Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is a platform game Released for the Game Gear in 1995, with a Master System version released in Brazil at the end of 1998.


A dark shadow has struck the land and King Pete is told by the adviser that only a king can find the legendary water of life to heal the land. The cowardly Pete makes Mickey, a laundry boy an honorary king. Reluctant at first, Mickey sets off to save the kingdom.


Legend of Illusion Gameplay


Unlike the other two Master System/Game Gear Illusion game, Mickey defeats enemies by throwing bars of soap (and later rocks) to defeat them rather than bounce on them. Frequently there are puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the stages. One of the stages is a scrolling shooter. If all gems are collected in the final level, the player is rewarded with an alternate ending after King Pete is beaten.

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