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Lena Sabrewing[5] (born Lena De Spell) is a supporting character in the 2017 reboot of DuckTales. She is the idolized friend of Webby and a "well-traveled teen" duck, but in reality, she is the fabricated persona of the shadow of Magica De Spell, though treated as her niece. Lena desires freedom from Magica's shadow, who uses her to obtain the Number One Dime. After being free from her aunt and rescued by Webby and Violet, she was adopted by Violet's family, repudiating her lineage to the De Spell clan.


Fifteen years before the start of the series, Magica and her mortal nemesis Scrooge McDuck dueled on top of Mount Vesuvius in which Magica intended to use the Dime to banish Scrooge to another dimension inside it, only for Scrooge to repel the spell and trap her instead. Before she was completely sealed away, however, Magica enchanted her shadow and her staff to carry out her revenge. The staff became a talisman and the shadow a corporeal entity that created its own form and identity: the young duckling Lena.

Lena would then spend the next fifteen years under the command of her "aunt" Magica, who was able to manifest through Lena's own shadow, and forced to carry out her will, having been promised her freedom for her cooperation.


Lena is rebellious, a prankster, and loves scaring people. She speaks with an attitude and is not impressed by families saying all they do is argue. She is very confident no matter what the situation is. With Mrs. Beakley and other ducks she finds in poor taste, however, she makes no attempt to hide her sour opinions toward them and is not afraid to prove them wrong. However, she helped Mrs. Beakley when the latter was trapped.

Above everything, Lena desired to be free of Magica from her life, even if it meant having to do what Magica says and initially keeping the McDucks from uncovering her deception. Over the course of time, Lena struggled with balancing out between listening to Magica and being a good friend to Webby. Upon recognizing her friendship with Webby is genuine, and the McDuck family's kindness, Lena's opinions change and she stands up to Magica's abusiveness deciding to finally stop Magica, but this comes at the cost of her freedom.

Physical appearance

Lena is a female duck with some of her hair dyed pink and purple eyeshadow. She wears green and white sneakers, a black and gray striped shirt, and a mint-collared shirt underneath. She also wore a purple talisman, which is later revealed to be the magical staff of Magica. During the fight with the Phantom Blot, Lena gains a white mage clothing with teal gloves and a robe.


By focusing on her talisman, Lena can perform powerful magic like using telekinesis to lift a train car and pull Beakley out from under before she lost control. She can also perform a certain spell to summon Magica through her shadow; however, Magica can also appear on her own accord, and Lena cannot hide nor control Magica when she does. The talisman binds Lena and Magica's shadow together with no ability to escape one another. As Magica's powers grow stronger, she is able to possess Lena.

  • Time Freezing: In The Split Sword of Swanstantine, Lena freezes time just before Steelbeak attacks her and Huey.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: As demonstrated throughout the series Lena is able to hold her own in hand-to-hand combat, especially when she nearly bested Magica while she was distracted.
  • Occult knowledge: Due to growing up in the care of Magica, Lena possesses great knowledge of the occult and other things of mystical origins.
    • Telekinesis: Lena is shown able to lift heavy objects as seen in the episode "Terror of the Terra-Firmians!" where she uses it to lift the train and help Mrs. Beakley to get out from below it.
    • Transfiguration: Lena can transform objects into other things as shown in "Moonvasion!" where she transformed one of the moon landers' weapons into a bird.

Former Powers

Sumerian Talisman/Amulet

unfused from the amulet, as she can be seen wearing it. Lena learns that she has magic of her own without the amulet, and after Phantom Blot is defeated, Magica gains her powers back as she takes the amulet, and Lena uses her own Magic, leaving the Sumerian Talisman with Magica.

As Magica's Shadow

  • Levitation: In her shadow form Lena levitates the train car off of Beakley and the two escape.

As Webby's Shadow

  • Shadow Physiology: While in her original form which was a shadow, Lena had similar abilities to that of a ghost such as phasing through walls and floating. These powers seem to be exclusive to her shadow form and cannot be used in her normal form.
    • Intangibility: In her shadow form Lena is intangible meaning she is able to phase through walls.
    • Levitation: In her shadow form Lena can briefly levitate off the ground, though not for long.
    • Time Stopping Magic: Seen in "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!"

With Perfect Control of Your Inner Magic

  • Perfect control of inner Magic Physiology
    • Flight
    • Energy bursts

Role in the series

Season One

Lena makes her first appearance in "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!", lounging on the stage of a coastal amphitheater writing fake S.O.S. notes into the docks that found their way to Webby on the beach. Lena introduces herself and hits it off with Webby, then invites Webby to a "party" she's going to, although it was actually Ma Beagle's birthday celebration Lena wanted to attend to pull a prank on her. The offense irks the Beagle Boys to hunt down Lena and Webby. During the chase, when giving Webby the choice to escape with her or be left to fend off the Beagles with the triplets, Lena leaves when Webby chooses to stay with them. Lena ends up captured by the Beagles later on and held hostage at the amphitheater. Webby and the triplets launch a rescue attempt that also gets them captured. In the end, however, the kids are able to escape by turning the Beagles against each other. Lena bids farewell to the duck children then returns to the amphitheater. There, she summons Magica to report her successful infiltration.

In "Terror of the Terra-firmians!", Lena accompanies Webby and the triplets to a movie and later leads them to an abandoned subway station to settle a dispute between Huey and Webby over the urban legend of the Terra-Firmians. The group eventually become trapped underground, so Webby's grandmother Bentina Beakley, having grown suspicious of Lena and her influence, has Lena accompany her to detach the train cars that are trapped under rocks. When the train car lights are shined on Lena, however, the shadow of Magica briefly controls Lena's movements to attack Beakley, but Lena jumps out of the light before this, and Beakley noticing it, could happen. After Beakley is trapped by rubble, Magica's shadow tempts Lena to let Beakley perish, but Lena puts aside these thoughts and uses her magic to remove the car and pull Beakley out. After the group finds a way out, Magica questions Lena why she showed Beakley mercy. Lena claims that by changing Beakley's impressions of her, her playing the "long game" will make it easier to earn the McDuck's trust.

In "JAW$!", Lena is instructed to plant an amulet in Scrooge's treasure in order to obtain the Number One Dime. Lena also learns about Scrooge's grudge towards magic and Magica, making her uncomfortable with the truth, despite Webby also having an interest in magic. Lena later discovers the amulet created a treasure shark named Tiffany at the Money Bin that will devour anything—and anyone—for the Dime. Angry with Magica on not telling her about Tiffany, Magica accuses Lena of growing attached to Webby upon noticing Lena's friendship bracelet. While trying to lure Tiffany, Lena's magic briefly changes in accordance with Webby's sentimental friendship that falters when Lena chides Webby for affecting her. After Tiffany does acquire the Dime, Lena is about to be eaten only for Webby to push her out of the way, before being eaten herself. Though the Dime is just above her reach, Lena is moved by Webby's sacrifice that she chooses to embrace her friendship and becomes charged with sentimental magic that destroys Tiffany from the inside. Lena recuperates at the amphitheater the next morning where another reprimand by Magica leads her to abandon Magica's cause before being suddenly held back by her own shadow. As Lena struggles to escape, Magica reminds her that if Lena does what she says, then she may grant Lena's darkest desire—her freedom. Mournfully throwing away her friendship bracelet, Lena begrudgingly concedes to Magica.

In "The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!", Magica grows further impatient towards Lena's practical approach for she has yet to acquire the dime while the eclipse is approaching. Lena promises to use her connection with Webby to get the Dime. But this time, the Dime has been placed in Scrooge's deadly "Other Bin" after Scrooge suspected something was amiss. Convincing Webby to go with her to the Other Bin, the girls find their way into a series of vaults each containing a dangerous acquisition. Opening one of the vaults releases a vicious unicorn that attacks Webby, during which Magica asks Lena why she remains Webby which Lena, at first, defends she cares nothing for Webby. But Lena instinctively throws Webby a dagger to fight the unicorn, unintentionally showing her care for Webby. After finding another vault, Lena goes in and sees a series of terrible things occur — Magica being released, Webby learning the truth and transformed into Magica's puppet, and Lena destroying her. Lena is then back in reality and learns she witnessed her nightmare from the vault's mystic dreamcatcher. Haunted by the illusion, Lena decides to walk away from finding the Dime. At that moment, they then run into Scrooge retrieving the Dime, but Scrooge's understanding nature convinces Lena to finally reveal Magica to Scrooge. Unfortunately, Magica hijacks Lena's voice to dissuade him and fully takes over Lena. Now possessing Lena's body, Magica masquerades as her niece to get the Dime on her own terms.

When the eclipse is at its peak in "The Shadow War!", Magica uses Lena's body to get to Scrooge when the latter was suffering depression, although Lena desperately tries and fails to warn Scrooge in the moments when she breaks from Magica's influence. Magica ultimately acquires the Dime at the lunar eclipse, and her shadow leaves Lena to reunite with her true form from the Dime. Lena confesses to her actions to Scrooge who takes pity on her, but Magica then absorbs Lena back into herself before Lena gets the chance to help him stop Magica. While looking for Lena, Webby and the others discover the truth of Lena; Webby becoming upset that Lena was never her friend. In the climax of Magica's brawl with the McDucks, Webby takes out her frustration of losing Lena on Magica but Magica derides Webby for befriending something that was never real. Before Magica can execute her, however, Webby's friendship bracelet, still containing Lena's magic, revives Lena through Magica's shadow. Lena fights against Magica, angrily demanding Magica leave her friend alone, but she is unable to hold for long before Magica eliminates Lena's essence altogether to Webby's horror. After Magica is finally defeated, Webby honors Lena's sacrifice, and it is revealed that Lena survived through Webby's shadow where she smiles back at Webby.

Season Two

In "Friendship Hates Magic!" Lena is stuck inside Webby's shadow and is worried about Webby's new friend Violet. At a sleepover, Lena tries to warn Webby that she's bad but can't since Webby can't see her. However, with the help of Violet, Webby is able to bring Lena back to the real world.

In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!", Scrooge senses something is wrong and searches the mansion then hears Webby then he opens the door and sees Lena alongside Violet, and Webby fighting with a Warewolf.

In "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!", Lena stays over at Scrooge McDuck's mansion for a sleepover to celebrate her and Webby's one-year anniversary as friends, they, Violet, and the boys go to sleep. However, they enter a dream world through Lena's magic and travel through their favorite dreams. All the while, Lena secretly tries to avoid Magica, who has been invading her dreams the past week. She eventually falls into her nightmare, where Magica claims that she is still evil because she's just like her. The others arrive to help Lena, but Magica turns her into a copy of her, so they'll attack her instead and prove her point. After Lena saves Webby from a falling chandelier, the latter sees her friendship bracelet, realizes she's not fighting Magica, and pulls Lena away from the real one with Violet and the boys' help. The kids wake up and discover Magica used a telepathic helmet to invade their dreams, as she's still powerless. Seeing this, Lena destroys Magica's helmet and they walk away while Magica vows vengeance.

In "Moonvasion!", Lena is a part of Scrooge McDuck's army against the invaders.

Season Three

In "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!", it is revealed that Lena was adopted by Violet's fathers, essentially becoming her adopted sister.

In "The Phantom and the Sorceress!", Lena struggles to manage her magic powers properly and accidentally places her friends and herself in a video game at the mansion. During a sleepover, Gladstone Gander arrives at the mansion and begs for Webby, Lena and Violet's help as his luck disappears. Violet assumes that the Phantom Blot is responsible who captures the magic. As Lena continues to struggle in controlling her magic powers, Webby suggests seeking help from Magica which Lena automatically refuses. Webby eventually persuades Lena to go and she reluctantly accepts. Lena, Webby, Violet and Gladstone travel to seek Magica's help. When arriving, Magica tries to get her powers back from Lena through her amulet. Lena decides to leave at the first hurdle as she argues with Magica again but Webby tells her that Magica is the only one that is able to help her. After Lena tells her that she can defeat the Phantom Blot by herself, Magica urges Lena to get inside the hideout where she explains how dangerous the Phantom Blot is from her past experiences. Magica agrees to help train Lena to use her powers correctly and eventually manages to control them. As they train, the Phantom Blot emerges and tries to steal Lena's magic powers. After nearly getting defeated, Webby and Violet remind Lena about the good she can do with her powers and she eventually. As she defeats the Phantom Blot, Lena gains a new form with her own magic aura. As she hugs Webby and Violet, Magica gets hold of the amulet and she regains her powers. Magica and Lena briefly battle each other to a point where Magica falls to the ground. Lena tells her that she wants to use her new magic powers for good and she leaves Magica. Lena then flies off with Webby and Violet back to the mansion.


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  • Her relationship to Magica makes her Magica's second-known niece, the first being Minima De Spell from the comics. Other than being "related" to Magica, Lena has no connection to Minima.[6]
  • Concept art revealed that Lena was originally going to sport black hair and feathers, and had the surname "Le Strange". This was intended to be a placeholder name to keep Lena's relationship with Magica a secret.[1]
  • According to herself, Lena's shirt came from the lead singer of the Featherweights during one of their gigs in Paris. However, a flashback in "The Shadow War!" revealed that she was born with that shirt but given Frank Angones revealing Lena wasn't lying about her shirt being from the Featherweights, it likely only appears that way due to seeing it through Webby's perspective.
  • It was never insinuated as to why Magica was referred to as Lena’s “aunt” since she created her and technically should have been referred to as her “mother” or simply “creator”. However, it is later revealed that Magica had stolen her brother Poe’s magic, and has been using his and her own magic ever since. This would technically make Lena Poe’s “daughter” as it was from his magic that she was created from.

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