Leadbottom is a character in Planes and Planes: Fire & Rescue. He used to be Dusty's mentor in crop-dusting, and forces him to keep his old career.


Official Description

Leadbottom is a puttering old biplane and a grumbling taskmaster, a real “tank-half-empty” kind of guy. As the proprietor of Vitaminamulch, a special—albeit putrid—blend of vitamins, minerals, and mulch that works miracles when sprayed on crops, Leadbottom has no time for Dusty’s far-fetched flights of fancy. There are too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. For Leadbottom, it’s work first, then … well, more work.[1]


Leadbottom is a grumpy old biplane who spends his life working rather than racing. Leadbottom is the founder of Vitaminamulch, a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and mulch that works wonders when sprayed on crops.

He holds the unshakeable belief that crop spraying is the best job in the world, considering all other professions to be inferior.



Leadbottom is a crop duster who uses a spray called Vitaminamulch to dust crops around Propwash Junction. He has Dusty Crophopper working with him, but Dusty is more interested in racing, to which Leadbottom urges him to give his dream up. After their working time is up, Leadbottom notes that with a crop duster wanting to race, more racers should do crop-dusting.

Later, he comes across Dusty, Chug and Roper, after Roper arrives in Propwash Junction to inform Dusty that he is in the Wings Around the Globe Rally. Roper is disgusted by the smell of Vitaminamulch, which Leadbottom explains about it before driving away singing to himself.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Leadbottom returns in Planes: Fire & Rescue, offering Dusty to come back to his job when he hears that Dusty's racing career may be over due to his damaged gearbox. Skipper tries to politely turn down Leadbottom's offer, insisting that it is too early to pitch it, but Leadbottom ignores him, even when Skipper offers to buy him a can of oil. Chug and Sparky then stand up to Leadbottom, insisting that Dusty would not return to crop-dusting, but everyone notices that he's gone.

The next day, after putting out a fire Dusty accidentally caused, Ryker shuts down Propwash Junction for inadequate firefighting personnel, threatening to ruin the airport's annual Corn Festival if no plane can land. Dottie and Sparky propose refurbishing Mayday to meet Ryker's standards, but they would need to hire a second firefighter. Leadbottom states that the timing couldn't be worse, as it's fire season. Thankfully, Dusty decides to get certified as a firefighter, allowing Propwash to be reopened. Leadbottom then attends a show that has Dusty and the crew from Piston Peak taking part.

Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular

In the short film, Leadbottom advertises Vitaminamulch to spectators watching Dusty in action. However, the two stunt vehicles, Air Devil Jones and Vandemonium, are not coming to the event, and Leadbottom fears that their lack of presence would turn away the fertilizer distributor VIPs in attendance. Therefore, he tries to pass off Dusty and Chug as Air Devil Jones and Vandemonium respectively, albeit unconvincingly. As the crowd starts to disperse, in desperation, Leadbottom urges the duo to perform their running landing stunt. Unfortunately, Dusty panics when Chug mentions that he's filled with 700 gallons of highly flammable avgas. Chug then backs into Sparky, who accidentally punches a hole in Chug's tank, and a spark ignites the gasoline, starting a flame that chases the fuel trail left by Chug, and igniting fireworks along its path, prompting the audience to stay. Eventually, one chaotic event after another, the trio crash into Vitamina-Me, the airplane sculpture composed of Vitaminamulch, launching the sculpture into the sky, raining fertilizer on the entire audience, prompting them to cheer. Pleased, Leadbottom thanks the trio and says they have a 3 o'clock show to do, much to their dismay.

Video games

Planes: The Video Game

Although he does not appear in Planes: The Video Game, he is mentioned by Dusty Crophopper when he has to spray Vitaminamulch onto the crops, as he says to get low to the ground, fly directly over the field, and release the Vitaminamulch.



Leadbottom: (after Dusty is daydreaming) "Pay attention. You're daydreaming again."
Dusty Crophopper: "Uh... Me? No, no, no! No." (Leadbottom stares at him.) "Okay, yes. But, you know, come on, Leadbottom. Really? How hard is this? Fly straight, turn around. Fly straight, turn around."
Leadbottom: "Are you disrespecting the sweet science of aerial application?"
Dusty Crophopper: "Look, I am more than just a crop duster."
Leadbottom: "Don't go flap-jawing about that Flings Around the Planet air racing nonsense again."
Dusty Crophopper: "Excuse me, it's called the Wings Around the Globe Rally."
Leadbottom: (sighs) "For the love of Peterbilt!"
Dusty Crophopper: "And it's not nonsense. I-I've got a tight turn radius and a high power-to-weight ratio."
Leadbottom: "You know what else you got?"
Dusty Crophopper: "What?"
Leadbottom: "A screw loose! I mean, why would you want to give up crop-dusting? Blue skies, no air traffic, and that tangy scent of Vitaminamulch." (inhales and sprays Vitaminamulch from his sprayer) "Mmm. Just like Momma used to spray. Delicious."
Dusty Crophopper: (smelling the spray) "Ugh! Uh... They say the sense of smell is the first time to go."
(A horn is then heard.)
Leadbottom: "You smell it? Mmm-hm!"
Dusty Crophopper: (hearing the horn) "Quitting time!" (flies off)
Leadbottom: (scoffs) "A crop duster wanting to be a racer! If you ask me, more racers should want to be crop dusters." (singing) "I got some minamulch, yeah! Minamulch"
—Leadbottom trying to make Dusty give up his dream of racing.
Roper: (sniffs Dusty) "Googly moogly! What is that smell?!"
Dusty Crophopper: "It's Vitaminamulch."
Roper: "Vitamina-what?"
Leadbottom: (comes up) "The finest-smelling compost this side of the Mississippi. Original, creamy and chunky style." (sniffs) "Oh, yeah. Smell that? Mmm. It's like daffodils and like Sunday dinner. Oh! I just love it. I love it." (sings as he drives off) "I got some minamulch, yeah! I got some minamulch, yeah!"
Roper: "Uh, that old airplane needs some help. Y'all know that, right?"
Dusty Crophopper and Chug: "Yeah."
—Leadbottom explaining to Roper about Vitaminamulch.

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Sparky: (to Dusty) "It's a great start! Can you believe it?"
Chug: "Because if that gearbox is out there, we're gonna find it for you, buddy!"
Leadbottom: "And, hey, if you don't, it's all right. Because the answer is 'Yes!'"
Dusty Crophopper: "'Yes?'"
Chug: "What?"
Skipper Riley: "Yes?"
Sparky: "Huh?"
Leadbottom: "Yes, of course you can have your old job back."
Skipper Riley: "Leadbottom."
Leadbottom: "Don't even have to bother asking. That's just the kind of guy I am."
Skipper Riley: "Leadbottom, I'm sure Dusty appreciates your offer..."
Leadbottom: "Of course, you got to start back at minimum wage, and you lost all your vacation time, gotta go through orientation again."
Skipper Riley: "Leadbottom, please!"
Leadbottom: "Once you acquire the taste for Vitaminamulch, you can't live without it. It's like Mama's jalapeno chili. Spicy!" (backfires, causing a forklift to tip) "Twice!"
Skipper Riley: "It's just that now is not the best time."
Leadbottom: "Come on, Skipper!"
Skipper Riley: (groans)
Leadbottom: "I can get his old sprayer back from that Germany place. Have it cleaned up and bolted back on him in no time!" (imitates tools whirring)
Skipper Riley: "I'll tell you what, let me buy you a can of oil."
Leadbottom: "I'll tell you what, Dusty is the best duster I've ever known."
Chug: "And I'm telling you that Dusty don't crop dust no more!"
Sparky: "That's right, no more!"
Chug: "He's a racer!"
Sparky: "A racer!"
Chug: "And he's gonna be back to racing in no time!"
Sparky: "In no time!"
—Leadbottom, Skipper, Chug, Sparky and Dusty, as Leadbottom comments about giving Dusty back his job of crop-dusting.

Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular

Dusty Crophopper: "Yep. Air Devil Jones and Vandemonium are definitely..."
Leadbottom: "Not coming."
Dusty Crophopper: "Say what?"
Sparky: "They got fogged in in Flagstaff!"
Leadbottom: "I'm ruined!"
Crowd: (chanting) "Air Devil Jones! Air Devil Jones!"
Leadbottom: " Every major fertilizer distributor is here, and they are not going to buy a product associated with an angry mob.
Dusty Crophopper: "Now, hold on, Leadbottom. You've put every cent you have into this. There's got to be something we can do."
Leadbottom: "Like what? Everyone's expecting..." (notices a poster, and looks between it and Dusty and Chug several times) "Hmm."
(Leadbottom is then shown announcing to the crowd on stage.)
Leadbottom: "The greatest stunt team in the world, the one and only, Air Devil Jones and Vandemonium!"
(The crowd cheers as Leadbottom announces to them, but get shocked and remain silent when they see Dusty and Chug in disguise.)
Roper: "What?!"
—Leadbottom getting an idea of having Dusty and Chug disguised as Air Devil Jones and Vandemonium.



  • Leadbottom's design is based on a PT-17 Sterman Biplane.
  • Unlike Dusty, Leadbottom's sprayer is built into his lower wings.


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