Lawrence Edward Kasdan is an American screenwriter, producer, and director. He has been nominated for three Oscars: twice for Best Original Screenplay for The Big Chill and Grand Canyon and once for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Accidental Tourist.

He is also the father of fellow directors Jake Kasdan and Jonathan Kasdan.

For Disney, Kasdan wrote the remaining screenplay for George Lucas' Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back after the death of Leigh Brackett, who wrote the first draft. Lucas later commissioned Kasdan to write the screenplay for Return of the Jedi.

Owing to his tremendous success in helping George Lucas shape the Star Wars films, J.J. Abrams hired Kasdan to co-write the screenplay for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Kasdan also produced the film. Kasdan later wrote the screenplay for the 2018 film Solo. Shortly after that film's release, Kasdan announced that he will no longer work on the Star Wars franchise.

Kasdan also wrote, produced, and directed the 1999 Touchstone Pictures film Mumford.


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