Larry is a major character from the 2006 CG animated Disney film The Wild.


The Wild

Larry is a dimwitted yet very good-hearted anaconda snake who tries to keep up with Samson and the gang, despite his lack of hands or legs. Though he does help, being the stretchiest animal in the zoo, and his elongated body can be used as a variety of things. He is used as a slingshot during the curling championship when Samson is about to fling his turtle curling iron across the ice rink, but slips. Larry is also used as a prop when he and the other animals become trapped inside a garbage disposal truck. Samson uses Larry to hold the trash compressor open, but it fails. Larry then frightens the truck driver, and the animals manage to escape. Larry is almost killed as a pack of rabid stray dogs tried to attack the snake, so Samson make him along with the other two escape through the sewer rather than fight. He accompanies Samson during Ryan's rescue and gives Ryan a choking hug upon finding him. Larry is last seen on the boat wearing a fruit hat and makeup done by Cloak and Camo as a "snake-over", and dances with his zoo friends as they head back home.



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