Lash is one of the two tertiary antagonists (after Stitches and Royal Pain) in Sky High. He is one of the school's bullies, and later an ally of Royal Pain.



Lash is a condescending, arrogant, narcissistic bully, much like his friends Speed and Penny.


  • Elasticity: Lash has the power to extend and contract his body and its parts to great lengths. He was able to use his elasticity to convert himself into the equivalent of a giant slingshot. Lash likes to use his ability to stir up trouble, such as tripping Will Stronghold in the cafeteria to provoke a fight with Warren Peace, ups a cup of ginger ale at the Homecoming dance, and snatches Ron Wilson's cap.

Role in the film

Lash and Speed first appear outside of Sky High as seniors, and approach the freshmen asking for a nonexistent student fee of twenty dollars. Ethan, however, realizes they are lying, and they are dismissed by Student Body President Gwen Grayson (who they have, or soon will, form an alliance with).

Lash and Speed take their bus driver's hat until they are confronted by Will Stronghold. Deciding it not worth the trouble, they head off. That day, during lunch, Lash sees Will is near Warren Peace and trips him, emptying the sidekick's tray contents onto Peace. While Will is fighting Warren in the school cafeteria as a result, Lash trips him again.

After stuffing Ethan and Zach into lockers, the two bullies are intercepted by Will and Layla, who challenge them in a game of Save the Citizen. The two ultimately lose after Will ties Lash to a pole, which Speed is smashed into, stunning him.

After Gwen reveals herself as Royal Pain, Lash teams up with Speed and Penny and they intercept Will and his friends. Hot on Ethan's trail, Lash is caught off guard when his opponent kicks him, dunking his head in a bathroom toilet (and taking revenge).


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