Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush! was an interactive experience at Disneyland's Frontierland in 2014 that served as a playtest for the roleplaying aspects of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.


Frontierland and the neighboring town of Rainbow Ridge are in the midst of a feud for control of the gold in the territory as the mining in Big Thunder Mountain has begun to dry up. Guests can pick a side, earn bits, and "buy land" to help their faction's cause.

Locations and activities that were part of the game included:

  • Trading Post – This is the meeting place and first stop for new Frontierland citizens. This is also where citizens can keep up with the latest Frontierland news and swap plans for fending off those Rainbow Ridge ruffians.
  • Hideout – Like the Trading Post, the Hideout is the first stop and central meeting place for citizens of Rainbow Ridge.
  • Telegraph Station – The information hub of Frontierland, this is the place to send and receive important messages.
  • Sheriff’s Office and Jail – This is where outlaws are brought to justice and where lawmakers work to keep the peace.
  • Talent Agency – Based in the Golden Horseshoe, this is where new talent is discovered and showcased in Frontierland.
  • Card Table – Also located in the Golden Horseshoe, this ongoing card game plays host to outlaws and heroes alike. Be careful what you say here! You never know who may be listening.

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