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Larry the Minotaur (or simply the Minotaur) is a character who appears in Legend of the Three Caballeros.


Larry lives in the Labyrinth located in the Isle of Crete in Ancient Greece. When the Caballeros first encountered him, the three encounter the Minotaur in his skinny form but when José inadvertently offends him, he transforms into his muscular form, regaining his super strength. Despite him being an obstacle to the Caballeros, it is shown that the Minotaur was trying to have fun since he never had enough fun since the first Olympics.

Additionally when the Caballeros first encountered him, most of his dialogues only consist of the word "moo" but later throughout the series, he is capable of speaking regular language albeit adding "moo" in his sentences (Example: "Oh, moo" instead of "Oh, no" and "Excuse moo?" instead of "Excuse me?").

Physical Appearance

Larry is a red minotaur with yellow hair. He also wears a large necklace with a capital letter "M" on it. Intially, he wears a pink bathrobe when he first appears but later throughout the series, he appears in a muscular form albeit still wearing pink bedroom slippers, despite transforming into a muscular form. Aside from this, Larry wears two golden gauntlets on his arms as well as purple loincloth (covered by a belt with a capital letter "M" on it).

Role in the series

In "Labyrinth and Repeat", Panchito, José Carioca, and Donald Duck encounter the Minotaur (in skinny form) while arriving at the Labyrinth. Later when José tries to talk with him and explains to Panchito and Donald that he might have said something wrong about his mother, he becomes very furious about what José said to him, becoming a muscular Minotaur just as chases the three across the Labyrinth. As Larry chases the Caballeros across the Labyrinth, Donald devises a plan so the Three Caballeros can split up, much to his conscience talking to him as the three continue running across the Labyrinth to escape the Minotaur during a wild chase. During the chase, Donald tells Panchito and José to hide behind a group of statues so the Minotaur would stop chasing them to which as the Minotaur looks confused, Donald notices that Larry's tail is touching his nose, causing him to sneeze just as the Caballeros continue being chased across the Labyrinth.

As the Minotaur continues chasing the Caballeros across the Labyrinth, Panchito then explains to José and Donald that being chased by a Minotaur reminds him of the running of the bulls and as Donald sees Panchito's lasso, Donald tells Panchito to ride him like if he were an actual bull at a rodeo. Donald and José, who are using a red loincloth as a bullfighter's cape, lure the Minotaur into a column which he crashes into it, causing the structures inside the Labyrinth to collapse. As the Three Caballeros find three amulets, a large column brings the three to the top of the island having escaped from the Minotaur. Xandra suddenly congratulates the Caballeros for finding the amulets and as Donald tells Xandra that he showed the "stinky Minotaur who's boss", Larry, offended by Donald, suddenly appears next to the three as he is shown to have survived the falling debris.

Cornered by the Minotaur, Donald corrects himself by saying "fragrant" instead of the previous word he just said earlier to which the Minotaur calms himself. The Minotaur then explains to himself that he didn't have enough fun since the first Olympics as Xandra thanks Larry, who thanks her that his work is done. As Larry leaves, Xandra explains to the Caballeros that the challenge she gave the three is a test where one survivor alone could not defeat the Minotaur and the Three Caballeros had to work together as a team and the original ancestors left the amulets back there and could only be found by only those who are worthy enough to survive the labyrinth.

In "Sheldgoose Square Dance", Larry is summoned during the final battle against Baron Von Sheldgoose who sends in a couple of mutated termites to go after the Caballeros when Xandra is planning to counter this attack. As Larry is summoned, he explains to Xandra to know why she called him to which Sheldgoose inadvertently offends him by calling him a "hunky slab of beef", in which the Minotaur charges across the hallway to barge through the termites just as the Caballeros and Xandra continue to proceed to the Summoning Chamber. As Felldrake continues a plan for a new age of darkness, Larry is sent back to the Labyrinth in Crete via zoom point as it is shown that the reinforcements summoned during the final battle are sent back to their respective homes. Even after the final battle has ended, it is likely that Larry remains in Crete once again.


  • Larry is prominently featured in the show's opening theme.
  • When the Caballeros first meet Larry, he is first seen in skinny form wearing a pink bathrobe but for the rest of his appearances, his appearance never changes after appearing in muscular form.
  • One of Larry's lines is "I haven't had much fun since the first Olympics". Historically when the first Olympics took place in Athens in 1896, Crete lives very far away from Athens in real life.

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