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Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors are characters from the animated series, Legend of the Three Caballeros. They are a group of four knights working for King Arthur, albeit depicted as anthropomorphic animals.


The Knights of the Round Table live in Camelot serving as King Arthur's knights. As said above, each of the four knights is depicted as anthropomorphic animals which support him during his reign. However, at first, they felt dissatisfied with Arthur for poor hero training during the training sequence; however, when April, May, and June accidentally summon a dragon, the four manage to help Arthur fight against the dragon in a plan to bring back the old style which Arthur previously did.


Not to be confused with Lancelot, the character from "Once Upon a Time".

Lancelot is a horse knight serving King Arthur and one of the four Knights of the Round Table. One of his biggest fears that he knew is that when he faced obstacles, Arthur taught him that his biggest fears aren't outside the castle but rather inside his mind.

Lancelot is voiced by Eric Bauza.

Galahad, a frog knight, is one of the Four Knights of the Round Table. During his lifetime, Arthur taught him that no armor is restrictive than the one guarding his heart.

Galahad is voiced by Matt Danner.

Not to be confused with Sir Kay, the character from "The Sword in the Stone".

The only female member of the Knights of the Round Table, Kay is an anthropomorphic ostrich knight supporting King Arthur during his lifetime. Kay eventually had a fear of trolls at first, but thanks to Arthur's heroism, she was able to conquer her fear of trolls.

Kay is voiced by Grey Griffin.

A dog knight serving as one of the four Knights of the Round Table, Bors lived his duty as one of Arthur's knights. Despite being known as "Bors the Older", he felt fearful of being called by his last name, but thanks to Arthur, he taught Bors how to change his name legally to "Bors the Younger" so he won't have to fear his last name, despite his age.

Bors is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Role in the series

In "Thanks a Camelot", Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors are introduced during Arthur's presentation where each of the four gave positive reviews about Arthur. During a training montage with Panchito, José, and Donald while stretching, Galahad stands next to the Caballeros who are practicing hero training. Arthur then calls Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors for a trust fall to make Arthur bound in mutual trust; Xandra approaches Arthur who explains that his new hero methods are interesting to which Arthur explains to the Caballeros that they can't be heroes if they can't be a team to which the Knights of the Round Table agree.

Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors walk on hot coals where the Caballeros must complete the challenge to face their fear of pain. After Donald runs through the coals, he passes by Bors, Kay, Galahad, and Lancelot who have completed the challenge just as Donald leaps into the trough where Lancelot is about to take a drink, much to his concern that he was about to have a drink. While Xandra is discussing with Arthur about what this training is all about, the four Knights of the Round Table explain that "there is no "I" in Camelot", which is about being brave hero.

King Arthur later instructs the participators for the next training exercise to which the Caballeros and Xandra feel uncomfortable about the training he provided them to which Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors share the same reaction with Donald, José, Panchito, and Xandra, much to Arthur explaining to them that this is treason much to the participants' complaints about poor hero training. The four Knights then later notice a dragon accidentally summoned by April, May, and June at Merlin's workshop, Xandra tells Arthur to help return to his own duty by fighting the dragon to which Arthur agrees and tell the knights to join him. However, Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors refuse to help, leaving Arthur alone with Xandra and the Caballeros.

As the red dragon Tyrone enters the throne room, he corners Xandra, Arthur, and the Caballeros, but the Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Galahad, Kay, and Bors, decide to help their king alongside Xandra and the Caballeros, where they work together with Arthur and their other allies in teamwork. Suddenly, the scroll which summons the dragon is tossed into the fire, which suddenly defeats the dragon. With the dragon vanquished, the Knights of the Round Table then celebrate their victory, alongside Arthur, Xandra, José, Panchito, and Donald. King Arthur and his knights are later approached by April, May, and June who enter the throne room to know if the Caballeros are safe to which they and Xandra agree.

Later at the village, Arthur thanks Xandra for giving him action again to which just before leaving, Arthur then offers a classic hero training worthy of the Three Caballeros to which the four Knights of the Round Table agree with Arthur's request.


  • Galahad speaks in a tone similar to Baby Kermit from the Muppet Babies reboot. Coincidentally, both are anthropomorphic frogs both voiced by Matt Danner.
  • In the original Arthurian legends, "Kay" was a male knight and is referred to as Arthur's foster brother, unlike the depiction of Kay in the series.
  • In Arthurian legends, "Bors" is the name of two separate knights, which consists of a younger knight and an elder knight while in the series, the name was given to one singular knight named "Bors" serving Arthur.

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