Lantern Hill is a 1990 television film written and directed by filmmaker Kevin Sullivan and based on the novel by L.M. Montgomery Jane of Lantern Hill. The film was co-produced by Sullivan Entertainment, the Disney Channel and CBC. The film is similar to Anne of Green Gables, mainly because of the same location. Lantern hill is the same house that they used for Green Gables, it's just painted orange. Many of the actors and actresses from Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and Road to Avonlea made appearances in this film.


12 year old Jane Stuart (Mairon Bennett) has long been told by her Grandmother Kennedy (Zoe Caldwell) that her father is dead. But when her mother, Robin Stuart (Patricia Phillips) returns home after recovering from a long illness, Jane learns that her mysterious father, Andrew Stuart (Sam Waterston) is still alive. When Jane finally meets her father and travels with him to Prince Edward Island to stay at Lantern Hill, their family home, she discovers that he is a kind man that cares deeply for both her and her mother. Determined to bring her parents back together, Jane enlists the aid of Hepzibah (Colleen Dewhurst), a powerful mystic, to help her solve an old mystery that has torn apart her family.


  • Jane Stuart – Mairon Bennett
  • Andrew Stuart – Sam Waterston
  • Robin Stuart – Patricia Phillips
  • Mrs. Kennedy – Zoe Caldwell
  • Jody – Sarah Polley
  • Hepzibah – Colleen Dewhurst
  • Aunt Irene – Vivian Reis
  • Violet Titus – Joyce Campion
  • Justina Titus – Florence Paterson
  • Lillian Morrow – Sharry Flett
  • Evelyn Morror – Glori Gage
  • Aggie – Dora Dainton
  • William Kennedy – Robert Benson
  • Phyllis Kennedy – Juno Mills Cockell
  • Gertrude Kennedy – Jillian Cook
  • Frank Price – James Mainprize
  • Mary Price – Judy Sinclair
  • Cook - Valerie Boyle
  • Superintendent - Durward Allen
  • Mrs. Stanley - Esther Hockin
  • Anne Farquhar - Cecily Stanley
  • Agnes Ripley - Alyson Court
  • Schoolgirl - Dorion Davis
  • Mrs. Simpson - Denise Fergusson
  • Charlotte Simpson - Ellen Dubin
  • Little Schoolgirl - Gillian Steeve
  • Poultry Boy - Noam Zylberman
  • Owen Meade - Gareth Bennett
  • Jimmy-John Meade - Zachary Bennett
  • Dr. Arnett - Dan MacDonald
  • Milkman - Paul Coeur
  • Train Conductor - Jack Mather
  • Train Cook - Jason St. Amour

List of Awards

  • Heartland Film Festival – Crystal Heart Award, 1992
  • 2 Gemini Awards:
    • Best Supporting Actress (Sarah Polley), 1991
    • Best Costume Design (Martha Mann), 1991
  • ACE Award – Best Supporting Actress (Colleen Dewhurst), 1990
  • Emmy Nomination – Best Supporting Actress (Colleen Dewhurst), 1990
  • Frankfurt Film Festival – Nominated, 1990
  • 38th Annual Columbus Film Festival – Honourable Mention – Art & Culture Category, 1990
  • International Film & Television Festival of New York – Family Special – Finalist Certificate, 1990

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