Laurel Lightfoot is an elf and a major character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film Onward. She is the mother of Ian and Barley, and widow of Wilden Lightfoot.


At some point, Laurel met, dated, and eventually happily married Wilden Lightfoot, and then had their first son with him, Barley. A few years after, Laurel became pregnant with their second child, but alas Wilden fell ill. According to Laurel, Wilden fought his sickness as hard as he could because he wanted to meet their second child. Unfortunately, the sickness was too much. Laurel tried to take Barley to say goodbye to his dad, but poor Barley had been too afraid to see his father in his condition... and wasn't there for Wilden's final moments.

Shortly after Wilden passed away, Laurel gave birth to her second son, Ian, and raised her sons by herself.

As her boys grew into their teens, Laurel moved on and started dating a centaur police officer named Colt Bronco.


Laurel is a warm and loving mother and deeply loves her sons, willing to risk life and limb to protect them. She is brave, as she charged a dangerous monster without hesitation while declaring herself a 'mighty warrior'.

She cares for her sons and wants them to be happy and safe, but also encourages them to overcome their insecurities. Whenever something is depressing them, she does her best to cheer them up and look at things in the positive.

Although she misses her husband, Laurel has apparently moved on as she is dating Colt Bronco and is comfortable enough in their relationship to discuss her sons with him. She quickly becomes good friends with Corey when they join forces to save her sons and are implied to go on adventures together at the end of the movie.

Role in the film

Laurel is first seen exercising to a workout video when Ian comes downstairs and she wishes him a happy 16th birthday and notices Ian is wearing his dad's old college sweatshirt. She encourages Ian to try new things on his birthday while berating Barley for some fuss he raised over an old fountain scheduled to be demolished after Colt Bronco stops by to see her.

After Ian comes home from school, Laurel notices her son is feeling depressed, especially about his late dad, Wilden. Remembering something, she tells Ian that she has a gift for him and Barley... from their dad.

The gift turns out to be a wizard staff, along with a message and a spell from Wilden, saying he left his sons this staff and spell that would allow them to bring him back to life for one day. Although Barley wholeheartedly tries his best to cast the spell, it doesn't work, depressing the family again although Laurel tries to put a positive spin on it by saying the spell is proof that Wilden wanted so much to meet them that he'd try anything, that it was the thought that counted. After being assured from Ian that he was okay, Laurel went off to pick up his birthday cake.

When she returned a short while later, she found a message from her sons that they'd be back with a surprise, and clues that pointed her towards the Manticore's Tavern.

Driving there, she found it to be on fire and found out from the restaurant owner, Corey the Manticore, that Ian and Barley had come to her, looking for help to find a Phoenix Gem, but unfortunately she'd failed to mention a curse involving the gem. After helping Corey elude the police, Laurel asked Corey about the curse and learned that if the gem is removed from its hiding place the curse would conjure a "beast" and the only way to destroy it was with her sword, Curse Crusher... which Corey had unfortunately sold to a pawn shop a while back.

They stopped to buy it back from the pawn shop owner, Greckle, but when she hears Corey mention the sword is one of a kind and forged from rare metals, she charges a huge amount of money for it. After a brief argument,. Corey stings Greckle, paralyzing her and they take the sword although Laurel left behind some money for it.

The next morning as they're driving, Laurel hears from Colt about the boys evading him and the police when a Pixie crashes onto her windshield, startling her so that she drives off-road and wrecks her car. But then Laurel gets an idea and suggests Corey re-familiarize herself with her wings.

Later, after Barley finds the gem and accidentally invokes the curse and causes a dragon made of stone and debris to appear, Laurel, riding on Corey's back, flies down to face the monster. Corey is able to cut off the dragon's wings but is knocked down, injuring her back. Taking up Curse Crusher, Laurel boldly charges the monster to protect her sons and, working together with Ian who'd mastered some spells, they slay the monster and break the curse.

Laurel watches from a distance as Barley and Wilden share a quick word before he disappears.

At the end of the movie, Laurel is revealed to remain good friends with Corey... and possibly going on adventures with her as she leaves home with a double-headed battleaxe.


  • This is Julia Louis-Dreyfus' second animated role in a Pixar film. The first was A Bug's Life, where she previously voiced the character of Princess Atta.
    • Louis-Dreyfus is not the only acting talent to return for another Pixar film; Dave Foley, who co-starred in A Bug's Life along with her, voiced the role of Terry in Monsters University.
      • Dave Foley, however, participates in this film as one of the additional voices.
  • Laurel's design bears a very similar appearance to Sadness from Inside Out.
  • A possible nod to Toy Story happens when Laurel steps on a soldier figurine belonging to Barley and berates him for leaving it in the hallway, which is similar to Toy Story where Mrs. Davis steps on one of the Green Army Men and annoyingly mentions she thought she told Andy to pick them up.


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