Lele is the deuteragonist of the 2015 Pixar animated short Lava. She is a singing volcano female who falls in love with the male volcano, Uku.


Lele is a female stratovolcano. She originally lived at the bottom of the sea, but when sprouted, she is revealed to be beautiful. She has a carved face and black rock that resembles hair and green grass that resembles a gown.

Role in the short film

Lele first appears after millions of years pass when Uku discovered that Lele, a female volcano, was listening to his singing. Upon listening to Uku singing his song for the last time, Lele suddenly erupts to the surface of the ocean, leaving Uku ready to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Knowing that Lele could not see Uku, the male volcano sinks underwater as Lele sings that she has someone to fall in love with her. As Uku hears Lele singing, cracks of lava form a heart to surround the volcano that sank underwater as Uku rises to the surface of the ocean. As a result, Lele finally falls in love with Uku, leaving him no longer lost in the ocean as, as she and Uku sing together in love.

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