Lanny is a special operations rookie elf with a love for Christmas who appears in the Christmas special Prep & Landing. Voiced by Derek Richardson, he is paired with the disgruntled elf Wayne by North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator Magee. It would be thanks to his enthusiasm that would spark Wayne's love for Christmas again.


Official Bio

Lanny is a rookie on Prep & Landing. He has recently completed his training and graduated at the top of his class at Kringle Academy, achieving record marks in Holiday History and Christmas Cheer.

During his education there, Lanny was also the falsetto member of the Caroling Club, head of the Yuletide Yearbook Committee, and chief statistician for the Curling Team.

Lanny spent many years as a Snow Globe checker on the factory line, all the while dreaming of the day he would be accepted into Kringle Academy. Lanny’s poster of his Prep & Landing hero Wayne and routine visits to the Hall of Holiday Heroes kept Lanny motivated to achieve his goal.

Lanny comes from a large family who provide constant encouragement, particularly his mother. She sends Lanny weekly care packages of fruitcakes, candy canes, and vegetarian beef jerky.

Likes: Lanny loves the apricot fruitcake at the Fruitcake Factory. He often joins his Kringle Academy friends Wendy and Vicky for the popular “Fruitcake Factory Friday Food Fests”.

Dislikes: Lanny has few dislikes, although he is occasionally defensive when his cranky grandpa often comments that he is "ganglier than a newborn reindeer".


Prep & Landing

Lanny is introduced as one of the top secret Christmas elves whose mission is to enter houses without getting noticed, being described as an elf agent part of Prep & Landing, an elite unit of elves traveling to various houses worldwide ready for Santa's arrival. The following year on Christmas Eve, Lanny encounters Wayne at Magee's office telling Magee to open the door for him. He enters her office and introduces himself to Wayne. Magee then takes him and Wayne to Thrasher, the last available transport reindeer to deploy the elves to the spot where Santa would arrive at which is at Timmy's house. Upon arriving, Lanny decides to go upstairs while Wayne decides to relax and do a cookie break. Lanny then examines to know if everything is perfect at Timmy's house before Timmy wakes up. When it comes to Lanny asking Wayne for help, Wayne refuses to.

Lanny then arrives at the area where Timmy looks as Wayne, putting him to sleep. He and Wayne then plan on putting Timmy back to bed, telling Wayne to imagine of how Timmy would feel during Christmas Day. Just as Magee cancels Santa's route, Wayne feels sad that he never meant for this cancellation to happen. To stop this cancellation, Wayne calls Santa to help him do his job just as he and Lanny work together to bring Santa get to Timmy's house. After a failed attempt to help Santa arrive because the snowstorm blew away the ropes, Lanny and Wayne gather an inflatable snow globe and some Christmas lights to help Santa just as he and Wayne light the signal for Santa. The two manage to help Santa's sleigh land on the rooftop of Timmy's house so Santa could deliver the gifts to Timmy.

Back at NPCECCC, Lanny arrives at Wayne telling him that the elves will start the gift exchange just as Wayne arrives at Santa's room to apologize the mistake he did. After his talk with Santa was successful, Wayne explains to Lanny that he offered him a promotion as Director of the Nice List just as he shows him the snow globe of Timmy's best Christmas. At the end, Lanny receives a fruitcake from Magee, happy that this is the best Christmas ever for him and Wayne.

Operation: Secret Santa

Lanny, alongside his partner Wayne, returns in this special where Magee takes them to a "Silent Night" operation. As the two arrive at Mrs. Claus's sleigh, Mrs. Claus offers the elves hot chocolate as well as an important mission where Lanny and Wayne must find a wooden box at Santa's office. As the elves begin their mission, she tells them not to make her sad. Lanny, however, tells Wayne that this is a bad idea as he and Wayne might be on Santa's Naughty List just as the two arrive there. Just as Santa wakes up, he scolds the elves for sneaking into his office he puts the two on the Naughty List, causing the elves to receive coal for Christmas. Back at the office again, Mrs, Claus tells Lanny and Wayne about the miniature Christmas tree on the bookshelf. The two manage to unlock a switch leading down to Santa's Secret Workshop to which as Lanny and Wayne arrive there, the two find the wooden box that Mrs. Claus requested in order to complete their mission. Upon grabbing it, the two manage to escape before Santa wakes up. Back with Mrs. Claus, she receives the wooden wheel piece to her husband, which is a wooden duck (the first toy that Santa has ever made). Santa then thanks his wife for finding the missing piece just as the NPCECCC elves gaze in awe.

Naughty vs. Nice

Lanny returns in the special where he meets Wayne trying the new Natalé Turbo just as he and Wayne encounter Magee along with Mr. Thistleton via hologram telling the two that a Fruitcake Conduct Calculator is found in the house of a naughty girl named "Grace Goodwin" just as takes the elves to the NPCECCC telling the two that the next assignment is a bit tricky because only an expert Coal Elf would help the two with the assignment. As the elves go to the Christmas Carol's area, the two encounter Noel who introduces himself to the elves. Telling the other elves about saving Christmas, Wayne introduces Lanny to Noel as Wayne's little brother. While on an assignment, Lanny, Noel, and Wayne board on Thrasher to get to Grace's house. On their way, Lanny listens to Wayne Noel recaps his childhood relationship with Wayne just as Wayne remembers his relationship with Noel. Thrasher then deploys Lanny, Noel, and Wayne to their destination.

Arriving there, Noel tells Lanny and Wayne to be careful while exploring the house to which Wayne unintentionally activates a ringtone causing Grace to watch over the elves at the living room. Just as the ringtone activates Grace's toy rabbit, Noel stops it while Lanny arrives at Grace's room. Grace angrily ties up Lanny, demanding him to give her the password so she can access the North Pole's system to which Lanny becomes confused about this just as Noel and Wayne hear Grace's demand while Noel spies on the Fruitcake that Magee talked about. Just as Grace mishears Lanny giving her the magic word, she enters a password that damages the NPCECCC's system causing every nice children to be on the Naughty List just as Noel finds the Fruitcake Conduct Calculator in order to stop this. Lanny, Noel, Wayne, and Grace (who joins in this time) head towards the large building's antenna to fix the NPCECCC's system; Wayne and Noel manage to stop every nice children from being on the Naughty List.

Later, Lanny attends the Elf of the Year event where Wayne and Noel are awarded for being this year's Elf of the Year.


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