso knocks the tube out of Radio's grip so he can put it on Wittgenstein, but Radio gets cross with him because he was the one who told Ratso that because he was the one who told him to look for the tube in the first place, he wanted to put the tube on Wittgenstein instead. Toaster tells Radio to stop, but the two get in a fight with each other on installing the tube, and it breaks. The others get mad at Radio for his terrible mistake, especially Lampy, who tells him that Wittgenstein can't help the animals without that tube, and he regrets his actions, until all of a sudden, Wittgenstein gets a message that the animals are in danger with Mack McCro, who is planning on shipping them to Tartarus Laboratory. Wittgenstein does his best to stop that, but he blows up the last tube, and dies. Ratso blames Radio for it all, that he sadly walks away and hides behind boxes. Ratso then asks Radio if he has any bright ideas, so Radio, deciding there is no other option, sacrifices his own tube for them to put on Wittgenstein, leaving himself nonfunctional.

After mourning his sacrifice, Toaster installs the tube on Wittgenstein, reviving him good as new. Wittgenstein fixes all the power around the campus, and then the others come up with a rescue plan for the animals. The next day, after Rob completes his thesis, he, Chris, and Charlie go to the basement to find that Wittgenstein was the power source, and decide to move him to the Science Museum. Then, he finds Radio, and tells Chris that the WFC-11-12-55 tube is a rare cathode tube and impossible to find. Later, when he and Chris talk about all the animals getting new homes, except Ratso, who becomes their own pet, graduating college, marrying, and their new life ahead of him, he gives her a wedding ring. Then, he starts naming all the appliances they have, and is about to mention Radio, but just then, Chris has a gift for him too, which turns out to be a WFC-11-12-55 tube, that she searched for online and found in Nome, Alaska. He installs the tube in Radio and tests it, playing the song "I'm Into Something Good". Now functioning again, Toaster asks Radio how he feels, and he responds that he's getting cold feelings, which Blanky explains is because his tube came from Alaska. To celebrate their happy ending, they all sing a song called "Hang in There, Kid", and await their next adventure of their new life ahead.

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars[]

At the McGroartys' new house, Radio plays the song "Bread and Butter" to get everyone up and ready in the morning. Toaster likes the song and they all dance to it as Radio tells Blanky to turn up the volume. Ratso interrupts, but Kirby tells Radio to hit it, so he nearly finishes the song, until they get interrupted again by the Hearing Aid in the junk drawer, accompanied by the Calculator, who were both there when they moved in the house. Then, they look out the window to see the Master and Mistress, now married, come home with something all wrapped up, which Lampy thinks is a sausage, making Radio add in that it's one hungry sausage, until Toaster tells him that he was silly because it's not a sausage. To their surprise, it's a baby, whom Rob and Chris named "Robbie", although the appliances refer to him as "The Little Master".

When the Master and Mistress bring their newborn son inside, he starts crying because he's hungry, making them notice that he sounds just like the Master when he was little. But then, the Microwave rudely tells all five appliances that he is needed for usage instead of them because he is a hot one, just as Rob heats up Robbie's baby bottle inside him. Then they all wonder if the Little Master will like them as much as the Master did. As the days go by, he starts liking them after noticing that they're all alive and play with him, as he likes seeing Lampy's light and winking at him. One night, Hearing Aid sneaks out of the junk drawer quietly, but only Toaster wakes up and secretly follows him upstairs to the attic, wondering what he is up to.

The next day, Toaster explains to the others that Hearing Aid is up to something, and they must all stay up tonight and stop him. But of course, when night falls, they all fall asleep. Then, Hearing Aid sneaks out of the junk drawer again, and goes back upstairs to the attic, sending signals to outer space, trying to get in contact with someone, which wakes up Robbie, who wonders what's going on, and follows the sounds upstairs. Suddenly, Toaster wakes up, surprised to see that Hearing Aid snuck out of the junk drawer again, wakes up the others, and they all go up to stop him, until they notice the baby crawling up the stairs. Lampy uses his cord as a lasso to catch Robbie, but he only manages to pull off his pajamas instead. When they all finally make it to the attic, a tractor beam appears, which was supposed to take Hearing Aid, but it accidentally takes Robbie instead, disappearing up in the sky, much to their astonishment.

After accusing and blaming Hearing Aid for the loss of the Little Master, they connect green wires from him to Calculator to see where the Little Master has gone, and the result is Mars. After wondering how to get there, they use the computer to contact Wittgenstein for help. Radio tells him that they need travel arrangements, which turn out to be a laundry basket, ceiling fan, microwave oven, and microwave popcorn, so they set to work. With their flying machine all set up, they put the popcorn in the Microwave, it starts popping, Fanny starts spinning, and they all take off. As they're going up, they all wave goodbye to Ratso down below, who stayed to be safe from outer space, and to watch the baby monitor in the crib while the Master and Mistress are asleep. Then, Calculator tells them to hold on to their tubes, bulbs, knobs, and wires as they're about to be boosted into hyperspace. While flying in outer space, they see nothing at first, but later, Lampy thinks he sees aliens, which are actually a bunch of balloons that show up and sing their song "Floating" as some of them explain how they left Earth. After that, they start approaching Mars, which looks scary to them at first, but Blanky, thinking the popcorn is done, turns off Microwave, and they all start plummeting down on the planet fast, as they make a bumpy landing.

They are later welcomed by some satellites and Viking 1, accompanied by a Christmas Angel named Tinselina, who introduces them to the Wonder Luxe Appliances. Then, they notice a shark-like missile pointed up, which the Wonder Luxe appliances say is for the self-destruct of the planet Earth, much to their horror. Tinselina tells them the history and why they were sent to Mars. While looking for their Little Master, they ask where he is, and they say he is their prisoner. They find him in a bubble, and he is excited to see them. Then, they are taken to the Supreme Commander, who appears to be a giant refrigerator. The Supreme Commander welcomes them and tells them to enter a campaign with him, but they tell him that they came to Mars for their Little Master, not to join him. Toaster volunteers to enter the campaign, wins, and becomes the new Supreme Commander.

Meanwhile, they are told that the Ex-Supreme Commander has invited them to come inside him. The door opens and out comes a ramp, turning into an escalator. As Toaster gets on it, he invites the others to join him, but they feel unsure about it at first, as Lampy thinks it might be a trap, however Toaster assures them it's safe, so they all get on. When they all make it to the top, inside is an ocean, and Radio spots an ice tray on the shore, which they all board on like a boat, and Lampy spins his cord like a motor. They arrive at on island with an icy mountain, which they all climb up, and the top is another refrigerator. Then, they hear a voice inside it that welcomes them, which Radio tells the Hearing Aid sounds a lot like his. The door opens and reveals who the Ex-Supreme Commander really was inside: the Hearing Aid's long-lost brother. The two are happily reunited and he explains to them that the human touch of the baby's hand was what made him change his mind about hating humans and destroying Earth.

Before heading back to Earth, Tinselina and the Hearing Aid's brother decide to join them. They all board their laundry basket, load another batch of popcorn in the Microwave, and take off, saying goodbye to Viking 1 and all the Wonder Luxe appliances. All of a sudden, the Hearing Aid's brother noticed that he forgot to deactivate the missile that was sent to destroy Earth as it was getting ready to launch, and only he knows the abort code. Knowing Earth must be saved immediately, Toaster jumps off the laundry basket, rushes him over to the missile's launching station, and he successfully deactivates it. The others cheer, but since they don't have enough popcorn for another ignition sequence, they can't go back down and save Toaster along with Hearing Aid's brother, so they all form a chain, and their rescue plan succeeds. Afterwards, Tinselina gives up her real human hair and goose-feathered petticoat to put in the Microwave, as they are organic, which makes Fanny spins faster, and they are all headed home.

On the way, Toaster sings a song called "Home Again", and they all daydream of all their usages of the Master and Mistress, to which Lampy's is giving light to the Master while he types on the computer, accompanied by Radio playing music. When they all land back on Earth, Radio uses his antenna to pop Robbie's bubble, setting him free. But since it's morning, they all hurry back in the house to their places, and send Robbie, who had learned to walk, up to his parents. The next day, it's Christmas, and before opening presents Robbie says his first word: "Toaster" to his parents, and brings all five appliances in the room, much to their surprise, and they say: "Like father, like son." Then, the Christmas tree is all lit up, with Tinselina, now a new Christmas Angel on the top, which Robbie says is "Pretty." And they all live happily ever after.


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  • Lampy is a female in the German, Polish, Serbian, Czech 1992, Slovak, and Brazilian 1996 dubs, as well as Russian TV dubs for the first two movies.
    • Furthermore, the entire forest scene is censored from the TV version of the Polish dub, giving no explanation as to how his Polish counterpart burned out her bulb. However, this scene remains intact on the DVD.
  • In Thomas M. Disch's original novella The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, Lampy stayed behind with Kirby while the other appliances went on the mission. He was also named "Tensor", just like in the previous original novella, and although his surname is "Luxley", captions read "Locksley".
  • Lampy bears a striking resemblance to Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the character Rayman from Ubisoft's Rayman video game series.
  • There is a cameo of Lampy and friends in the series The Oz Kids in the episode "Christmas in Oz".
  • In the film National Treasure, Benjamin Gates stated that Thomas Edison discovered hundreds of ways not to make the light bulb before knowing the one way to make said invention work.
    • Lampy holds many references to Edison himself, not just because he's an electric light, but also because he comes up with many ridiculous ideas that seemed good at the time (e.g. riding on the Master's bed while Kirby pushes, using the Master's pogo stick, and riding in the refrigerator on a skateboard while Kirby pulls). Sooner or later, however, Lampy's inventive thinking pays off (e.g. turning himself into a lightning rod, or making the group look like a ghost to scare St. Peters).
    • One of Lampy's earliest lines even happens to be: "Holy mother of Edison!"

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