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Leif "Lily" Plantar was a character of the 2019 animated series Amphibia. She was one of the former friends of King Andrias along with Barrel the Brave.



Physical appearance

She is a pink female frog with blonde hair wearing a hood. She also resembles her descendant Sprig Plantar in terms of skin tone and hair color.

Role in the Series


Over 1,000 years before the events of the show, King Andrias was friends with a frog and a toad.

However, it is implied that Andrias' friends stole the Calamity Box from under his watch, hid it on Earth and stopped Newtopia's years of development. As more time went by, Amphibia forgot about Newtopia's old legacy.

Years later, she returned to Amphibia under the name Lily and established Wartwood, got married, and raised a family of her own. Before she died of old age, she wrote one final letter to Andrias explaining everything to him and telling him that she never forgot him or Barrel.

Season 2

She only appears in a torn portrait that was hidden away deep within Andrias' castle and in a flashback when Andrias revealed his true dark agenda.

Season 3

She appeared with the music box on an ancient jar displayed at the Natural History Museum. It served as a clue to the connection to Amphibia and earth.

She appears in "The Core & The King" where it is revealed how she betrayed Andrias. After playing around with the music box, she unintentionally touches all three gemstones and has a horrible vision of what would become of Amphibia should King Aldrich invade Earth. She sees Amphibia in ruins, the Olm's prophecy, and a mysterious planet in a direct collision course with Amphibia. She tries to warn King Aldrich of this and how the constant use of the music box is upsetting the balance of the multiverse, but is dismissed. At the cost of betraying Andrias and Barrel, she steals the music box and uses one of the Moss Men to escape Newtopia. Knowing that they'll be after her and the music box now that she's a full blown traitor to Newtopia, Leif heads to the Olms and with their help, she escapes from Amphibia to Earth.

As revealed in her letter to Andrias in "All In," she returned to Amphibia upon hiding the music box on Earth. She founded Wartwood and started the Plantar Family Farm. She soon found a nice frog who later became her husband and they raised a family together. As she grew old, she never forgot Andrias and the time they spent together. Before her death, she wrote one final letter to Andrias telling him to never forget those he loves and to not harden himself because of her actions.


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  • Leif is implied to be a Plantar due to her dance being the same that Sprig showed Anne. This is later confirmed in "Newts in Tights".

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